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might as well just delete the entriery of civilisation then
The Confeds were a short-lived rebellion intended to retain the right to own people. Not exactly a civilisation or even a *facet* of one.
You are a deluded moron if you actually believe that


>President Trump huddled for about an hour with top officials from New York and New Jersey at the White House on Thursday, including Senators Chuck Schumer, Cory Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand and Govs. Andrew M. Cuomo and Chris Christie, to discuss the future of a multibillion-dollar tunnel between the two states.

>The so-called Gateway project, to build a train tunnel under the Hudson River, is considered the linchpin of transportation infrastructure in the region and a top priority for many officials from the two states. It would provide a critical additional link between New Jersey and New York’s Pennsylvania Station.

>Thursday’s guest list signaled the project’s importance: In addition to the senators and governors, about a dozen members of Congress also attended the White House gathering. Mr. Trump was joined by Elaine Chao, the transportation secretary; Gary D. Cohn, his economic adviser; Mick Mulvaney, the budget director; and John F. Kelly, his chief of staff.
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build tsunami walls

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get a life
you mean men wait for a woman to beat down a door with a hammer which a male firefighter could have done in seconds


Five nurses at Denver Health Medical Center were suspended for three weeks after they inappropriately viewed a deceased patient’s body and talked about it, a hospital spokesman confirmed to Denver7 Investigates Tuesday.
A tip to Denver7 said the nurses disciplined admired the size of the deceased patient’s genitals and at one point opened a body bag to view parts of the body. A hospital spokesman confirmed details of the incident.
A different nurse heard one of the disciplined nurses make a comment in May that the nurse felt was inappropriate and reported it to hospital staff, Denver Health Medical Center spokesman Josh Rasmussen said.
“Multiple staff members viewed the victim while he was incapacitated, including after he was deceased,” a Denver Police report says. “The complainant, Risk Management for Denver Health, made a mandatory report.”
Rasmussen originally said two nurses were disciplined after the internal investigation, but later said five nurses were suspended following the investigation's conclusion.
The report says the incidents occurred between March 31 and April 3, 2017, but weren’t reported until May 8.
Rasmussen said although the nurses received discipline considered “serious,” four nurses ultimately returned to work. One nurse no longer is employed by the hospital, but wasn't terminated. The nurses will have a record of the discipline placed in their personnel files, Rasmussen said.
Denver Police confirm they responded to the incident but say the decision was made to have Denver Health Medical Center handle the issue internally.

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More shit nurses to make my occupation look shittier.
Aw yiss bb check my rigor mortis
>viewed a deceased patient’s body and talked about it

I fail to see why this is a disciplinary offense. It's not like they did this in front of the stiff's family. It's just shop talk. Bantz. Black humor to cope with the morbid nature of the job. Nursing sounds like a cucked profession.

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House Speaker Paul Ryan on Wednesday told “Dreamers” to “rest easy” because his chamber will work with President Trump to come up with a plan to reform the immigration process a day after the administration began phasing out the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals program.

“We will not be advancing legislation that doesn’t have the support of President Trump because we are going to work with the president on how to do this legislation,” Ryan (R-Wis.) said during a news conference of Republican House leaders.
“I think people should rest easy, and I think the president made the right call and the president also gave us the time and space we’re going to need to find where that compromise is,” Ryan said.

“This is a home that people know and they don’t know any other country as a home. I think there’s a serious humane issue here that needs to be dealt with, but it’s only fitting and reasonable that we also deal with some of the root causes of this problem because what we don’t want to have happen is another DACA problem 10 years from now. We want to make sure that we to fix this issue for these kids — for these young people — and address the root cause of the problem.”
But in the Senate, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s patience was already running out.
The New York Democrat called for a bill to protect the 800,000 young illegal immigrants — also known as “Dreamers” — caught in limbo over Trump’s decision, or his party would attach it to any must-pass legislation this fall.

“If a clean Dream Act does not come to the floor in September, we are prepared to attach it to other items this fall until it passes,” Schumer said at a news conference with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and other colleagues.

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Im confused. Will "dreamers" actually be kicked out or not?

What will their legal status be once Trump drops DACA (as he said he would) and the replacement scheme is not yet in place?
Because work something out went so well with healthcare.
Likely it will be an application of immigration standards to these dreamers. An electrical engineer that cheated the system to get his education is still an electrical engineer, it would be a great loss to American companies and interests to deport him. The kids that grew up to have the job skills of "can speak broken english and work for less than minimum wage" will probably be deported since we wouldnt have let them in anyways. As Ryan puts it though, something needs to be done that permanently fixes this; we cant just put a bandaid on it and have the same problem pop up in 2030.

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Earth as lover, not mother

Four years ago, when art Professor Elizabeth Stephens filmed the documentary “Ecosexual Love Story,” in which she and her partner licked trees, played with mud, and made love with the environment while naked, the term “ecosexuality” was still somewhat unknown.

But a lot has happened since then, and ecosexuality isn’t such a mystery anymore — Google trends show interest in the term has increased exponentially over the last 12 months, seemingly exploding.

