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How long can you guys sit through a movie before having to take a break?
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I can sit through a whole movie no matter how long it is if it's good.

A flick tho? One hour.
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>something embarrassing happens on screen
>have to take a 20min break
depends on the movie

silence by scorsese no pauses or looking away
the hitmans bodyguard though took like 4 or so hours

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The actress Asia Argento is given to you by a movie studio, along with a budget of $1 million dollars. What film do you set out to make with her?
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whatever allows her to sit on my face
Me fucking her with my dick in her vagina

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>Yippie-ki-yay, motherfucker.
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What is your opinion on Kung Pow?
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bonafide kinography on par with the pest and dude wheres my car
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Truly for patrician viewers.
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>Never eat anything, even if you're hungry.
What did he mean by this?
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It was
>Never do anything out of hunger. Not even eating
I never lost a tooth. I've never even had a fucking cavity."

>watch this film
>slow paced, boring (somehow billed as a thriller)
>the director still dies even though he has the tapes proving they were planning on killing him
really makes me think
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This is decent bait because I am legitimately angry at your lack of taste right now.
Sorry you didn't like it anon. It is a pretty great film, in my opinion.
Sorry for your brain loss. the film is good to great

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what the FUCK was her problem?
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who is the mysterious woman on the left?
A relative of Chaz's, obviously. They've got similar clothing and glasses
would you /tv/ ?

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Can u get anymore Kino than this shiw this shit feeling like the early seasons of GOT no right or wrong just the outcome

Wish Witcher series is on this level
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>Godzilla fans unironically think this is objectively a great movie
people can't possibly be this retarded, right?
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It certainly is the most overrated one.

Why would you post that poster though?
>Chink shit
/a/ is that way >>>/out/
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I tried to cast Margot Robbie for my short film but she didn't want to
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did you tell her she had to show her feet
Lying is a sin anon. When I DMed her she immediately responded. However I had to promise her not to show the film we made to anybody so what gives.

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wtf i love rick and morty now
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It was on life support. Officially died when the magic army teleported across the contient to save jon snow in the battle of the bastards.

Characters who did nothing wrong edition.

Seriously, why is soda so fucking expensive? This film was made in 1993 and he was complaining about a can of Coke being 85 cents.

I was actually curious to see what a little corner was selling a single can of Coke for these days. So I took a short drive to the city and went into a shitty corner store that looks very similar to the one in the film.

1.75 for a single can of Coke.

I didn't bust the place up with an oddly shaped bat but I kinda felt like it.
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he forced his kid to ride the horsie in the home video
>did nothing wrong
Oh yeah, threatening innocent people with guns, firing a grenade into roadworks, trespassing on private property and generally being a creepy fuck who terrorizes his family is "doing nothing wrong"
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>trespassing on private property

>season 8 is potentially 1.5 yr away or more
What the fuck? What do we do in the mean time?
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Watch good shows
Watch all the non-pleb-tier shit you've been putting off.
such as?

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Best opening sequences in movies?
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Can Lynch do THIS?
Blade Runner.

Follow ups would be Terminator 2, Home Alone, Fletch, Airplane!, It Happened One Night, and some Hitchcock flick with a long shot but I forget the name.
Of course TDKR plane scene.

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>Paint my chicken coop!
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>paint my chuck sneed
(Formerly Chuck's Chicken Coop)
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how much would you pay to fuck at cheed's feed haus?

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