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Am I the only one on /lgbt/ who watches this amazing show? Who's /hyped/ for season 9?


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What is the appeal of this garbage tier show?
I was just checking if there was a rupaul thread here.

[spoiler]Rumor has it Charlie will have an injury (possibly on episode 3 which will be a dance challange) and will have to withdraw from the competition[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Valentina is also rumored to be an early out[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Cynthia (from season 7) is supposedly going to come back, probably after Charlie's injury[/spoiler]
A reality show with gays, so there's a lot of drama.

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I'd love to hear how some of you decided on on name. Any interesting reasons or stories?
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I had a Latin first name and an Irish last name, so I stuck with that but chose names that held more personal meaning for me.
I asked my parents to name me again
I took the name that my mom would have given me if I were born a girl.

I'm a cis guy and I'm comfortable with my guyness. Bot honestly I feel like if tomorrow I turned into a girl for the rest of my life I honestly wouldn't give two shits about that (as long as I am relatively attractive)
Am I just not getting it?
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a few days as the opposite sex i'm pretty sure you'd wanna go back eventually

or you could just be trans and you're not fully aware of it yet
>cis guy becomes female and hates it
>see, cis theory proven!
>cis guy becomes female and doesn't hate it
>she was really trans all along!
David Reimer
Was also diddled and shit but still counts

why do people believe agp can't be present before puberty when there are recorded cases of it?
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>everyone has autism

well yeah, it was a study on the comorbidity of autism and transsexualism in children and teenagers
Damn I remember having AGP style fantasies pre-puberty and I'm also a sperg, does this mean I'm not trans?

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>manly women still identify as women despite social pressure
>femboys still identify as male at the end of the day
>trans people in every culture face shitstorms of social hate and still go through the path of most resistance(transition) because of innate identity

How do people still believe gender is a social construct and not a result of our messy-shit brain formation? We've evolved for millions of years and all of a sudden we're subject to "social constructs"?

> AtoB brains sometimes resemble B brains

How does all this not validate gender identity as biological, whether it's binary or not, and regardless of genitals?

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The basic question is "Why care about what people think of themselves as, rather than care about their ACTUAL REALITY?". Like, ok, suppose there is some random part of trans people brains that just happens to align with their gender identity. Why is this part more important THAN LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE?

The answer is, it's obviously not.

But then people point out that social gender roles (which, by definition, are a social construct) arguably matter as much or more than biology. And since trans people have this random part of their brain with a gender identity in it, they will do anything in order to be considered this gender. Which means that they jump on the social construct train, because this is an opportunity to have their weird brain gender thing reflected in actual reality.
The fact that gender is wired in doesn't correlate to people being smart.
No, but it correlates to agender, for example, being a valid thing to be. Like I "feel", but my feelings aren't enough to validate it, even though they take the form of weird shitty social dysphoria about both man and woman..

That being said, feelings aren't enough, and I've spent weeks researching this shit, looking at the best arguments against agender or nonbinary, and they don't hold up very well in the face of "biology is a mess and so is gender"

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Gayest of the gay generals

Tinychat: ??? pls post
Skype: ??? pls post
Z-map: ??? pls post
Discord: https://discord.gg/WwdvxSx
Previous thread:>>7818308
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Who wants to read yaoi with me?
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>tfw no overly optimistic bf
>tfw no bf that gets excited over little things, but not too excited
>tfw no qt bf with longish hair to play with
>tfw no bf with a qt hat
why live
OP is a faggot

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Will late transitioners and non-passers finally be written out of trans advocacy due to the advent of childhood transitioning and early transitioner activists? Is this ultimately a good thing?
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>she's not stepping on my face right now
how can i look as good as eli erlick
>she will never bully you
why go on

Lesbians, as a straight man I want to be your friend. Women are friends with gay guys, why can't we be friends with you girls?

I think you are gorgeous and are perfections of the female form, I would like a closer look. This doesn't harm either of us. I get to enjoy you as friends in a platonic, loving relationship.

