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But daddy I love him
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not really

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Caesar WEAK
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No replies in the DB for this post!

what are some good-comfy+fun Korean or Japanese films?
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fuck off weaboo
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Crows 1 and 2

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Just finished the last episode of Stranger Things...8 episodes. You know, for some series I can understand why shorter seasons are needed because of very high production costs, limited resources, staffing support, problems with shooting etc... But it seems to me that nowadays, every single fucking show is cheaping out and making seasons shorter and shorter. 8 episodes for this show? Are you serious? This show has like 4 sets, ZERO extra's. And a reoccuring cast of about 20. The CGI and special effects are minimal, there's nothing flashy going on, and they make the season 8 episodes?? I can't help but think that what was once a reasonable excuse for high cost shows, is now just a scape goat for laziness and minimal effort. This show easily should be a full 16-20 episode season at a reasonable price tag of a "regular" show.
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Orrrr... They felt that 8 episodes was enough for what they wanted to achieve and that it would serve the story really well. It's not about being lazy, it's called being smart.
It was also an unknown show with potential but only one "bankable" star, a lot of kid leads.

It was easy to make, but it also could have been a flop
Netflix shows never have that many, on average they might have 12 episodes per season and they get lose quality during the second half. Is Defenders the only show you've seen on Netflix?

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any word on the rumored co-revival with Frasier?
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good job /tv/, maybe this should become /got/

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"Who doesn't love the macra" edition

Prior >>86899411
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what the fuck is that title
first for first
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the comfy era is almost here lads

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Is this the most Kino scene in all of giant monster movies?
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It's good, but no match for true Showa era kino

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I want off Anno's Wild Ride

Who would win?
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A superficial knife wound
The guy with armor and a poisoned spear

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Did it mean anything?
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mother nature is evil and cruel

what did you make of it op
He wants to be a jew but he's definitely a Hitler or something.
It's supposed to be the inverted version of the Adam and Eve story.

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In the fifth your ass goes down.
Say it.
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In the fifth my ass goes down.
*Blocks your path*
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ooh, donuts

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Out on Blu-Ray this past week... What say you guys, worth it? I have it on torrent already... but I'd like to support the movie as it was very different and unique among Godzilla movies, and want to support it's american funding... Any good features/extra's? cool inserts atleast?
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Just download it :)
After Kong Cuck Island that was refreshing to watch.
they went a little overboard with the international politics, and the fact its a complete reboot and doesn't acknowledge 1954 its a letdown

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>Elaine look, I drew this triangle freehand, it's a doodle, its perfect!

What the fuck? What did Jerry mean by this?
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My girlfriend once drew a perfect circle freehand on a napkin while we were eating. I still have it. Doodles can be pretty cool.

She also gave me a pressed four leaf clover.

She died in a car accident, so I can't really bear to get rid of them.
each vertice was exactly 60 degrees.
I'm sorry, anon. I understand why you'd keep them.

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Haven't watched Game of Thrones but would it be a good read if it was a manga?
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So when will he appear in more masterpieces?

Is he still busy?
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sleep tight puper
based puper poster
yes he is very busy


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