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I should have a three way with 2 strangers I met on manhunt or not. Well, it begin with me messaging a user a week ago and got a an anonymous call. Anwser it and a guy start questioning me, asking how I was, if I knew someone. The thing that worries me is if they will mug me, which they will only get 5€ out of my pocket and I don't carry a bank card or something like that. So, should I risk it and go or abandon ship?
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Are they a couple?

Once two guys who were a couple contacted me on grindr. One of them was 37 and super hot and the other was 28 and okay-ish. I thought why the fuck no, but then it occured to me tha they probably had threesomes with strangers all the time, so I asked them if they were clean and it turned out both of them were hiv+

So, getting mugged is really the less serious thing that could happen to you and if that's what worries you, abandon ship right now.
No, I asked if it was ok to use condons and he completely agree with me. I think he is a man with contacts and knows this guy from my city. Since none of us have place, we might do in the woods. I wouldn't mind getting mug, but being beated up or getting hiv really scares me.

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Only potht in thith thread if you're 100% mathc

old: >>5578816
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>tfw masc

D-did you like my drawing, bully-kun
I drew it just for you

do not watch this video if you don't want cancer

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Just look at this shit, anons
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how retarded

they're both feminine
I've looked at a couple videos, where is the masc? Is he the one filming the videos of the two fems?
those two are beyond cringeworthy.

They are clearly doing the "ooh ooh! I suck cock! Better be a youtube celeb!!" thing.

And where's the masc?

Those two are fruitier than Carmen Miranda's head..

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Mtf whose benis size is causing me serious dysphoria. What can do to make benis tiny
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Stop getting erections for a couple of months. The shit in your dink should atrophy.
How do i prevent erections they just happen
Then fix your dose.

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>people are born gay
>heterosexuality is imposed norm
>sexually reproducing species
>homosexuality is innate
>heterosexuality is imposed heteronormativity
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>tfw diddled as a kid
>Touch yourself as a kid
>Kids can't give consent
>You're a child rmolestor under law
>nature is perfect
>genetic mutations are organized and conducive to our idea of the ideal human
>people choose to be gay even in oppressive societies where their "choice" means a death sentence
>choosing homosexuality implies straight people could fuck their own gender but merely choose not to for now

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Stories? experiences? Tips? (it would be nice to know waht region and country you're from too, as it does make a difference)

I ask because I have been in the closet at my job for 8 months now. I think a few people have suspected it and I think I'm on the verge of them confronting me about it. All I hear is whispers behind my back so Its possible I could be paranoid but still.

How do you handle the workplace and Co workers? Tell them straight away? Keep it secret forever? It it so obvious they know in the first 5 minutes? What reaction do you get?
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Work/live in Boston.

Hired by a law practice. Family law (trusts, inheritance), very conservative. I'm a soft butch so they may have suspected I was lesbian but never said anything.

Christmas party came up and it was 1+ so I went to my boss and asked if it would be alright if I could bring my girlfriend. He said it was fine. I stressed it wasn't a friend who was a girl, but my GIRLFRIEND. He looked me straight in the eye and told me that the company was supportive and inclusive and never to feel otherwise.

No one has ever said anything about it. The partners have even invited me to their houses for holiday meals (including my girlfriend) since I'm estranged from my family.

I'm studying and on weekends I'm working in an electronic store serlling smartphones. In relationship wih my boyfriend since 4 years. Nobody believes me I'm gay.

Coworkers are always like: OMG look at that girl, she is hot, and stuff. Don't you like her?
I say no, Coworkers say why not? are you gay?
I say yes. They don't believe me.
Prove them by showing pics of boyfriend.
They believe me. Totally cool
Now they ask me funny stuff like "are these pants cool?"
>I have been in the closet at my job for 8 months now.
stay there.
>I think a few people have suspected it and I think I'm on the verge of them confronting me about it.
That means they care, which should be a red flag already, and they never care in a good way.

>All I hear is whispers behind my back so Its possible I could be paranoid but still.
Rightly so. Everything you say can and will be used against you. That includes your sexuality.
Keep that shit locked up and hidden, keep work and private seperate.
That's the one rule.

