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hey all i wrote this song about crash x
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thanks x
hey brenty, whats you next song going to be?
>tubular bells at the climax


nice touch

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Not a hero and The end of Zoe release date.

A whole fucking year.
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Who are you going to main?
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The cutest one!
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>no YH or peashy
The young girl dressed as a ninja.

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What are some fighting games that are active on Steam? I've never played a fighting game in my life, but it seems like a cool genre to get into.
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Dark souls
Tekken 7
SFV has crossplay, on the other hand it kinda sucks
I'm wondering which game would be the best for a beginner when it comes to fighting games.

Lets chat all Resident Evil games. Ill start with Leon and Jill best characters
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*blocks your bed
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He'll protect her.jpg
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>That pic
Umm no, sweetie.

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ITT: Games that are fun for 10 minutes and only 10 minutes.

pic related
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every namco game

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I end my life for the world, or just people who click the link to my stream, to see.
Johnny Tremaine returns from the dead

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Does old games and emulation really not work well on Windows 10?
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I have lots of games and emulators that have worked fine.
The only one that I couldn't get working was Pac-Man World 3
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Don't know if there's a problem with emulation.
Older PC games don't work well in my experience. Pic related for example.
Oddly enough, Tiberian Sun worked fine. Guess it just depends on the game.
Old emulation is fine until PS2/GC. GC fares better, but both have a lot of issues. Some consoles like N64 also have issues once you venture outside the big 10 games. Operating system doesn't matter.

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Is this game worth it?
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it's fun for a nice bit, pretty cute, maybe not worth 20 dollars though
Free on XBone. It's pretty good for $0.

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Name that game you played co-op with your buds.

>Dude! Stop screen looking!
I miss that line so much.

But seriously though Kevin, you're the one screen peeking.
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>I miss that line so much

I think that, if you look really deep inside, it's Kevin that you miss OP
Do you have something you want to tell us, OP?
>screen looking
you're not very bright, are you?

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Here's a key for pic related: (10/2-5)BL(Q)W-HQ(R)JM-ET(W)H9
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thanks OP
No problem! Enjoy the cute girls!

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>The first game directed by Matsuno since fucking VAGRANT STORY (not counting FFXII)
>for mobile
You know what? Fuck it, I'll bite.
Gameplay video. Looks like Japanese Baldur's Gate. That actually sounds amazing.
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chance of coming to america: 0%
why? because fuck you superior japan only release

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Nintendo Direct.jpg
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Welp, Switch is almost definitely getting Smash Deluxe.
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I wonder if we're gonna get even alt costumes.
The only way I would want a Smash 4 Deluxe is if it's updated with new content throughout the Switch's entire lifespan. Like 5 new characters a year, new stages every few months, meaty updates once or twice a years.
>5 new characters a year
You're fucking delusional if you think that's ever gonna happen.

File: Cw_5uLd_T-_7kiVUwrDJdA.png (2MB, 2016x1128px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 2016x1128px

its not press square to win anymore? wtf i love musou now.
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send help
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Get the magic sword and the blue ring. Look around the outskirts of the lake and somebody in dungeon 6 might tell you where to find the other item.

Or, alternatively, get the dungeon item and head for the boss. A lot of the rooms are a waste of time with killer Wizrobes.

t. somebody who just beat the game the other day
It has a bunch of blue Wizzrobes fucking me hard

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