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Why does Hollywood hate Asians but love blacks?
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The Jews fear the samurai
Very few asians have the makings of a varsity athlete.

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mcucks about to get fucked by this beautiful twink
Is this the real life ....
Is this just fantasy?
this is the tightest shit

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how did JAAAAACK! zipline down the rope with his handcuffs when he was trying to escape?
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He whipped the loose chain in between over the line and held onto the other end.

Is Joaquin Phoenix the best western actor working right now since DDL retired?
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DDL's starring in PTA's new movie, niggerbrains.
He's said that it will be his last so technically he's retired now. :-)
what was he good in recently besides Inherent Vice

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>Luke, did I ever tell you that in George Lucas's original notes for the prequels, I was meant to be 70 years old when I died (I'd be 74 now had I lived) and your father here is 55?
>But after George revised his timeline for the final version of the prequels, I was 57 when I died (I'd be 61 now) and your father here is 45, even though no 45 year old in the world looks this shitty? Time is not a good friend.
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Who's gonna play him in the inevitable biopic?
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Idris Elba
Vince Vaughn
He will. He's already shot a movie to be released after his death, called Won't Back Down, which is just him in his doomsday bunker at home, talking to camera about why he was right about (((them))) and women and shit, while enjoying occasional drinks of "sipping liquor". >"After all, I'm dead, might as well relax, heh?"

Screencap this. It's true.

t. post-production house intern in 2011

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Gonna watch this classic tonight so I was wondering what's /tv/'s consensus on the lord of the rings films

I've always thought 2>3>1
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Literally the worst possible opinion
How so

2 is pure T kino

I watched 1 last night and it was great but not near as good as 2.

Then 3 has all the special effects and shit but Just isn't as good as 2 imo
They can't be ranked pleb

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>shaky camera
>several jumpcuts per second
>excessive use of CGI (and shitty CGI, at that)
>quips and references to pop culture

Spider-Man's costume looks genuinely awful. Even when his mask rolls back it still is visibly CGI.

Captain America's shield is computer-generated, for fuck's sake.

Tony Stark's costume looks fake as shit.

How do people actually enjoy this garbage?
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Spidey's appearance was so abrupt and out of nowhere and reminded me what a cynical product this film is.
What TV show is this?
>adults watch this
what the fuck?

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Rate the women Frasier dated throughout the series..
Here's a list:
Before 1993
Clarice Warner, his old piano teacher (Constance Towers) (1969ish - Frasier said he was 17 at the time).

Nannette "Nanny Gee" Gooseman (Emma Thompson in Cheers), a children's entertainer. Frasier's first wife, married about 1972. Divorced not long afterwards after they realised it was a mistake.

Diane Chambers (Shelley Long), his fiancée. She introduced him to Cheers and the regulars there, but jilted him at the altar (1984 - 1985).

Candi (Jennifer Tully), one of Sam Malone's ex girlfriends whom he set Frasier up with. (1986)

Dr Lilith Sternin (Bebe Neuwirth), Frasier's second wife. (1986 - 1992, married 1988).

Rebecca Howe (Kirstie Alley), bar manager of Cheers. They had sex a couple of times but then Lilith returned. (1992).

Shauna, his secretary. She only dated him to get back at her parents (1992).

Catherine (Amanda Donahue) (Ep 7).

Model Kristina Harper (Claire Stansfield) (Ep 14).

Tawny Van Deusen (Trish Ramish) (Ep 18).

Carrie (Sara Melson), a 22 year old student working in a shop for some money. She thinks Frasier is 34. (Ep 20).

Madeline Marshall (JoBeth Williams), who has her own sportswear range (Eps 32 and 33).

Dr Honey Snow (Shannon Tweed), a self-help psychtherapist whose looks Frasier falls for (Ep 39).

Sheila (Tea Leoni), fiancée of Frasier's friend Sam Malone (Ted Danson) who ran Cheers!!! (Ep 40).

Bebe Glazer, after a night of celebrating Frasier's new contract went a bit too far... (Ep 46).

Kate Costas (Mercedes Ruehl), KACL's station manager (Eps 49, 52, 54, 55 and 58), runs into 1996.

Kate Costas (continued from 1995).

Maureen Cutler (Jane Kaczmarek), a cop who also fell for Martin and eventually started dating him (Eps 68 and 81).

