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This show is fucking fantastic. How does Amazon keep hitting it out of the park?
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>tfw barely anyone watches it because it's amazon exclusive for some retarded reason

>nobody watches amazon video, so amazon will think the show sucks, cancelling it

jesus christ, they are allergic to money
Does Serafinowicz use his """"""""""""funny"""""""""""" voice?
I enjoyed it but 7 episodes is too little. I want more.

>‘It was more interesting than I had imagined. This Death Note is a Hollywood production that was produced with high quality up to the tiniest detail. Personally, I am most intrigued by the end. A continuation? Will they make one? I don’t mind getting more money! [laugh] This movie keeps to the original but had some changes made in the best way possible, so everybody will be able to enjoy it.’

Admit it /tv/, it was kino.
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Nah, japos are retarded.
Nigga is just happy he got even more money years after Death Note ended, the money Obata and the other fuck made with Death Note must be insane.
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>Death Note author
Stopped reading right there, why should I care what the author (who isn't even the author of the piece of work in question) thinks
This is the same author who thought "Backyard Bottomslash" was a believable name for an American character.

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i giggle XD
sure thing fag
le meme magic xDD

braise kek, braise trump!!!


What does /tv/ think?
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wtf i like big bang theory now
Why are leftists, redditors and losers obsessed with tropes?
Isn't that Anita Sarkeesian handler? What's he doing in the film and tv realm now?

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Why does /tv/ hate Rick and Morty so much?
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Pickle Rick is /ourguy/ tho
Reddit likes it. But reddit likes everything. It's one of life great mysteries.
Anyone reddit Contrarianism. Ironically it makes /tv/look like the pleb forum.

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Which one were you in high school /tv/?
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none of these people

i guess the nerd would be closest but i had average grades and never studied
the nerd

>tfw the only one who ends up with no gf

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you sound like a faggot

and with no proofs
Get ready to cry faggot
its my fault for waiting to download this season instead of torrenting each episode as it came out

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What's the joke here? That his arm grew up again?
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It was that he was too stupid to know that he could get free just by letting go of the can inside the vending machine.
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This is the greatest movie trilogy of all time. You literally cannot refute this.
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third sucks
Only the second one is any good
>Back to the Future trilogy

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satsuki vs ryuko.jpg
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Who should play them in the inevitable Netflix movie adaptation a la Death Note?
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How old are you and be honest
Lee Pace as Satsuki, Tatiana Maslany as Ryuko
I dont know what gay shit this is but the answer is Idris Elba obviously. Now answer >>87182345

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mixing real actors with cgi orcs was a mistake
because you have shit taste
Me too OP, me too.

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What are some Popular Movies you hate?
Mine are:
>Terminator 2
>Pulp Fiction
>Captain America: Civil War
>Rogue One
>V for Vendetta

What are some unpopular movies that you like?
Mine are:
Southland Tales
The Last Action Hero
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>seven samurais
Wooow, made in the 50s and it was made in japan
i think the mortal kombat movie is turbo trash, only praised by nostalgia babbies.
I hate all the movies you listed except Captain America Civil War and V for Vendetta. I like Civil War, and V for Vendetta wasn't bad but it's overrated. I also like the Underworld series and most movies from both DC and Marvel and hate Mad Max Fury Road.

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> (((gay))) propaganda
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Hey, remember when people on the internet didn't run around trying to find things to get upset at 24/7?

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Name a better action hero. I'll wait.
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big boss
yeah hes in the OP
Idris Elba

Just marathoned this. What did I think of it?
I'll tell you what I fucking thought. I thought every single shot was dark as fuck, I couldn't see a thing.
Also it started out really fast, I don't think I would have understood any of it if I hadn't read the book first.
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This version is infinitely better than the Swedish version.
>Also it started out really fast, I don't think I would have understood any of it if I hadn't read the book first.

You're joking right?

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