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Budget of around 5 million (pounds) an episode. How do they spend it?
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The books are so much better. But the author is another idiot cringe like GRRM
Not on acting or writing.
It's all in the writing.
I mean, can you imagine how hard it is to come up with new ways for Uhtred to fuck up?

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what was this expression conveying?

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You really want help with this?
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why is the chink laughing so hard?
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Grant is based as fuck

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>on date with girl
>goes strangely well
>no spaghetti, conversation has a flow
>conversation turns to movies
>her favorite movie is the notebook
>decide not to make fun of her cause I want gf
>"yeah, its good ive seen it"
>my turn
>"whats that? never heard of it"
>autism unleashes on its own and I start laughing at her while repeatedly asking if she's seriously never seen or ever heard of terminator
>she replies "n-no...i-is it good?" while I still keep laughing like a moron
>goes mostly silent for rest of the date
>take different cabs home
>hasnt replied to any of my texts

Thanks retarded hobby and elitism of mine, feels good
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>let me tell you what's good

kys autist
working on it desu
That's what you deserve when your favorite movie is fucking Terminator.

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ITT: Villains
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what was the point of this add, that no marriage is happy, that all marriage is a loophole to enslave and hold back women proffesionally and emotionally

was it an arranged marriage,is that why they're asian??

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What are some moments in film and television that women will never understand?
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Women put the lives of animals ahead of the lives of old white men all the time.
That's a scene no one will fucking understand, let alone women.
Is a dumb scene, it make no sense if you are a man or a woman.

Bad cinema is bad cinema.

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leak the fucking episode
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I didn't know Super Mario Bros had a TV show.
you know exactly what happens

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lets take a look at some of the similar aspects of literally all superhero movies/tv shows:

-same origin story pattern (mostly)
-same relationship drama (the hero spends too much time doing superhero **** and his girlfriend is mad etc etc)
-same """""""humor"""""""" (aka quips on quips on quips)
-same cinematography (oh wow the bad guy and the good guy are flying at each other really fast!!! how original!!)
-same amount of obvious product placement
-same character arc, even if the hero went through the same arc in the previous movie (starts ****y/confident/happy>gets power/meets new villain>hero fails>hero doubts themselves>turns things around with the help of girlfriend/other superhero friends>they win and learn something about themselves)
-same asinine themes

the hacks producing these are blatantly recreating the same movie over and over just with different costumes, and everyone is letting it happen. bad movies have been made since the medium was created but there has never been a streak of something with such low quality being so successful quite like superhero movies are. unless something happens and the cape**** bubble bursts (unlikely), they're going to continue to **** all over american cinema for decades.

how is no one here sick of it at this point? like 20 of the threads on the front page of this sxn are about superheros. how do any of you justify watching the same characters act the same same way in the same plot every time you go to the theater?

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>woman makes a documentary
>she inserts herself into the film

Every fucking time
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What is some cheesy kino?
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I esas that kkimioo onn SA bussmemver me suickk puker he suddenh mkill gitrl

find a more annoying cunt
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Her voice is annoying as shit and she isn't as attractive as the people on this board make her out to be.
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you mean "she has an grating voice" annoying or "i hate her for destroying everything good in this world" annoying?
You, OP.

So is that movie precious actually any good?

is it worth a watch?
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It was a waste of time.

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What should I watch tonight?
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Why don't they just put a couple bags of ice in the ocean?
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It would dilute the salt water to an extend that all animals die due to a lack of salt in their environment.
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why dont they just plant more coral?
The net heat of making anything cold is always positive. Making ice to cool off the environment is literally retarded.

Will they go back 2 reddit after the season ends? Or are they here to stay?
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Seriously what's up with the autism of making tens of threads in the catalog? Why don't the jannies do something?
Don't worry anon around November begins the nu Star Wars spam season.
More reddit is on the way.
/tv/ stays in /got/, r├ędditors aren't aware of it and keep making new threads.

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