That interest can be traced in part back to Stephens, a UC Santa Cruz professor and one leader in the movement that melds art, sex and environmentalism, a la having sex with a tree or marrying the ocean.

Stephens, chair of the art department at the public university, is set to debut her latest documentary “Water Makes Us Wet.” Its premiere is slated for this week in Germany as part of a large art exhibition.

Over the summer, Stephens also co-led an “Ecosex Walking Tour” in Germany that offered “25 ways to make love to the Earth, raise awareness of environmental issues, learn ecosexercises, find E-spots, and climax with the planetary clitoris,” according to a description of the event on UC Santa Cruz’s website.

In May, she helped lead a two-day “Ecosex Symposium” at the public university. The event included workshops given by professors such as “Decolonizing Settler Sexuality” and “Academic Freedom In An Ecosexphobic World.”

Earlier this year, she also co-authored the book “The Explorer’s Guide to Planet Orgasm: for every body,” which explores various types of orgasms and how to “discover” them, its online description states.

All this has not gone unnoticed. The concept was recently featured in Teen Vogue, for example, which told its young readers about a concept called “Grassilingus,” which was accompanied by a description of a musician laying facedown in grass and licking it.
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“Whether it’s masturbating with water pressure, using eco-friendly lubricant, or literally having sex with a tree — a person of any sexual proclivity who finds eroticism in nature, or believes that making environmentalism sexy will slow the planet’s destruction, can be ecosexual,” the magazine explained in its June article.

A feature published in August in Women’s Health Magazine added to the description.

“We chatted with Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D., and Beth Stephens, Ph.D., performance artists, ecosexual experts, and the authors of ‘The Explorer’s Guide to Planet Orgasm’ to get the scoop on this trend. They describe being ecosexual as this: ‘you don’t look at the Earth as your mother, you look at it as your lover.’ You also experience nature ‘as sensual, erotic, or sexy.’ This could mean anything getting off while writhing around naked in the mud to simply getting joy out of doing it in a hot tub or going on a naked hike,” the magazine reported.

Last November, a report it Breitbart also spotted the emerging trend. It cites part of Sprinkle’s and Stephens’ self-described “manifesto.”

The document states: “We make love with the Earth. We are aquaphiles, teraphiles, pyrophiles and aerophiles. We shamelessly hug trees, massage the earth with our feet and talk erotically to plants. We are skinny dippers, sun worshippers, and stargazers. We caress rocks, are pleasured by waterfalls, and admire the Earth’s curves often. We make love with the Earth through our senses. We celebrate our E-spots. We are very dirty.”
In an email to The College Fix, Stephens said she is inspired by living and working in Santa Cruz as well as growing up in West Virginia.

“I grew up around farmers, hunters, fishermen and miners. They all loved the earth and in fact, their health and livelihoods depended on loving the earth,” she told The Fix.

“Ecosexual art is an art project,” she added. “It really depends on the audiences’ reception as to whether it is cultural or political form of art. … An ecosexual is someone who loves the earth.”
> chair of the art department
Once again the art department finds innovative ways to make government funding disappear

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>Examinaion of these burial remains indicates that, 4,000 years ago, European women traveled far from their home villages to start their families, bringing with them new cultural objects and ideas. Credit: Stadtarchäologie Augsburg

MAX PLANCK INSTITUTE FOR THE SCIENCE OF HUMAN HISTORY—At the end of the Stone Age and in the early Bronze Age, families were established in a surprising manner in the Lechtal, south of Augsburg, Germany. The majority of women came from outside the area, probably from Bohemia or Central Germany, while men usually remained in the region of their birth. This so-called patrilocal pattern combined with individual female mobility was not a temporary phenomenon, but persisted over a period of 800 years during the transition from the Neolithic to the Early Bronze Age.
The findings, published today in PNAS, result from a research collaboration headed by Philipp Stockhammer of the Institute of Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology and Archaeology of the Roman Provinces of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. In addition to archaeological examinations, the team conducted stable isotope and ancient DNA analyses. Corina Knipper of the Curt-Engelhorn-Centre for Archaeometry, as well as Alissa Mittnik and Johannes Krause of the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Jena and the University of Tuebingen jointly directed these scientific investigations. "Individual mobility was a major feature characterizing the lives of people in Central Europe even in the 3rd and early 2nd millennium," states Philipp Stockhammer. The researchers suspect that it played a significant role in the exchange of cultural objects and ideas, which increased considerably in the Bronze Age, in turn promoting the development of new technologies.

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For this study*, the researchers examined the remains of 84 individuals using genetic and isotope analyses in conjunction with archeological evaluations. The individuals were buried between 2500 and 1650 BC in cemeteries that belonged to individual homesteads, and that contained between one and several dozen burials made over a period of several generations. "The settlements were located along a fertile loess ridge in the middle of the Lech valley. Larger villages did not exist in the Lechtal at this time," states Stockhammer.

"We see a great diversity of different female lineages, which would occur if over time many women relocated to the Lech Valley from somewhere else," remarks Alissa Mittnik on the genetic analyses. Corina Knipper also explains, "Based on analysis of strontium isotope ratios in molars, which allows us to draw conclusions about the origin of people, we were able to ascertain that the majority of women did not originate from the region." The burials of the women did not differ from that of the native population, indicating that the formerly foreign women were integrated into the local community.

