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>When your first movie is the only good one and spend the rest of your career in mediocrity

Reminds me of Wes Craven
Search the fucking catalog dipshit
Poltergeist "director"

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>Be at your computer
>Hear rustling in your kitchen
>Go and check out the noise
>See this hot and ready gremlin who says "Hey sugar, want a kiss?"

What do?
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trans gremlin

ahead of it's time
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This guy knows whats up

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Why was it so important to Steve that he get the Donkey Kong high score? Why didn't he wipe his kid's butt like a good father?
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he wanted to be the best at something, he was tired of being mediocre at everything his whole life, he obviously suffered from self esteem issues, plus the guy he was trying to beat was a giant piece of shit.
shut up billy, you cunt. you have a stupid haircut and your sauce is bad.


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This is supposed to be a comedy right?
they ruined it
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>He was white, Peter..
>All these years protesting the Civil Rights Act, and one of my own gets me
>Was I wrong boy?
>Uncle Ben-he-he looked Italian
>Oh Peter, thank you..
>[Uncle Ben dies smiling]
Powerful stuff.
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Back to formula?
The theater cheered when the fuck died, he got what he deserved
Would unironically see it made into a movie

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ITT: Characters who have underwhelming careers
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he's too hot
He could have been a good Aqua man.

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>demons start eating popeyes

Whoa. How did Sandler get away with this?
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that movie was weird
Raimi was script supervisor.


>Amanda falls unconscious, and later awakens on a gurney. Several doctors, in protective hazmat suits, inform her that she is in a hospital and they will help her. The doctors reveal that the "creatures" were escaped patients, and after realizing that Amanda "knows too much," she is then forced into a dark cell and is swarmed by the recaptured patients, as the doctor closes the door's viewing shutter.
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Probably the most disappointing movie of all time. The build-up was 10/10 and then it just fizzled out.
had a lot of missed potential for a STALKER kinda film and left me hella disappointed

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>Twin Peaks spoiler in da house tonight
I'm off, see you guys in two weeks.
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>watching for plot

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>Movie ends with Kelly taking big sasquatch dick

What did Bobcat mean by this?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Are there any Hollywood films that actually show full penetration but aren't explicitly porn?
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some german movies do
Imagine how much of a whore you have to be to actually get penetrated for a movie. Literally pornography

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T1 >>>>>>> T:SCC = T2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> a nigger > the rest
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T2 > T1

And that's it, the rest is not even worh watching.

I enjoyed salvation for what it was
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Was this the original friendship simulator show?

>tfw not smart enough to have been on Mythbusters
>tfw can't build things with my hands like they can
>tfw no reason to be excited like they are when their rig/device worked
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I could've sworn kari looked way hotter, way younger and had tattoos
the original friend simulator was mystery science theater 3000

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What kind of homes do you think actors live in? I'm thinking something more subtle than rockstar musician mansions.

I'm asking because while watching the intro of Nocturnal Animals, the location seems like in the hills of SoCal but who the hell actually lives there?
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Woah, this is actually a bad movie
Great movie, absolutely awful poster

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What does he say?
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feed and seed
formerly THX
God (formerly Chuck) is dead.

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