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Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell just paid a visit to Fort Knox to see the U.S. gold supply. Mnuchin is only the third Treasury secretary in history ever to visit Fort Knox and this was the first official visit from Washington, D.C., since 1974.
The U.S. government likes to ignore gold and not draw attention to it. Official visits to Fort Knox give gold some monetary credence that central banks would prefer it does not have.

Why an impromptu visit by Mnuchin and McConnell? Why now?
The answer may lie in the fact that the Treasury is running out of cash and could be broke by Sept. 29 if Congress does not increase the debt ceiling by then.
But the Treasury could get $355 billion in cash from thin air without increasing the debt simply by revaluing U.S. gold to a market price. (U.S. gold is currently officially valued at $42.22 per ounce on the Treasury’s books versus a market price of $1,285 per ounce.)
Once the Treasury revalues the gold, the Treasury can issue new “gold certificates” to the Fed and demand newly printed money in the Treasury’s account under the Gold Reserve Act of 1934. Since this money comes from gold revaluation, it does not increase the national debt and no debt ceiling legislation is required.

This would be a way around the debt ceiling if Congress cannot increase it in a timely way. This weird gold trick was actually done by the Eisenhower administration in 1953.

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>This weird gold trick was actually done by the Eisenhower administration in 1953.

Sounds like one of those click bait titles. "This one weird trick can give your more money in the treasury without raising the debt ceiling."
Trump has been following weird tricks for all his life and it seems to have worked out fine for him.
For him, and not for anyone else. He's no great leader, merely a supremely skilled opportunist; in his world, you can't make a profit without someone taking a loss, regardless of how unsustainable that is.

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Former Professor Charged with Assault for Allegedly Beating Trump Supporter with Bike Lock
A former California-area professor has been charged with assault for allegedly bashing a Trump supporter in the head with a bike lock in April.
Eric Clanton, formerly a professor at Diablo Valley College, has been charged with assault for an April incident in which he allegedly bashed a Trump supporter over the head with a bike lock. The victim’s head was left bloodied and wrapped in bandages.
Although Clanton insists that his charges have been levied unfairly, he has not specifically denied that he is the masked individual behind the bike lock assault. This is “just one example of the police doing everything in their power to facilitate and to legitimize the violence and the rhetoric of the so-called alt-right,” Clanton argued.
“Dealing with an unintelligible internet force smearing and threatening me online was not easy, and created stress to say the least, but I had every expectation that very few people would take them seriously, especially considering the character and credibility of their sources,” he wrote in his blog post.
In May, police searched Clanton’s home in San Leandro, leading to his arrest in Oakland, where he was taken into custody. He has been charged with four counts of felony assault with a deadly weapon, with the special allegation of causing great bodily injury to one of his alleged victims. To the charges, Clanton pled not guilty. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for September 28.

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>Blame everyone else for committed assault and attempted murder wearing a mask in a terrorist organization

Classic leftist
fell for the meme
old news

E get one saying wey people dey talk wey be, "the more wey you dey go higher for life, the less friends you go get."
E be like say United States President, Donald Trump, don begin dey experience this kain thing.
No be everybody dey gree with the way Trump dey do things. E get some people wey don even talk their mind and wetin dem get in return? Sack letter!
Other people dey wey be say na resignation letter dem drop, say dem no wan follow Trump work again.
You dey reason how to chop sack letter from President Trump or you wan waka comot for President Trump job? This na some ways you fit do am sharp, sharp:
Follow Russia Ambassador Gist
Siddon gist with Russia Ambassador, Sergei Kislyak. Tell am say you go commot the sanction wey US put for Russia. If dem ask you, say you no follow anybody talk anything. Na sack letter you go collect sharp, sharp.
Tell reporter say your oga na 'craze person'
Call reporter for phone, tell am say your oga na "craze person." Tell everybody say you go fire them. Begin fight with your fellow White House staff. In fact, you fit no last 10 days before Trump go sack you.
No understand why your oga no understand the mata
Siddon there dey look as your oga dey dodge to talk the mata wey concern black people like you. Siddon there dey wait make your oga condemn people wey dey talk bad about other type of people. You fit resign if you no like wetin you dey siddon look.
You wan 'Repeat after me'
You see say something wey no good dey happen for Charlottesville but your President no talk wetin him suppose talk, just quietly repeat after another person and drop resignation letter for Trump table.
You think say sports beta pass politics
As person wey like sports business well-well, e fit happen say you no like all the plenty problem wey dey follow politics. No wahala, just follow your fellow ogas Brian Krzanich and Kenneth Frazier, tell President Trump say you no follow again for him manufacturing council.

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>E get some people wey don even talk their mind and wetin dem get in return? Sack letter!
Exactly right. Well said.
What fresh hell is this?

'A Banksy painting that appeared on a public toilet block in east London, only to disappear after it was vandalised, spray-jetted by the local council and then painted over, has been rediscovered over a decade later.

Known as the Snorting Copper and considered an exemplary image by the elusive graffiti artist, it shows a uniformed policeman on his hands and knees snorting a line of cocaine.