From an archaeological point of view, the new insights prove the importance of female mobility for cultural exchange in the Bronze Age. They also allow us to view the immense extent of early human mobility in a new light. "It appears that at least part of what was previously believed to be migration by groups is based on an institutionalized form of individual mobility," declares Stockhammer.
Traveled willingly, or by force? Seems like this could be explained by warring tribes capturing the others women.
I wondered the same. The idea of women travelling alone ir even in groups sounds really risky for that time period.

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So what does this mean when the Police Service can't respect one of it's sister branches in medicine? Where has it gone wrong in that Police Officers fail to realize that considering the line of work the Hospital and their staff are the last persons they want stigmatized against them?
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are ameriucan cops mind controlled?
Police can arrest you for any reason. He did it to scare the staff into giving him blood. They're adult bullies.

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Fossil fuels have two major problems that paint a dim picture for their future energy dominance. These problems are inter-related but still should be discussed separately. First, they cause climate change. We know that, we’ve known it for decades, and we know that continued use of fossil fuels will cause enormous worldwide economic and social consequences.

>Second, fossil fuels are expensive. Much of their costs are hidden, however, as subsidies. If people knew how large their subsidies were, there would be a backlash against them from so-called financial conservatives.

>A study was just published in the journal World Development that quantifies the amount of subsidies directed toward fossil fuels globally, and the results are shocking. The authors work at the IMF and are well-skilled to quantify the subsidies discussed in the paper.

>Let’s give the final numbers and then back up to dig into the details. The subsidies were $4.9 tn in 2013 and they rose to $5.3 tn just two years later. According to the authors, these subsidies are important because first, they promote fossil fuel use which damages the environment. Second, these are fiscally costly. Third, the subsidies discourage investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy that compete with the subsidized fossil fuels. Finally, subsidies are very inefficient means to support low-income households.

>With these truths made plain, why haven’t subsidies been eliminated? The answer to that is a bit complicated. Part of the answer to this question is that people do not fully appreciate the costs of fossil fuels to the rest of us. Often we think of them as all gain with no pain.


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>So what is a subsidy anyway? Well, that too isn’t black and white. Typically, people on the street think of a subsidy as a direct financial cost that result in consumers paying a price that is below the opportunity cost of the product (fossil fuel in this case). However, as pointed out by the authors, a more correct view of the costs would encompass:

>>not only supply costs but also (most importantly) environmental costs like global warming and deaths from air pollution and taxes applied to consumer goods in general.

>The authors argue, persuasively, that this broader view of subsidies is the correct view because they “reflect the gap between consumer prices and economically efficient prices.”

>Without getting too deep into the weeds, the authors discuss both consumer subsidies (when the price paid by a consumer is below a benchmark price) and producer subsidies (when producers receive direct or indirect support which increases their profitability). The authors then quantify what benefits would be achieved if the fossil fuel subsidies were reformed.

>Interested readers are directed to the paper for further details, but the results are what surprised me. Pre-tax (the narrow view of subsidies) subsidies amount to 0.7% of global GDP in 2011 and 2013. But the more appropriate definition of subsidies is much larger (8 times larger than the pre-tax subsidies). We are talking enormous values of 5.8% of global GDP in 2011, rising to 6.5% in 2013.
>The authors also broke the results down by fossil fuel type and usage (coal, petroleum, natural gas, electricity). It is not clear to me how the authors separated the various fuel sources out of electrical generation; however, the results show that petroleum and coal receive much larger subsidies compared to their counterpart fuels. The authors organized results by geographical region and found that the top three subsidizers of fossil fuels are China, USA, and Russia, respectively. The European Union is a bit less than half of the entire US subsidy. Other notable countries and regions are discussed.

>There are two key takeaway messages. First, fossil fuel subsidies are enormous and they are costs that we all pay, in one form or another. Second, the subsidies persist in part because we don’t fully appreciate their size. These two facts, taken together, further strengthen the case to be made for clean and renewable energy. Clean energy sources do not suffer from the environmental costs that plague fossil fuels.

>I asked one of the authors, Dr. Coady, why their work is important. He told me:

>>A key motivation for the paper was to increase awareness among policy makers and the public of the large subsidies that arise from pricing fossil fuels below their true social costs—this broader definition of subsidies accounts for the many negative side effects associated with the consumption of these fuels. By estimating these costs on a global scale, we hope to stimulate an informed policy debate and provide renewed impetus for policy reforms to reap the large potential benefits from more efficient pricing of fossil fuels in terms of improved public finances, improved population health and lower carbon emissions.

>As a climate scientist, I focus almost exclusively on the scientific questions related to climate change. But equally important are the economic issues that, when dealt with, will usher in a new era of energy.
FTFY and KYS for those Communist Lies.

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I think you're confused anon, this doesn't have anything to do with Trump or immigration.
Uh no sweetie, I'm sure this somehow targeted POC so those computers are definitely the product of white privilege designed to keep black people in jail.

Anyways fuck companies for dodgy shit like this, 3.5M is not enough of a deterrent

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