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Why don't they make shows like this anymore bois? makes me sad. So unique.
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And that demon singer's actor died because of a cavity. Isn't that just kooky?
Literally every good thing in tv and film has been created by a rapist. Modern culture shutting out rapists is really affecting the quality of shows
Damn the Nostalgia!

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Is Smaug supposed to be Jewish?
>Thinks he's superior to others
>Forcibly occupies an once foreign land while deporting its original occupants
>Firebombs civilians
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You forgot that massive snout.
he's also reptilian.
No, because the actual equivalent of the kikes are the dwarves
>obsessed with gold
>extremely tribal
>scattered all over the place
>produce and sell all sorts of shiny trinkets
>speak a language derived from hebrew

How Tolkien decided the kikes are the good guys I don't know, it's not typical of him

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They actually did it. They actually fucking made a movie about Reddit. No dog whistles, no allusions, just pure straight Reddit pleb shit. Every fucking line is a meme. EVERY SINGLE ONE. There isn't one joke or quote in this movie that wouldn't get you at least 50 upvotes. If you plan on voting for Bernie Sanders this flick is for you. If you own a fedora this flick is for you. If you like taking turns with your girlfriend getting rammed in the ass by imported black cock this flick is for you. If you're a normal fucking person who votes Republican and enjoys films about ideas, characters, and interesting settings this piece of shit flick is not for you and given the fact that there are no movies like that anymore because critics and audiences can't get enough meme superhero space shit you're better off just finding another hobby or killing yourself.

Fuck Reddit, fuck memes, and fuck whoever likes this piece of shit movie
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Why is the Iron Giant in this movie?
you are mad because you are angry
Movie/book is all about references shoved into a big MMO-type thing. Don't know if Iron Giant was in the book, but I think WB is making the movie, so he's either there because he was there in the book, because he's substituted in for something they couldn't get the rights to, or just because they can.

What did everyone think of the latest episode of Jessica Biel's new show?
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>no tit skeleton

That's unfortunate.
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she's getting so old now ;_;

Is this movie the peak of human evolution? It's literally a 10/10
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and then...

You guys all lowkey watch this show don't you? I've been watching it with my friend and besides the episodes sharing similar premises it stays fairly clever. Jew writers like to self insert a lot though and seems like a fixation for one of the characters.
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Zooey never shows feet so no
This shit is still going on?
I tried watching it twice, I didn't like it one bit. Also I can't stand Zooey Deschanel.

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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ITT: Dream Capeshit Casting!!

Taylor Swift as Supergirl
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Babs Palvin as my gf!! :3
She would have to be super to be able to handle your disgusting visage :^)
you just went full retard. i love taytay, but her acting abilities are sub par. just look at the bad blood video. she would ruin any movie where she's the main cast

Would he have become one of the best actors of our generation or is he just overhyped since he died?
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everyone who dies young is overhyped i.e.: Paul Walker, 2pac
What about 3pac?

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What did this guy do wrong?
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Beaners with Mullets always die. Re: Eddie Guerroro
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why did you have to bring that up

>all those classics

Was that the end of the Golden Age?

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>when u walk past white people holding dey money u just stole from them and u got a gun to their head and dey be all white n shit dey be giving u DIS look #forreal
instead of a really outlandish thing happenign our cue is the guy breaking the fifth wall

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>And your other file.
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*Takes 1 second look*
>This is bullshit and you know it.

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anime was a mistake.
tell me your favorite kurosawa, kobayashi, ozu, teshigahara, etc.
what's your favorite on the whole?
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Been getting into Zatoichi lately, might watch the fourth one tonight. How is the Kitano one?
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throne of blood.jpg
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Why am I keep coming back to this place?
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because you have nothing else going on in your life. pick up a hobby or two and you will have better things to do than being here all day every day
Because you have an internet addiction and 4chan is a low-pressure substitute for social interaction. 4chan is the internet equivalent of junk food. It's a perpetually novel high-stimulation dopamine dispenser and it's incredibly habit forming. This isn't something you cna really do a definitive study on, but it's evident that 4chan has substantial addictive properties and the constant exposure to half-thoughts that make up 4chan is positively detrimental to your mental faculties (harms attention span, stunts articulation & makes you more comfortable doing nothing at all)
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I come here for the twin peaks discussion but its just all spammers of memes. No discussion so no one honestly knows whats going on in the show. I have to find numales on youtube discussing it

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Sick of this cunt
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Yeah. Fuck Richard Dawkins
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