Banksy stencil soars past Hay Wain as UK's favourite work of art
Read more
Although the painting has been valued for insurance purposes at £1.25m, Jonathan Ellis and David Kyte, who uncovered the painting after they bought the disused site, say they have no intention of selling it. Instead, they are restoring it and will return it to its original site in Shoreditch, Hackney, so that the general public can see it. The unveiling will take place on 5 October.

“It’s an amazing piece,” Ellis told the Guardian. “We’ve had offers to sell it. But we want to put it back. We think that’s the right thing to do for the public to enjoy it. I’m proud to be able to do something like that.”'
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Gj art anon.

There's a bunch of banksy pictures in my city and nobody cares, who the fuck do I contact to sell one of these for a million dollars.
Damien Hirst

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original photo.jpg
146 KB, 723x478
>An image that appeared to capture a member of an anti-fascist group beating a U.S. police officer with a club during a “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, is fake.

>The doctored photograph, the Associated Press and Snopes.com found, turned out to be a Getty Image shot in 2009 during clashes between police officers and protesters in Athens, Greece. An “Antifa,” or “antifacist,” logo was digitally superimposed onto the jacket of a protester, who is seen attacking an officer with a blunt object.


Doesn't it concern anyone else that the right constantly claims to have the moral high ground when they've been shown to spread such blatant, easily disproven lies without any conscience?
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Why should the alt-right care? All they have to do is believe they're correct, which justifies all the lying they have to do because it's in the name of 'truth' and the greater good. You can find the same logic in any other radical groups, secular or religious.

Even if you convinced a hundred of them today that this photo was indeed doctored and taken out of context, it won't change their general consensus that the Antifa waiting out there, ready to break their kneecaps for the sin of 'whiteness'. Violence and paranoia are a deadly combination, as Mr Fields Jr. can attest.
snope is fake news sonny.
All news are fake.
All except for Breitbart.

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The Swedish municipality of Hässleholm has purchased several ‘burkinis’ for young Muslim girls, saying that it allows them to participate in school swimming lessons.
The municipality justified the purchase of the controversial Islamic swimwear by saying it wanted to include as many children as possible in the school’s swimming lessons programme. Municipal Deputy Managing Director Rolf Bengtsson likened the purchase to providing a computer or ice skates for children who couldn’t afford them, Swedish newspaper Norra Skane reports.

“We had problems with water quality, so we asked the school that if students are to be able to swim in our baths, they must wear swimsuit, shorts or burkinis,” said the local swimming pool manager Henrik Samevik.

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So what? I honestly couldn't give less of a fuck.
That's really cool, if we can teach whatever constructive to somone and that's nothing all our clothes are from china or pakistan. So we can give them this little thing.
Is there actually an islamic rule against showing your face?

Rather die than take lessons alrite

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Former Obama aides have their sights sets firmly on 2020, with a number of them giving early indications as to who they’ll back for president.

Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is among the potential candidates to enjoy support from two of the former president’s allies, Valerie Jarrett and Obama Foundation CEO David Simas, with sources telling The Hill the pair would back a Patrick bid.

Indeed, rumors abound that Patrick is a favorite with the Obama camp, despite the former president remaining tight-lipped on who he would like to see taking the party reigns in 2020, likely only throwing his weight behind a candidate close to the election.

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>Deval Patrick
He ruined massachusetts
Well, quit being racist and we'll quit putting up African Americans to mop the floor with your candidates.
I've got a better idea. After Trump is done with the Mexicans we will start Operation Liberia 2.0

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0 B, 0x0px

>plays ironic by alanis morrisette
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Pfff typical of such an alt-right nazi trumpster rag like The Hill trying to slander the RIGHT side of history. Watch out Nazis, we will punch you all!
It's funny how in the past week a massive media and political drive to go after anti-fa has happened. It's almost as if the leftists in charge are worried their creation is doing more harm than good.

Too late anti-fa is here to stay and it's the face of the anti-trump left.

If the right was smart they would start funding these groups and encouraging them.
>If the right was smart they would start funding these groups and encouraging them.
This is so stupid... that it might work!

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URGENT S. Korea, U.S. defense chiefs agree to consider military response against N. Korea

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What happened to the article?
Koreans agree to kill koreans in korea. Koreaception
Daily reminder North Korea doesn't have a Rothschild bank!

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin says that whoever reaches a breakthrough in developing artificial intelligence will come to dominate the world.

Putin, speaking Friday at a meeting with students, said the development of AI raises "colossal opportunities and threats that are difficult to predict now."

He warned that "the one who becomes the leader in this sphere will be the ruler of the world."

Putin warned that "it would be strongly undesirable if someone wins a monopolist position" and promised that Russia would be ready to share its know-how in artificial intelligence with other nations.

The Russian leader predicted that future wars will be fought by drones, and "when one party's drones are destroyed by drones of another, it will have no other choice but to surrender."

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>Putin says something everyone already knows
How is this news
dude based commie dictator lmao
Because now, along with the threats of nuclear war, runaway climate change, antibiotic resistant infections, and the increasing prevalence of police states, it's official that we will get to see what happens when we have an arms race of autonomous weapons and software.

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