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Parks and Rec jokes you don't understand.
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its a settlers of catan joke. Play the game and youll understand
>Not playing Settlers of Catan
So you've never experienced fun?
>jokes you don't understand
epic meme brah,
it's a reference to
but you knew that

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Why is she so unlikeable? Im watching THE CIRCLE and keep hoping someone will murder and rape her on screen!!!
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People actually think this is a 10/10
you probably haven't seen the Bling Ring
it's fantastic
>someone will murder and rape
c-can it be the opposite?

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ITT: Films women will never understand.
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All of them, women are retarded.
this but unironically

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Tell me one reason you wouldn't bang arya, I mean she can literally put on a mask and change into another woman of your choosing every time you fuck her, you'd never get bored.
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because if you don't make her cum she'll put you on her stupid list
She's one fuck ugly cunt
I'd knew deep inside I'd basically fuck a female version of Quasimodo.

What's next for Chinboi?
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progressively sound more tired and defeated
Jays Garage episodes until he "accidentally" kills himself on the freeway.

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Tell me about Laura, why does she enjoy riding the horse?
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Gee I wonder why you posted this exactly
Because the cinematography is superb? it contrasts the brutality of her life with the innocent play, at the same time that it showcases her loneliness and isolation from the real world with the off centered narrow camera angle and the subtle shaking amplifying the effect, by looking at her from distance it pulls the audience closer to believing in the reality of this fictional world.

Hey /tv/, our names are Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman but you probably know us as the Mythbusters.
Anyway, after we left the show there was much discussion about the reddit special, and how many other users and sites around the interwebs were marginalized and ignored.
So this is it /tv/, your chance to submit your best myths for us to test and we'll try our darndest to whittle them down to our 6 favorites to be included on a Mythbusters, Internet Only 4chan Special.
Let's hear em' anons....GO!
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the myth of the self-suck
the holocaust
Hi Jamie & Adam, can you please do a bust myth on whether or not Michelle Obama has a 10" BBC, thanks.

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Or he's actually better than the cucks here that fap for BLACKED porn?
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The lack of Samurai Theater in this age is dishonorable, how will anyone know what real honor and duty looks like?
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we've had plenty movies about the chink operators
i wanna watch one about the polynesian ones
>killing yourself and dying for an old inbred chink is "honorable"
Been watching King's War on normieflix, bout 51/80 episodes in. Fun because it shares some actors with 2010's Three Kingdoms (Xiang Yu and Lu Bu, Shi Huangdi and Liu Bei, Huangdi's son and Cao Pi).

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what did he mean by this
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>post yfw he borrowed that fidddy bux so he could buy several rotisserie chickens
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Even Jay Bauman says James Wan is the only modern director who knows how to stage a proper horror sequence.
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Main psychic bitch is pretty hot, needs to show her pit hair or leg hair though.
jay who? If he thinks the conjuring flicks are good, he has very poor taste.
Conjuring was alright. Wasn't anything special but it was overall a decent horror movie. Conjuring 2 was way too silly with it's scenarios. I would have liked it a lot more if it was just about Bill Wilkins and not about the nun demon.

Why is he the most important film maker? Why do all of his movies outshine his contemporaries?
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He is the most important film maker of those who are known pedophiles, and that's about it.
Without using "morals" explain how this is a bad thing
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His films are really great. I despise him for getting away with it, but as a filmmaker and auteur, he's one of the best.
>Apartment trilogy (Repulsion, Rosemary's Baby, The Tenant)
>The Ghost Writer
All worthwhile films.
>The Ninth Gate
>The Pianist
>Oliver Twist
These were a bit of a bad streak, although The Ninth Gate has some worthwhile elements.

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I think I finally figured it out
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This scene is much better in the porn parody.
Chuck is miggs in disguise before he gets locked up for public fucking and sucking.

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