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Let's discuss.
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You are wrong. Discussion over.
I didn't like that there were no cool quandaries. None at all. Felt like a cargo cult version of Death Note.
>make a Death Note adaptation with no keikaku
>expect the movie to be good

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dany threefold edition

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Danny is cute.
when are we going to see her squatting in the grass

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>Yes. I was once a Jedi Knight, the same as your father.
>That reminds me. Luke, did I ever tell you that in George Lucas's original notes for the prequels, which he changed later on (even though this timeline arguably would've fit better)...

>The Clone Wars took place ~35-40 years ago rather than 19-22
>Sheev was the "President of the Senate" rather than "Supreme Chancellor"
>Sheev would play the role of the ineffectual figurehead for the truly powerful elites
>The Clone Wars occurred before Palpatine's presidency, and were one of the failings of the Old Republic that swept him into power on a reformist agenda, turning the Republic into an Empire.
>The Jedi Purge/Anakin's turn to the dark side was meant to occur a decade after the Clone wars, around 25 years ago, with Sheev having lured people into a false sense of peace and security before starting to kill off the Jedi.
>Originally, you and Leia were ~25 instead of 19 and would've been born during the purge.
>Your mother died when Leia was around 7 years old rather than a few seconds old
>The Jedi were supposed to have been extinct for ~25 years rather than 19, hence why Han and the young Imperial officer refer to the Force/Jedi as "sorcery" or "myth". Because originally, they were only ~4 when the Jedi were purged, too young to remember the Jedi existing, but now that they were ~10 years old when the Jedi were purged, they should remember us and have no excuse for rudely calling us "sorcery".
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Where's the good friend, old man?
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>The Republic fought *against* an army of insane genetically-altered clones, led by the "Clone Masters", rather than fighting *alongside* a Mexican clone army
>Your father was taken into the Jedi Order at around age ~15, rather than age 9, and his training would've occurred closer to the onset of the Clone Wars
>I was meant to be 70 years old when I died (I'd be 74 now) and your father next to me would be 55, but thanks to George's new timeline, I was 57 when I died (now I'd be 61) and your father here is 45, even though no other 45 year old in the universe looks this shitty! Now ain't that just quacking crazy?
>Boba Fett was supposed to be a journeyman protector named "Jaster Mereel", rather than a clone of his "dad" Jango.
still pretty shit, desu

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Why did he disappear after Titanic?
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because he went bald
He was paid well.
He's a loser

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It's like like watching a trainwreck its horrible but hard to look away
She looks stanky, not in a good way.
any movie that has "american" in the title is automatic trash. yes even dubs man

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Is this a new le ebin maymay? XD

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Did the ending redeem the film?
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if i wanted to see this id go Black Friday shopping
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he didn't lie sho good

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>in concession line for cooler filled with melted butter at cinéma
>The guard in the watchtower shines his searchlight on me
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>cooler filled with melted butter
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What did he mean by this?
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>born in the theatre, grew up in the theatre, lived in the theatre and knew I would die in the theatre
>father was a ticket ripper, mother was a crab masseuse
>we lived with the rest of the theatre-born, in a huge building under the theatre. The building was shaped like a billiards board as seen from above, seven concentric circles dividing us between the theatre castes, with the lowest castes on the outside and the emperor of the theatre (Peace be upon him) in the center
>mother was born into class 5, the third lowest class of worker, which consisted of the seat warmers, the cage cleaners, the crab masseuse and the prostitutes for class 2. They were not often tipped and many times did their job for free
>father was class 3, a fairly respectable place among the theatre-folk, the outsiders were legally required to give a tip to any of these workers. Father had to work hard to get people to choose him as their ticket ripper, there were approximately 700 other ticket rippers at any given time on the floor

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Who will play her in the inevitable reboot
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Rooney Mara gets my vote
Ok smart guy. Who's your pick.

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I'll start
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Stop invincible son
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>Fuck this family, I'm gonna live on top of a mountain.
Nice to see Clark visited him up there in Batman v Superman.
Superman using his powers in that scene would have been a lot more interesting desu senpai.

Vivian is a jaded filmmaker who believes that marriage is an outmoded concept that needs a reboot. Hoping to prove her theory, she begins to interview three couples at various stages in their relationships.
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Scenes only c´unnyseurs will understand
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>omg yeah thats rly good
what did he mean by this?
my thoughts

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