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wtf it's actually good

are critics plebs?
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Critics are eternally salty because they know that with all their knowledge they don't have the balls to create something for fear of public perception.

In short not plebs but pussies.
inb4 CBS saying it's bad
Buttblasted about the wife being in the wrong


Is this the worst Christmas film ever?
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no, it's objectively the best because it hasn't gotten old and overplayed like a christmas story yet.
>That channel that does nothing but marathon a Christmas Story

Honestly playing Home Alone 1 and 2 back to back for a day would be the kino experience
This guy knows whats up

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Will he ever make a good movie again?
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more like michael ASSBENDER
i'm sure he would, he actually do have talent as an actor. What hollywood starts making better scripts him'll make another good movies.
I sure would like him to, but Frank is enough. His legacy is secured.

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Bushnell Phone.webm
1MB, 602x500px
Give me back my fucking phone Edition



Meanwhile >>87427947
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>people legitimately criticize The Return for its obvious flaws
>they must be too dumb to understand it because it is very complex, avant-garde and straight out of the art house
>they are mad because it wasn't like the original series
>The Return is unlike everything before except the excessive use of tropes (non-linear storytelling, surrealism, time travel and superpowers are novelties)
>David Lynch is a genius and everyone who likes The Return has a high IQ and is an intellectual
>the original show was shit anyway and didn't change the world of television at all
>even FWWM is better than the first two seasons
>Reddit and Twitter don't love the high IQ only show that is TP:TR
>avant-gardism totally does still exist and the fans of TP:TR are familiar with the history of art house movies and surrealism in film
>the amount of substance in TP:TR totally justifies the creation of hundreds of fan theories
This season was a beautiful piece of art that failed to deliver a fitting continuation to Twin Peaks and ultimately misunderstood what made the original so beloved in the first place

>“OLD SCHOOL” (2003)

Does she dare I say, have better taste than 98% of /tv/?
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She probably tastes better than 98% of /tv/
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>She probably tastes better than 98% of /tv/
shit taste desu. Not one foreign movie on the list. Half full of dumb comedies. Last Picture Show is the only really great movie on the list.

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Return of the Jedi is overrated as fuck
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Not really. It's considered by many to be a notable drop in quality after Empire.
No, its generally recognized as a shitty movie with literal teddy bear midgets fighting a galactic empire.

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I don't get it.
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Formerly tomato
He bought the tomacco seeds from Sneed's Seed and Feed
>To Macco
>Macco is Sneed's first name

Meta as fuck

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Holy shit, this is actually really nice.

What would a Hollywood film directed by Kanye be like?

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You basically just saw it. But it is a really good piece
Anything Jay-Z is doing while he's taking a shit these days is better than this.
college dropout > dark fantasy > 808s > late registration > yeezus > pablo > grad

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Short films Edition

What are your favorite David Lynch short films? You think Lynch is going to start making more short bits of kino, or do you think he's done with film completely?

Video related. My favorite Lynchkino

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Vedderchecked those satanic trips
I think Lynch's best are the Alphabet or The Grandmother. I hope he uses some of his cash to film bits. It's too bad his website is non-existent now, but he was doing cool shit with it years ago
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lol more like david lunch

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This is by far the scariest image I have ever seen.

(TCAP thread, btw)
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How is this scary?
What was John Cena convicted of?
The change in him just chills me when I look at it. I can't explain it.


Whatever you like it or not, It revived the horror genre.
This scene will become a classic for the generations of the XXI
Ignoring the whole turtle bullshit that doesn't even makes sense and glady was cut from the film, what were your favorite parts?
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>that filename
>this post
cancer. you are cancer.
upvote reddit style
this is reddit this is memes

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Where's she nowadays?
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Under the desk sucking my cock
Chopping off dicks with her monster teeth.
The tooth to gum ratio is off

I'm not a big movie or television guy, but I just watched season 1 and was intrigued at times but was sort of off-put by the corniness which as I understand was the intention of the creators of the show. Would you recommend the second season to a somewhat televison and film novice or does the show get worse? I ask this because I read a bit about the program and apparently the creator was somewhat unhappy with the project in the next season(?)

I literally have only heard of David Lynch through this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQ-6gQdsRO8
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Finish it. It has some boring episodes in the middle, but it pays of in the end.

>I literally have only heard of David Lynch through this video
What the hell are you doing here?
If you liked the dream sequence with Mike, Bob, Laura, and the midget you'll probably like the rest of the series because it ups the dream elements. Season 2 is widely agreed to stumble around the middle because they were forced to reveal the killer and if anything is overall even cornier than season 1.
Disregard this. Season two is a cornball overload, and you already seem like a low-IQ who is probably only interested in the "ooh, mystery "aspect of the show which won't have a satisfying conclusion for you.

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denis leary smoking.jpg
104KB, 844x1143px
>I'm such an edgy, dangerous comedian
>I'll do a bunch of bumpers for MTV

Why was this talentless hack ever famous?

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he was a good match for 90s edgy, but was a relic once that time passed.

the 90s were a weird time, there's a lot of stuff that was popular then that in hindsight today people are realizing were total shit.
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>mfw every movie he is in is just him doing his stand up routine
It kinda wears off after a few movies desu really don't appreciate him as an actor
You guys remember Two if by Sea?

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Since there are millions of potential Ricks, I guess in at least one universe Rick decided to make himself look black.
>Serious reply in the meme reddit thread
le nigger rick XD

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