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I am attracted to people like pic related. Am I gay?
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This is a thing?! Holy shit. If I wasn't gay before, I may be now. Damn i would make this mother fucker my bitch. I would be picking out what pair of panties he wore everyday...
>that nose
>that face length
>that chin
Looks like one of my cousins (male). Yup, you're gay.
having a laugh at your post

I'm 20, met my roommate (20) last year. I don't think I'm gay

But about last year 2 months into him moving in we were watching tftc and talking, one thing led to the other and I was sucking his dick like, 2 hours in. Since then we've done a lot of stuff together, like going out or whatever. And he's fucked me a few times.

What happened?
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also think i've got real feelings for him
well youre not straight thats for sure
you're not gay, you just had a gay exp lol

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>It's 2017. Girls can have penises too and it's okay for straight guys to like them

Can somebody explain how a straight guy could say this and not be considered laughable?
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If his girlfriend looked like that.
because who gives a shit
underboob tops have to be the tackiest shit ever
why do so many transgirls dress like prostitutes?

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you can literally add man before any word have it sound absolutely disgusting


why is the male body so fucking disgusting
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File: taking the bait for daddy.png (533KB, 864x720px)Image search: [Google]
taking the bait for daddy.png
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the last three don't work
try again
I like man hands
I like man faces
I like man bodies
I love man asses

ladyhands sounds gross
ladyface sounds ugly
ladybody sounds lumpy
ladyass sounds fat

idk I think muscular dudes are extremely hot. plus big manhands are a fetish of mine

THICC edition

Previous thread: >>7824819

Transition timelines:

Bottom surgery info:

Passing guide for AAPs:

Old sites, but still great one-stop-shops for FTM information:
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did it wrong

the other one isnt even at bump limit yet tard
shut up

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Cis Lesbian General (/clg/): Lesbian Callgirl Edition

Yes. We are paid in sex.

There are a list of filters via pastebin. They help by removing typical bait. Please use them in emergency like a raid.
If you have a mic, take a look at the Discord pastebin. Join us for daily shit posting there too!
Filter list: http://pastebin.com/hmZKdbmE
Discord: http://pastebin.com/P644WESi

Recent News
>War between the skellies and the chubbies
>Remember to AVOID bishits
>Girls talking about their crushes
>There once was a butch named Ashlee
>you hurt their feelings and they went to fug without you
>Anon wants a threesome with her girlfriend and her girlfriend's twin sister
>Cow appreciation day
>The magic of Ashley Burch
>Girl cuts off a shit ton of hair. It looks nice.
>"Lesbians, sword play, animal sacrifice, free pancakes. Come happy."
>A gentlewoman's discussion of videogames
>fell asleep with pants on and now area on labia majora is swollen where cloth rubbed against it
>taken out, not eaten out
>there are also anons who have gfs but dont have sex
>"I was staring at her naming my grocery list and instructions on how to do laundry."

Previous: >>7829116
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First for boob handles.

As if I needed more reasons to avoid Bioware, holy shit.
Is that meant to be cute, or is it supposed to look as retarded as it does?
I finished my nap
>tfw big bed is empty

What's the legality around self-medding your trans child if authorized medical transitioning is not an option for you?
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it's legal
File: GoToJailweb2.jpg (266KB, 1125x1125px)Image search: [Google]
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depends where you live
Contact your local mental health institution and turn yourself in

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I'm MtF with my old boy goo in a sperm bank, shouldn't I be very desirable for lesbians because they can both have a gf and make babies at the same time?
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wanting babies is a huge downside desu
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you are scum
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>cut your balls off
>try to hook up with women

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Does being HSTS correlate with being low IQ?
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Does being Caraposter correlate with starting HRT?
How do we get Eli Erlick to beat up Caraposter?

That's what one study indicates if you also take sillyolme's interpretation seriously. Or average IQ, really.

How do agp's feel about the fact that they're hated by pretty much everyone?
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no fucks given desu
who cares
How do trannies feel about the fact that they're hated by pretty much everyone? Figure that one out and you'll have your answer.

cis lesbians, how do we mend the rift between you and us mtfs?

when i was a child i thought butch lesbians were the coolest people. i realized that's what i always wanted to be and i hated being a guy so i transitioned and even to this day i idolize butches and look to them for inspiration.

i dont care if you reject people because they have dicks. i don't even care if you reject people if they're trans even if they have a neo-bagina. it's all good, you can reject anyone for any reason

i just wanna be friends! how to we put a band-aid on these wounds?
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Haha! Are you that danish boy?
Straight mtfs get along with us well, transbians are the issue. Most feel transbians delegitimize us in some way. Personally I don't mind. My rule for dating eligibility is no dicks, so post-op is fine with me as far as dating goes.

I've never been in relationship with post-op transbian though, I'd be interested if not just to take a gander at that supposed Frankenstein vagina
Cis lesgen doesn't even like butches, so you can have them all to yourself.

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>tfw look like a girl but still have a boy name because i'm not allowed to change it yet
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>Look like a girl
yea we're gonna need some pics
Why are you not allowed to change it?
pics or gtfo

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Why do people make so much noise when getting fucked? I've fucked both men and women, and they both cry out like little bitches when they take the dick, even so called "masc bears". Is there a reasonable explanation for this?
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I'm guessing you haven't bottomed before
Who knows or cares why, it's fucking hot.
As soon as I get penetrated I just have to moan idk why I'm not loud tho

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I'm MtF 26 years old, wanted to transition since I was 21, always wanted to be a girl but never knew you could transition until then. I'm finally on hormones and have been for little over 2 months now.
I don't pass and no one treats my like a girl, not even chasers are interested in me.
I have wanted to kill my self for as long as I can remember, I was about to kill myself a few years back but then I thought: Why not just try and transition and see what happens. Everything is worse than before I transitioned.
Should I just kill my self?
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>I don't pass and no one treats my like a girl, not even chasers are interested in me.
same tbqh

i am so scared of dying alone ;_________;
>I don't pass and no one treats my like a girl, not even chasers are interested in me.
date a gay man and tell him you want him to be the man in the relationship.
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Yes, you could always kill yourself, but it seems like you believe that by having other people find you desirable you'll be happy in some way. Instead you'll just fall into the validation trap where you constantly need others to say you're attractive or pretty to find worth in yourself.

Try learning to accept and love yourself before seeking out the approval of others, but that's pretty difficult so you could also commit sudoku and contribute to the 50% stat.

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Why are gays/transvestites pro-Islam? Don't you know they hate you?
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All religions are retarded, fuck them all.
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Yes but christians wouldn't behead you for it....
File: 1488308057675.png (142KB, 500x278px)Image search: [Google]
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And In hinduism gays and cross-dressing is normal in their culture. So? There is precedent for religion having tolerance for lgbt

Whereas Islam is the worst in all circumstances, They would throw you off a building

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