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>be Comedy Central
>lose Colbert
>attempt at black power hour fails miserably
>lose an amazing amount of viewers every night after the Daily Show ends
>have no talented people left at the Daily Show
>"hey, people liked Colbert's schtick, let's just trot it back out and give it to our token white male"
>token white male has no subtlety whatsoever

How long does /tv/ predict this will last? I give it a year, tops.
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Is there anyone here who doesn't already know CC sucks dick and ass simultaneously? What else is there to say?
Longer than a year, it will get significant viewership just for openly claiming itself to be anti-Trump, but thankfully it will cause half of the country at least to grow to despise the liberal elitist snobs that make up the majority of the anti-Trump position. Don't get me wrong, there are idiots on both sides, but people don't like CC as much as they did in the Stewart days, especially in Middle America. One of the biggest reasons for that is that CC actually had a respectable lineup with South Park, Tough Crowd, etc. Nowadays it's shit, it's all the same shit, and no one cares enough to watch Trevor Noah awkwardly fake laugh his way through jokes about white Republicans every night.
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tfw Comedy Central UK is nothing but 12 hours of Everybody Loves Raymond and 12 hours of King of Queens

Two and a Half Men on sundays too

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>George is the first and only person Ive ever had sex with
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i snickered....i cant believe it
Bring Mark and Nikki back


>the episode where she rearranges all his books based on size

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Tomorrow, tomorrow. Always tomorrow.
if he wasnt a cripple. would his sister still be filth?

Is this shit ever gonna come out?
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What shit?
Jim Carey's shit?
I guess whenever he has a bowel movement, sure, the shit will come out.
Have you thought about his cock today?

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I fail to see how this show will improve in three more episodes. I really tried to keep in open mind but this show really sucks bar a few of episodes.

It's a D- show.
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it really is.

the only reason to not drop it is that the ending is so close now
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Did you not watch the first two seasons?

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I've seen him discussed in trek threads countless times and finally got to the episode.

I was not fucking prepared for him begging for his life. I didn't think they would get that real with it. And the doctor refusing to go through with the procedure, there really is no excuse.

What the fuck is wrong with Janeway?
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Tuvix + Neelix + the flower should have produced Sisko. Everything else plays out the same. That would have been a much more satisfying and entertaining ep.

I also want to see Tuvix + Neelix now though
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>3 deaths, 2 undone
Needs of the many, my friend. Tuvok and Neelix seem to have the memories of Tuvix. That means he never really dies, he just continues to live two separate lives.

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now this....... this is a good movie...........
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who is even jame?
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I saw it in the theater
nah is shit, like the actor

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Kill female Jesters
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How did you know you'd need a bone key?
jump the chasm
>you make a pitiful jump into the depths, you're dead

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can it be filmed
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Let's turn this into a Dune thread
Wolfe is a jewish name
Yes. The surface story is entertaining even without the subtext.

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Was the Lego Batman movie any good?
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The director said he wanted to include a Baneposting reference if there was a sequel (he didn't get the chance to put one in the original)
He still had Bane talk like TDKR Bane which I thought was funny.
Yeah, I thought it was better than The Lego Movie.

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what am i in for?
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Most Godzilla movies are fun
Fun, only a couple Godzilla movies are bad. Shin Godzilla and Gojira are the best in the series.

Why do people pretend to like this movie?
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Why don't you like it?
fuck off
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Why do girls pretend to like feet?

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>tfw Home Office has decided to keep you here for another fifty cycles with endless options for renewal with endless options for renewal with endless options for renewal
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Is this a thread for movies you liked that no one else seemed to?
this movie broke new ground, Literally an allegory for current year.

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Too bad goyim, it's cheaper to stay in America and they get to advertise local restaurants.
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Eh, there are dozens of world episodes to enjoy. I like the one where he goes to Italy or Uzbekistan or some shit, and visits an angry old man living in a mountain cottage who makes rotten cheese inside animal stomachs.

Zimmern is my hero. Fearless with an insatiable lust for life.
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So, The Last Jedi will have a successor to AT-AT walkers and the super star destroyer.

Don't tell me the third film will feature a gas giant or brown dwarf transformed into a super weapon...
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it's like poetry...it rhymes.....

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