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How come with this world famous ad campaign, Kramer, is then never referred to as the "smoking man" or the "cowboy smoker" in the rest of the series?
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Have you ever experienced penis in the foreskin kind of love?
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I've never experienced love period.

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Millie Bobby Brown, emmy aware nominee, star of hit series Stranger Things, multiple music videos and the upcoming Godzilla movie

discuss all things ST and MBB
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*says unfunny things before and after the show*
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if it wasn't funny then why were they laughing
t. Newman
*and then the show's not funny either*

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What's your favorite Simpsons scene?

For me, it's this one.
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Inb4 the pasta

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Cast him, /tv/
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Idris Elba
aidan gillen
Arthas Menethil

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>Let's make the ships more bigger

you're never happy. sage
TLJ is looking more and more like a EFB remake.

>It's a Cameron loves House episode
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I wish Foreman would have died.
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>see this thread
>become overwhelmed with memories when I watched 1st season of House, ongoing
Wilson, I dreamed, that I was old
Why ? he's based though
You mad he BLACKED 13 ?

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Nolan is a HACK

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you just now realized this?
meme aside the plane scene was the only good thing he has ever done
Dude was probably high as shit on pain meds.
Why was Nolan taking pain meds when he was supposed to be directing a movie?

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...Lord Baelish.
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>Le goût du champagne français a toujours été célébré pour son excellence. Il y a un champagne californien de Paul Masson, inspiré de cette même excellence française. Il est fermenté en bouteille, et comme le meilleur champagne français, il est vintage. Le superbe goût de Paul Masson Ne devrait pas être trop surprenant: ce champagne ne peut pas venir de la France - mais il a été créé par un homme qui l'a fait: Paul Masson. Paul Masson ne vendra aucun vin avant son temps.
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Elle est cool ton histoire, senpai.
Nostradamus m'a dit que vous dirais cela.

Il ne publiait aucune prophétie ... avant son temps.
Un fil français sûr ce merdier qu'est /tv/, ça fait plaisir.

Et si on parlait de bons films français?
J'ai vu récemment L'emploi du temps, bon film, je recommande.

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How is it that Jigsaw claims he has never commited murder? Isn't that tantamount to chaining someone to a furnace, setting the building on fire, and then claiming that the fire committed murder?

Also I see that there is a new Jigsaw movie to be released. Do you think John faked his own death and is still alive?
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Jigsaw would tell you that he gave his victims a chance to survive, and that by not taking it, they were killing themselves. It's shitty logic, obviously, but that's his view of the world.
Its because Jigsaw was a delusional murderous cunt who believed vigilante justice was the right method.

At most he had the right to take revenge on the careless fuck that door-aborted his unborn child.

> Hey your a manipulative little fuck who abuses trust funds you bankrupt families
> As justice, please fucking mutilate your hand in this blender instead of a court of peers.
Of course the Saw films morality is total bullshit. Could you imagine trying to argue something like that in court.

>Yes, I cut his brakes, but really it was the crash that killed him. So you see, I can't be a murderer!

Now go home and get your fucking shinebox
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why did billy keep insisting that tommy get his shinebox? didn't he hear tommy when he said he didn't shine shoes anymore? were his shoes really that dirty?
He didn't care about the shoes senpai, it was just a means of letting him know who was the alpha in the room.
I was just watching the film. He got mad becauseTommy didn't take the banter in a good manner.

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So who did he have the affairs with?
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Confirmed: Sarah Gellar, Elizabeth Dushku, Willow.

Suspected: Dawn, Drusilla.

>Sarah Geller
trachenberg's trachea

How does one acquire proper red sauce in Italy?
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What do you mean for 'red sauce'?

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