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>Morty Trump
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Jim CArrey should play Rick in the live action version I would pay big big money to see that
I don't see any similarities to Trump. Is it because it was an election? Is the Trump election the only election that people who think it's Morty Trump have ever seen? There's nothing in his personality or anything that he says that indicates he is a Trump character.
Morty got to where he was with talk of unity and then changed personas when he got into office. Trump was never about unity and has been pretty consistent between his campaigning and time as president.

9/10 bait, really.

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What was his endgame?
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Creating a fake dream world along with The Black Lodge to fool Cooper into thinking he's thwarted him and escaped The Black Lodge, which he doesn't.
Meet his maker.
That would be Judy's endgame, not Bad Cooper's.

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>I wish incest porn had a more mainstream appeal... for a friend of mine

Is glasses morty /ourguy/?
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Stop shilling this normie crap here. Thanks.
Only if he meant Mommy porn.
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dumb rickposter.jpg
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Damn... Rich people are fucking evil.
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Fuck this documentary
Had so many fights with my roommate over it
He always listen to these types of things
>fuck this documentary

Fuck literal free speech? Fuck freedom of the press? Okay literal nazi.
Did someone say Nazi?

Hitler replaces the antagonist of the last movie you watched. How does the plot change?
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>Son of Saul
he was just testing how incompetent his men really were
>war dogs
jonah hill gets sent to a death camp I guess
>any WWII movie
hmm i guess nothing changed

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Try as they might, these actresses just can't clean up well. Post your lovable fugfu.
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actually she looks clean and seems like she takes care of herself. Just grew into an unfortunate facial structure

I thought she looked familiar, apparently shes one of the girls from the Goonies
Martha plimpton is a good comedic actress. And she isn't ugly as you imply. She is however batshit insane.
i love uggos. they are delighted to be impaled by my fat dick and are so grateful that they swallow the gravy every time. do yourself a favor and fuck a goblin and feel like a king.

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>There's the Washington monument...There's the Obama monument.
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they did the same exact joke on futurama i think, except it was the Clinton monument
Something legitimately wrong w these people
haha BLACK man in the WHITE house???? what the heck XD

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Was Nu-Wars a mistake?
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Redpill me on the cuck stance
the last scene should be of Palpatine's clone popping out of a Blackhole with a new Death Star screaming and bellowing at the top of his lungs "NOW YOU DIE!" "HE HE HE HE!"
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How she so cute?

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Who is unironically the best actor working right now? Serious question.
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does tommy lee jones still make movies? tommy lee jones.
kill yourself fucking pedophile retard
Patrick Wilson

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>Implying Peggy Carter would bang string bean Steve Rogers

This is why this movie sucks because it sends the wrong messages to people - she'd probably sex with that fat, piglike soldier before him

I mean, why should I root for a woman so shallow?
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>it sends the wrong message

You mean the truth? In reality she would not have even had the decency to reject him before the transformation. If he spoke to her she probably would have just turned and walked away as if he has said nothing at all. Ghosting is how girls today put down men they think are beneath them.
Why should every movie send messages?
Women are more shallow than men.

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I'm halfway through season 2, not enjoying it as much as the 1st but its still good, does this show get better or worse?
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The show was only good until Carrie banged Brody in Season 1. The show fell off a cliff after that and never fully recovered.
It only gets worse. Drop it

This show is garbage, the writers have a very juvenile understanding of politics, and write their tripe as serious business.

Stop wasting your time with it.

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So was it decided if the person behind the tree was part of this movie or is it the dog trainer making the dog bark?

(The big tree in the foreground on the right if you can't see, there's seemingly an arm and a blue shirt I guess.)

I felt really disappointed with this film, it just dropped and completely forgot about the whole mystery half way thru and replaced it with the classic "HURR, OK GUYS ONE OF US IN THIS ROOM IS INFECTED WHO IS IT NOW STEP FORWARD LMAO" so some spooky easter egg like this would impress me a bit.
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>(The big tree in the foreground on the right if you can't see, there's seemingly an arm and a blue shirt I guess.)
didn't notice that before
How the fuck did you spot that?
I felt kind of cheated by this film, but satisfied by the ambiguity and minimalism at the same time.

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Pure Baby-kino
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Was he autistic?
Thats really important, if yes, then we have another entry in the autism cinematic universe

lol .this movie sucked dick. okay, maybe it didn't suck dick. but it sure as fuck is not kino

tfw lily will never be your gf

How is nobody talking about David Simon's new show?

The Deuce seems promising, set and costume design are great, not sure about James Franco but maybe it'll grow on me.
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Chris Partlow from The Wire is in this show, right?
I liked the first episode. I'm expecting some more plot next week, but this was a decent introduction to the characters.

I'm expecting a lot of socioeconomic commentary just like The Wire

For some reason reading about the show before the first episode I thought it was going to be like Boogie Nights or something

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what happened to sheev posting, bros? it fell off the cliff this year.
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it's not funny
It's funny, it's just Star Wars became that bad and depressing.
and the he activates his lightsaber and it's treason YAAAAAAAAAA xd what he bean by this guise ?

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