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Hezbollah and Iranian fighters have widely infiltrated Syria and taken up arms in support of Bashar al-Assad's regime, and were ferried into the country using Iran's commercial airline in violation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.


According to a new report by The Washington Free Beacon, Iran has been illegally using its commercial airline, Iran Air, to ferry fighters into Syria, where they have taken up arms in defense of Bashar al-Assad’s regime. The ferrying efforts, which violate the terms of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, also known as the Iran nuclear deal, was hidden by the Obama administration. The report states:

>Photographs provided to Congress show Iran using Iran Air to ferry these soldiers between 2016 and 2017, in part when the Obama administration removed sanctions on Iran Air and promoted multi-billion dollars sales between the carrier and aircraft manufacturer Boeing, which is seeking to provide Iran Air with a fleet of new planes that many suspect will be used to carry terrorist fighters and weapons into regional hotspots. This behavior violates international laws governing the nuclear deal and has now led lawmakers and others to accuse the Obama administration of downplaying Iran's illicit activity in order to promote the nuclear deal and ensure Tehran receives a new commercial fleet. Multiple senior Obama administration officials, including former secretary of state John Kerry, traveled the globe to promote trade with Iranian companies, including Iran Air, at the same time Iran was found to be ferrying militants into Syria. Lawmakers and others suspect the Obama administration either hid or downplayed this information in order to preserve the nuclear deal.

The report further states a group of Republican congressmen, led by Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.), is demanding the Treasury Department fully investigate the matter.
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> This behavior violates international laws governing the nuclear deal

No it doesn't. The JCPOA has nothing to do with Iran's support of terrorism. Iran doesn't have to stop supporting terrorism under the deal. As deplorable as their behavior is, Iran is not in violation of the deal.
>Is the flooding in Houston the result of man’s sins against God, or the left’s false narrative of climate change? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles prays for those displaced by Hurricane Harvey, and calls for Christians to return to the path of righteousness.
jesus weeps when you post trunews

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The man who alleged that he was assaulted by a mysterious generic black man last week has been found to have fabricated the story in the typical "To Kill a Mockingbird"/Emmett Till style.
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there's already a thread and it's much better than yours >>172842

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South Korea's military has dropped eight heavy bombs near its border with the North in a show of what local media called "overwhelming force" following Pyongyang's latest missile test.

President Moon Jae-in ordered the strike, by four F-15K fighter-bombers, at a firing range in the country's east to "display a strong capability to punish" North Korea if it were to attack.

(((NYTimes))) still not reporting the incident
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South Korea bombs itself, North Korea responds with 100 mud farmers commiting sudoku

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>Large natural disasters have negative effects on the economy.
What a revelation

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The principal of a Little Rock elementary school over the weekend canceled Monday's scheduled visit to the campus by U.S. Rep. French Hill after learning that some parents and others planned to protest the Republican lawmaker in front of the school.

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Fuck her.
Someone here a spine. Good.

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According to the NNSA press release, two B61-12 gravity bombs (without a nuclear warhead) were dropped from F-15 fighter jets on August 8 at Tonopah Test Range in Nevada, and were designed to test the "non-nuclear functions and the aircraft’s capability to deliver the weapon." These tests are part of a series over the next three years to qualify the B61-12 for service. As we noted at the time, the first qualification flight test occurred in March.

“The B61-12 life extension program is progressing on schedule to meet national security requirements,” said Phil Calbos, acting NNSA deputy administrator for Defense Programs. “These realistic flight qualification tests validate the design of the B61-12 when it comes to system performance.”

According to the editor-in-chief of National Defense magazine, Igor Korotchenko, the second test of the nuclear bomb could indicate that Washington is speeding up its rearmament program. "The fact of the test of this modification of the nuclear bomb indicates that the US continues an accelerated rearmament program of its tactical nuclear arsenal in Europe, as well as that both Washington and Brussels are considering the scenario of a limited nuclear war in Europe,"

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It's not 1968 and we're not focused on Cambodia no matter how brown they are
Live test up Kim Jong un's ass when?

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A new Quinnipiac University Poll found that by a 49%-40% margin the American people believe that the country would be better off with Hillary Clinton as president.

At first pass, the numbers look like the 2016 election with only white people, non-college educated whites, and Republicans thinking that they would be worse off under Trump, but a look at the age breakdown shows that all age groups think that the country would be better off under Hillary Clinton. By a small margin, Independents also believe that the country would be better off under Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton did win the popular vote by 3 million votes, so the finding that more people in the country think that the US would be better off if she had won is unexpected, but the trouble for Trump is that the idea that his election was a mistake is setting in with voters. Trump squeaked by on election day because the Russians and his campaign were able to manipulate the media coverage to take attention away from Trump and thrust it onto imaginary Clinton scandals.

