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What's your origin story, /tv/?
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where's rick from rick and morty?
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>raised on /tv/
>left because it was shit (around 2012)
>was a regular on /pol/ for a few years
>came back to /tv/ to preach the good word
>/tv/ is made
>come back

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>house sigil is a stark skinned alive with drops of blood everywhere
>house words are "our blades are Sharp"
>castle called the DREADfort
>history of killing starks and other northlords
>leader looks and acts like a vampire

Why the fuck would anyone trust these guy?
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Dude just turn your brain off
I can't I would be dead
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/tv/ hates Rick and Morty because it triggers them because it reminds them of themselves. They dont like realizing they are as edgy as the characters and that being a rebellious teen atheist is actually cringe as hell. They also dont like realizing the truth that nihilism isnt actually unique and original as they like to think it is. So they make fun of the show in a desperate attempt to convince themselves they are better and to once again feel like special little snowflakes and different from everybody else.

>tl;dr: /tv/ browsers are literally rick and morty and they hate being reminded of how much they hate themselves
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/tv/ hates Rick and Morty because they idolize Rick, but are actually Jerry themselves.
What doth life?

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I don't watch the show.
I just hate the disgusting fatass that created it.

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Was this necessary?

the episode
I don't get it. So do they own thousands of dollars in Star Wars merchandise ironically?

This is just depressing now.
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Oh, Jenna..
her smile and self awareness GONE
It always was.

What other movies have this? I relly want to watch some flat earth films because that would make for some trippy sci-fi
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fukken checked and im not sure but i think The Signal is a Flat Earth film havent seen it myself but might have to now too because you got me intrigued in this shit
Wut? When the fuck did BR confirm Flat Earth theory?
In this official short they released yesterday

how do you guys feel about this?
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>The name's Bond, Jaime Bond

who says no?
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I for one do not say "no" to this.
>blond Bond
Is his hairline JUSTing?

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He killed himself burned?
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So true...
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Why does Rick shake the coke can at 0:31?
And then he later admitted he sabotaged their marriage, making this whole speech void
It's not void if it's universally true. Humans are wired to breed, everything else is just an unnecessary addition.

I unironically see people in love as cucks, because they submitted to primitive urges.

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How can I become as alpha as Kevin Garvey?
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Hit the gym. The giant cock and 10/10 facial aesthetics you need to have naturally.
>giant cock
>10/10 facial aesthetics
>that hairline
I guess you haven't seen the webms. There are some scenes in The Leftovers where you can see his dick very clearly through his sweatpants. Can't show you because I'm not a fag who saves them.
That's also literally the manliest hairline you could have.

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You know, I'm something of a scientist myself.
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>yeah I actually specialize in eugenics
wtf Raimi?
>Im something of a Spiderman (2002) myself
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At last... I have perfected Zyklon B...

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Does this mean Harrenhal is off the table?
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No! This can't be happening! I'm in charge here!

What the fuck was her problem?
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I haven't seen it yet, is it even worth it?
It's the epitome of an average film. If you've got one of those nights where you've got nothing to do and can't figure anything out to entertain yourself with maybe give it a watch.
Daddy didn't love me syndrome.

Watch while slightly drunk and eating good food. It is just an action flick, but has some good sets and tone.

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Narcos Season 3 premiers in a few hours. Where my niggas at?
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First two seasons were great but they made Pablo a likable character. I'm not sure if they can pull that off with the Cali cartel guys.
reportin'. Shame it'll be on so late

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