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was Stephen King on drugs?
will they show the turtle in the second film?
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Did they show the turtle in the IT book? Cause I don't think the movies will be connected to anything else
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We can only hope.
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ITT: sitcomkino

Adam Goldberg's going through puberty arc being a pretty rough spot in a otherwise great sitcom.
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>all men of the family are played by jewish actors
>the two women are played by christian actresses
what did they mean by this?
They do this almost everytime a characters Judaism is featured.

Show me a more punchable face
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>someone wanted to marry this

incels, when will they learn?
literally who?
She's approaching swamp witch tier.

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So now can we admit this movie was poop and Miller is a feminist hack?
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>muh mel-sama
What a bad goy.
Is it true Styxx-kun has a 10 inch cock?
What this isn't Styx?

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>"You can have any brew you want as long as it's this filthy Mexican piss water."

What was Dom trying to tell us with this line?
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who was brah sill?
corona is shit-tier

Know idea why normies love it
imaginary friend

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Whats Tom's secret?
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Exercise, good eating, and lots of thetans
Wealthy elite can do blood transfusions to slow the aging process.

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Okay. I've fucking had it with this shit. We haven't had a good Simpsons thread in ages and it's time we did something about it. I beg you: mods, janitors and anyone with the power to change this situation. Put pressure on Hiro. Nothing short of a word filter on "Sneed" will solve this situation. The time for a final solution is now.
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Agreed. You get better discussions of Rick and Morty these days even with all the god's not real, reddit and pickle rick memes.
>solidifying a forced meme into history by adding a word filter for it

Top jej
deeS dna deeF s'deenS
(s'kcuhC ylremrof)

Post kino opening credits.
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Get the FUCK out of my thread and DON'T come back!

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am I the only one who actually thought he was tony's uncle at first? also does it get better in the later seasons I think it's pretty

good but I don't get how it's a masterpiece yet?
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He is tonys uncle. It doesn't get any better. It's a 7/10 show.
Finish it before coming here so people don't tell you things like Pussys a rat, Junior gets Alzheimer's disease and shoots Tony, the only people that live in the end are Tonys family and Silvio.

Also Tony kills Christopher.
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am I the only one who actually thought he was in the mafia at first?

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>begs parents to buy a happy meal
>throws the toy into the trash

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OMG SOOOOOOOOOOO SPOOOKY *tweets gasping emoji during film with phone on full brightness*
>Be me at lunch
>See cute girl
>She smiles at me.
>She looks at me like I just farted.
>I get up and start dancing.
>I dance over to her like I'm on coke.
>The second I get over to her I wip my cock out and pee on her.
>She freaks out and runs away.


Is this the new joker-posting?

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kys pedo
The boy looks gay as fuck and the girl looks like a mutant
Was he autistic?

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I just watched Youth
is he the Italian Wes Anderson?
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The only memorable part of that movie is the fact that motherfucking Marky Mark Kozelek is in it playing himself
>Marky Mark Kozelek
He's more like a tacky Paul Thomas Anderson

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Is the new season of Bojack kino?
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All seasons of Bojack are kino.

Even season 1.
bojack is shit

S1 is best season though

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Let's make up the next big show on HBO, complete with cast/characters/setting/general storyline
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It's about a Western style theme park, but all the cowboys are actually ROBOTS
It's about pedophilia in Hollywood.
What if the confederacy actually WON the civil war?

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there goes Nofap september

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