Since Trump has taken office, the American people have realized that Trump and Clinton were not equally bad choices as Republicans and the Russians wanted voters to believe. The country is waking up and realizing that Trump’s election was a terrible mistake that they will seek to correct first by taking out the GOP Congressional majority, and then getting rid of Trump in 2020.

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I don't know why democrats thought that the American people were gonna elect a woman right after a black man
It's like, Jesus christ. Do they not understand that a sizeable chunk of voters are extremely traditional? A moderate, populist white-haired pale skinned old fellow would've stolen the vote right from under trump's nose. But the dems had to give hill her shot at the white house. Bad idea, costly mistake. Politics is not a game nor is it a TV show. You don't put people forward to make a statement and "break the glass ceiling". They could've tried a woman president in 12-16 years and it might have succeeded. Timing is everything.
Either you're false flagging or you don't see the irony here
We dodged a major bullet. Hillary would have been the next Stalin.

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A 33-year-old Great Falls woman reportedly called 9-1-1 to say that, in her experience, methamphetamine should not be inducing the effects the methamphetamine she had just ingested was currently inducing.

"I do meth three times a day every day and have never had this reaction before," Margery Ann Dayrider told the police officer who arrived at her home, according to court documents.

Dayrider reportedly called 9-1-1 on Aug. 25 to report medical issues from injecting meth. When officers arrived at her home, Dayrider said she had injected her self at 9 a.m., 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. that day, according to charging documents. She also produced some meth from inside her bra and handed it over to police, who later tested the crystals and confirmed they were, in fact, methamphetamine.

Dayrider was charged with criminal possession of dangerous drugs, a felony. If convicted she could be sentenced to five years in state prison and fined $5,000.

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First offense for methamphetamine possession should be mandatory 1 year jail time and court ordered drug rehabilitation for 6 months in a secure facility, followed by 2 years of probation upon release from rehab.

Second offense is death penalty.

This is the only way America will be cured of meth addiction. People will think twice about it when a single pill of ecstasy will set your life back by 18 months.

Not fair to persecute them so strongly? Go ahead, invite junkies to take sanctuary in your home and see what happens.
>Not fair to persecute them so strongly? Go ahead, invite junkies to take sanctuary in your home and see what happens.
I was under the impression that there were a range of things that you could do to people inbetween inviting them to live in your home and executing them.

Anyway, lots of rich white people use meth, so your idea will never become law.
>1 year jail time and court ordered drug rehabilitation

I don't get you. If you acknowledge that these people are addicts who need help, why do you also support putting them in prison, which does nothing to help them?

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By 2050, Africa population suppose double wetin e be now, but for one country wey dem dey born pickin pass, e be like say dem population go grow times three.

Dat country na Nigér.

For Nigér, women fit born average of 7.6 pickins - and for village area wey be Zinder, some dey born pass dis number.

No be for mouth; any village wey you enter - pickins dey everywhere.

Some of dis pickins sef get pickin - for Niger, half of di girls don marry before dem reach 15 years.

As country economy dey grow and dia people dey make money, di number of pickins dey usually reduce, but Nigér na one of di world poorest countries.

Dr Hassane Atamo, wey be head of the government family planning division say "for Nigér, we get national characteristic wey be say na to born pickin, and pickin na sign of person wey get money plus power.

"One major problem be say as people dey born plenty pickin, e dey hard to take care of dem and send dem go school."
Men too, dey the matter

For di other side of town, men dey cross-leg for ground under tree; dem come to dey talk something wey concern dem - dem dey call dis one 'husband school.'

As dem dey talk health, education matter and farming, na so di men dey talk breastfeeding plus family planning.

All dis one na part of di same programme - wey dem dey call Project Sawki. All dis one na to reduce as women dey die wen dem dey born, plus stop the number of pickins wey dey die before dem reach five years.

Education dey very important to help reduce as people dey born pickin, so di project na also to make people no too dey born plenty.

Mudaha Musa, 27 tell BBC say im bin feel say e suppose get five or six pickin wey dey enough for am. Dat one go add two or three pickins to di one wey im don already get.

"True-true, problem no dey to born plenty pickin, but as we don start dis husband school, we don dey see as things dey change," na wetin Mr Musa talk.

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What does "pickin" mean in this situation?

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Idiot sets grass fire with propane torch, California is dry as shit.

Tweaker white trash is too lazy to mow weeds, have goats eat them dpwn, plow field, or pull by hand.


A little flavor piece and something to push the Pidgin English poster back to his original board.
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>The first engine arrived in seven minutes to find a small area of burning grass on a residential property. The fire was stopped at about 1/4 acre.
Nice size fire.
We really to get the mods to ban pidgin posts. They aren't funny anymore and when the articles are available in proper English there is no reason for it. I actually miss the Ukrainian propaganda poster because those were funny and the content wasn't just mundane articles.
T H E R E IS NO M O D E R A T I O N ON / N E W S /

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