Sharon (Jen Campbell), one of Roz's friends who falls for Bulldog (Ep 74).
...more to follow.....
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Laura Parris (Beth Armstrong), Frasier's date whom he took up to a cabin with Niles and his date Beth, Laura's friend. (Ep 85).

Stephanie Garrett (Patricia Wettig), one of Niles' neighbours (Ep 86).

Frasier's three dates in one weekend, Kimberly Egan (Rebeccah Bush), Adair Peck (Donna Bullock) and Leslie Wellman (Maria Del Mar) (Ep 91).

Elise (Cindy Katz) who doesn't get to date Frasier because he's so obsessed with trying to find out if Niles and Maris are meant for each other (Ep 94).

Laura (Linda Hamilton), who dials Frasier by mistake (ie wrong number). He decides to see her but finds out she's married (Ep 95).

Kelly Easterbrook (Sela Ward), a supermodel who Frasier meets in Acapulco. She's in the middle of a messy break up and wants to keep their relationship secret at first, but Frasier can't resis bragging (Ep 96).

"Eve" (Camille Donatacci Grammer, Kelsey's wife), one of the guests at Niles' party (Ep 98).

Samantha Pierce (Lindsay Frost), a lawyer who Frasier loves and has connections with many famous people (Eps 102 and 103).
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Annie (Cynthia LaMontagne), one of Daphne's friends (Ep 109)

Sharon (Lindsay Price), one of KACL's employees who falls for Dr Clint Webber (Ep 112)

Caitlin (Lisa Edelstein), who is "very good" in bed but doesn't have much in common with Frasier (Ep 114).

Vicky (Claire Yarlett), a woman at Frasier's and Niles' singles party whom they both fall for (Ep 117).

Tricia (Lisa Waltz), a woman whom Frasier is always late for their dates (Ep 118).

Rebecca Wendell (Laura Harring), another model who Frasier wants to date in his "bachelor pad" but she's turned off after an incident involving Martin and Niles (Ep 122).

Marie (Teri Hatcher), Duke's daughter whom Frasier thinks is only dating him for free advice (Ep 124).

Nancy Cavanaugh (Grace Phillips), Frasier's new woman. He keeps contacting old flames though, such as Madeline (Cynthia K Ambuehl) whom he thinks is his secret admirer (Ep 125).

Faye Moskowitz (Amy Brenneman), an ex-lawyer who's now a pastry chef (Eps 129, 140 and 142). Runs into 1999.
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Faye Moskowitz (continued from 1998).

Cassandra Stone (Virginia Madsen), KACL's publicist (Eps 133, 140 and 142).

Mia (Rita Wilson), a children's author who looks just like the late Hester Crane (Ep 143).

Regan (Gigi Rice), Frasier's neighbour (Eps 148 and 162)
Lorna / Lana Lynley (Jean Smart), prom queen at Frasier's school (Ep 156 as Lorna, Eps 185, 186, 187 and 188 as Lana). Runs into 2001.

Holly (Kelly Miller), another of Daphne's friends who instead wanted her brother Simon (Ep 164).

Miranda (Tushka Bergen), who runs an old folks home. Frasier pretends to enquire about it for Martin so he can see her (Ep 167).

Abby Michaels (Teri Polo), Frasier's lawyer who handles Donny's lawsuit (Ep 170).

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Thoughts on this asshole?
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Rescue Me was a damn fine show.
How many times was he cast in movies where they director said "just recite a few lines of your standup act and we'll call that a character"?
Was watching the cancer one on netflix and was enjoying it until the Hicks stuff. He can be a funny guy but he's a tad shouty don't ya think?

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Do you love him?
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I really do.
As much as I love alpha brain and kettle bells
Jaime can you pull up just how much I love those

Rogan is a bigger jew than actual jews, surprising for a manlet

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>we need an autist

>say no more
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>We need someone to chew a scene
He's gonna blow your minds with his next move. STAY TUNED

t. showbiz insider

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Why is nobody talking about this?
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>Don't kill me! Don't kill me, man! Don't kill me! Don't kill me, man!
>I'm not going to kill you. I want you to do me a favor. I want you to tell all your friends about me. Especially the black ones, and I want you to invite them over to my house
>What are you?
>I'm Cuckman

What did he mean by this, /tv/?
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The current state of Star Wars films
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feels bad
haaa my niBBa bb8 good lookin out on that chocolate droid wet wet 100 ;P

star wars my shit
Boycott Force Friday. It's a scam.

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