Listen, you need to understand how Plato is the basis for lesbianism. Platonic love is the adoration of straight men toward lesbian women. We worship you, but not in a sexual. You have Sublime beauty and us men would like to experience it by being close with you.

Please lesbians, give us a shot at platonic love.
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I have a straight guy friend at work
we talk gaems and occasionally smoke
I can tell he's carrying a torch, which kinda creeps me out
if so many didn't try to live vicariously through us, we'd probably have more straight guy friends

buy you're kinda skeevy
wtf i don't hate straight men unless they try to fuck me and are annoying about it
i'm sure we could be friends why do people care about such stupid shit.
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Eww women suck and lesbians are 100x worse then straight women, I don't know any reason why any straight guy would want to be friends with a girl he can't fuck

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It's not a bad thing but I have suddenly become acutely aware all my friends are at the very least non binary (me), going all the way to trutrans.

It's not a problem, but it hit me really hard that I simply cannot stand to be around cis people anymore for any extended period of time.
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All your friends are heathens

I only have mild connections with trans people, but my best friend involuntarily knows like five or six including me.
It's ok to be shallow. Many people are.

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chart threg
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Good afternoon friends
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Transbians have such shit taste.

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And already regretting it.
But it gets better, right? R-right?

Anyone that had the surgery, what do you think about now?
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Post boobs?
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So why are you regretting it exactly?

Also will you post a picture? Not naked of course as this is a Christian imageboard but we can still rate your boobs.
i'm planning on having it in a couple of months- what do you regret, what do you think went wrong?

what do you think are good questions to ask a surgeon in cultancy?

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I really don't get the bathroom thing in the US.

How does it stop any rapist to just open the door and rape people? I get that there might be a handful of cunning ones that use disguises, but in general there isn't a ton of security in bathrooms. If you want to enter and rape someone, or hide in a stall and peep on people for a relaxing break, there is no magic force shield to stop you. And if a gay dude wants to enter the boy's bathroom and rape someone, it's still illegal as far as I know, even if he is wearing a full tuxedo.

I just don't get this debate.
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The problem is that when some companies don't comply with people's chosen identities, left-wing cities ordinances step in to force them to. The reaction to this is things like the North Carolina law, which prevent left-wingers from infringing on people's rights that way.
I guess it comes from the anticipation that if a creeper is ever discovered in a restroom, he'll claim to be transgendered and be able to cast himself as the victim by crying persecution.
Imagine some little girl seeing a hon in the bathroom. And you can't just allow passable ones to do it cause that would be mean to the beasts.

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To make a list of where people, when they fantasize about girls getting together. (Male or female girls, but pretty, girly people). Just post them as you think of them. Let's make this list as long as possible.

Summer camp
Sleep over at a friend's (maybe with a pillowfight)
in a stream with wet clothes on
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>Male or female girls
Freshwater swimming hole preferably with a waterfall
Are you surprised by this... in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, & TRANSGENDER board?

nice :)

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How accurate is this image?

i've been on hrt for year and living as a girl comes naturally. I dont understand when i see people who started at the same time as me who still live as a boy for the most part and dont put in any effort, even though their genetics are just as good/better than mine.

I think it has to do with Autogynophilia, people are content with softer skin and tits, so they spend all their time wanking and give up on being a girl in public.
> What do y'all think?

>tldr how do we combat the AGP menace,

I figured pic related would be an ok start.
less AGPs will transition if SRS is mandatory
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I'd love SRS as long as you guarantee my AGP doesn't go away.
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sure thing, I think if we give SRS to everyone, it will cut down on the rapey AGP hons

(not saying you're one, but it happens more than you realize, stay out of activist circles)
I'm AGP as fuck and SRS is a big trigger for AGP.

I'm really depressed about AGP and if SRS cured it i'd be first in line with a pair of scissors

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A school
How so? just show up and then what. lol

post your pics and let people rate you

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