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anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
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If the entire theme of the game is creating a civilization that stands the test of time, why are there so many that died out or stagnated or otherwise were awful? They added Nubia in VI for fucks sake.
For the whole "create your own alternate history" aspect.
Let's be real my nigga, outside of a video game no alternate history would have some african tribe ruling the world with nukes and sprawling urban cities

4 maple syrup bucks in this weeks Xbox sale... Y/N? Never played a Tales game and heard this was a great starting point.
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>Never played a Tales game and heard this was a great starting point.

any tales game is a great starting point.
just pick whatever game looks interesting to you.

I know tales faggots will say otherwise though.
The series must not be for me then. I tried to start with Symphonia and couldn't get past the desert dungeon.
It's the best 3D Tales game, so if it's your starting point it may also end up being your ending point.

Have any of you gone to find one of your games only to find it missing?

Let this thread be dedicated to the remembrance of those games we mysteriously lost.

Final Fantasy for NES, I swear to fucking god I owned a copy. No where to be found. RIP FF.
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Now that you mention it, I lost a Donkey Kong country copy for GBC when I was like 8. It was the second game I bought for that console after Link's Awakening. Bought a CIB copy like 2 years ago for $16.
Do you guys happen to have friends that like to borrow your games?
I had one of those multi-disc holders that I put most of my Xbox original games in for easy transport. I went looking through it the other day because I wanted to play some Gunvalkyrie only to find it wasn't in there. I tracked down the case for it, but it wasn't in there either. I have no idea what happened to it.

>sucks at fighting in a game
>Achievement Unlocked: Combat pro
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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How do I get a Mech4 Merc copy anon? I've been hoping for a GoG release but those MWO faggots wont allow it.
pirate it like everyone else

I would like to talk about this new DLC. I think it's a lot of fun! The maps Galacia, Albion and Volga are my favourite. What do you think?
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I like that they included the Russian civil war
Eh, doesn't really add anything to the game. Just skins.

Wish they added an SP mission with each DLC.
i think the ceo of dice is a useless sniper who never ptfos so he made a dlc all for himself

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/v/ likes to talk about villains who 'did nothing wrong'. What about villains who were irredeemable cunts?
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>Apparently never saw terminator or any other AI goes rogue
>'yeah, environmental clean up is awesome but, let's make robots with %5000 more killing'
>also let's make them self replicate-able
>and capable of hacking other machines and slaving them to their network
>and make it so they can refuel on ANY bio-mass
>Finally, let's make a big fucking control unit that can make even more of them!
>back door? FUCK THAT
>What do you mean their eating the biosphere
Not to mention the dick punch he delivered to GAIA
what a shit
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You posted the best I can think of already OP. After him, most of the final bosses in Ace Attorney Series are pretty dickish, particularly Dahlia Hawthorne.
i have no better answer then what you've already posted, Eric was the truest of unrepentant shit cunts by a wide margin

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How often do you finish games?

Right now ive played 77 hours of Dragon Age 1 and there is still no end in sight. I want to beat it so i can play the rest of the franchise but fucking hell can certain games start to feel like a chore.

Take the Witcher 2 for example. I beat Witcher 1 all the way to the end and then at Witcher 2 i got to flotsam, fucked around there for about an hour and then sort of stopped due to being a bit bored and watched the rest of the games story online. 7 hours was all i could take of the gameplay.

SO /v/ tell me any frustrations you've had recently like this
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How the fuck did you get thru the assfuck that is W1's act 2 and yet you couldn't handle Witcher 2 ?
dude the world is dreary as hell! and with the advent of the Witcher 3's sexy new engine it was honestly a pain to sit through the gameplay. Witcher 3 ironed out a lot of those annoyances for me personally
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I'm an autist who plays a game until I experienced everything it can show me. Played through the DA series five times, DAI included, since I first played DAO in 2015.
Finished the ME trilogy three times since 2016 and currently do my third playthrough of ME:A. So yeah...tell me about frustration. And thank god for the guy who did the Iron Man (jetpack) mod for ME:A.

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Everybody get in here

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someone drop a huniepop code pls.
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Arent the steam version censored to shit and not even worth it ?

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