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i'm the gay with the gay/ feminisation thing a few weeks ago. i haven't met them alst weekd and thread 404'd. but i'll post what happened last weekend since people were curious.
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>get greeted at the door by her
>while smiling pushes the clothes into my hands, "you know the drill"
>she leaves for the living room, i change into the clothes, panties aswell this time, little small but they fit
>join them, still awkward as fuck wearing the clothes
>they call me femanon again, but hanging out's pretty normal
>little while later they call me to sit next to them. him in the middle
>she "babe, wanna get spoiled by 2 girls?"
>she already starts unzipping his pants before he answers
>flops out his dick, already semi-hard
>she slowly strokes it, holding it up right
>"go on, you still need the practice"
>i hestitantly bend over it and take it into my mouth
>i feel it growing bigger in my mouth as she keeps stroking
>suck it for a while then move my head off of it and go along the shaft to let my mouth rest.
>as i go down the shaft she starts sucking on the head
>move head up and down the shaft
>feel her grip my hair and lead me towards his balls again
>don't open up immediatly but end up sucking on his sack after a few seconds.
>we alternate a few times going all over his cock
>think he's about to come so i go down to his balls again so i don't have to swallow
>she wraps her lips around his cock and lets him cum inside her mouth.
>slowly let his balls out of my mouth and look at her
>she motions me towards her with a slight movement of her head.
>not sure what she wants, i get next to her.
>she moves her hand along the back of my neck and pulls me in.
>locks lips with me and dips my head back, but she isn't kissing me>feel his cum slide into my mouth
>reluctantly swallow
>she smirks "goooood girl, you're getting the hang of it"
about an hour passes, maybe an hour and a half.

>they get pretty friendly with eachother
>hear him ask her about fucking but it's kinda quiet
>her face lights up "femanon, why don't you present yourself"
> i'm clueless "present ?"
>"offer yourself, here on the coffee table... now"
>"offer myself... ?" she interrupts "yes, now."
>i walk up to the coffee table and bend myself over it. my ass facing them.
>"come on, you can do better"
>i feel incredibly awkward, but i lay my head down on the table, open my legs more and pull the panties down enough to ensure access and a view.
>hear them get up and unzip, he gets behind me she hands him some lube and stands infront of me
> lube drips on my asshole
>her "i don't know why you're still so hesitant, you take it up the ass like a real slut."
> pressure on my ass, the head is pushing in
>grab the end on the coffee table and grunt softly "no i.. i don't"
> "don't lie.. you love it." i don't respond and relax my ass to take him all in
>isn't too long before he's going full pace
>keeps it up untill she notices i look like i'm about to cum
>she puts her hand agiinst his chest to slow him down and leans down next to my ear
>whisper "you wan't to cum right ? go on, ask him to fuck you hard"
>i got so close to cumming i don't really care/know what i'm saying
> "f..fuck me.. fuck me hard"
>she is incredibly amused "see, ? you're my good little slut now"
>he starts hammering into me. it starts to hurt, but he's getting me so close so fast.
>few minutes later i'm cumming harder than ever before, extremely hard to even keep my body kinda still
>"haha, you're still the only girl i know that loves it up the ass this much"
>he doesn't let up, keeps pounding my brains out long after i've cum.
>probably another 5 minutes later he cums ramming me into the coffee table.
>she walks next to him and kisses him as he pulls out
>"oh wow... that's why i don't let him do my ass"
>i move my hand down to my ass and feel that i'm stretched wide open
>freaked out a bit at first but realize it'll probably go back to normal soon.
>feel embaressed and pull my panties back up
>he slaps my ass and gets up to go to the bathroom
> her "you took it like a whore though, he looooved it"
>more teasing and some "namecalling" after that but didn't have too much time left for awkwardeness
>go change into normal clothes before leaving and hope i don't walk weird after all that.

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cant even get hard without super concentration
cant pull skin back anymore too
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Why so sad? What were you doing with it, anyway?
I don't get it at all, that's like the perfect outcome to taking hormones. Why the fuck are you taking hormones.

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How can I tell people I'm aromantic without looking euphoric?
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Just tell them you have a benzene ring.
"I don't date I'm just not interested."
I first read that as "aromatic" and thought you were one of those people who doesn't use soap or deoderant.

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so im new to /lgbt/ because just a week ago ive realized that I want to be a man
but does it mean im trangender if 80% of it is because I have a intense desire to rape and impregnate someone?

this isnt meant to be offensive to other men because this is just how I find myself to be thinking
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That sounds pretty manly.
Is that the only thing you envy of men? Do you wish you had a dick and no pussy/tits etc?
File: 1451533543934.jpg (81KB, 493x800px)Image search: [Google]
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yeah I could go for a beard, 6pack and 3 extra inches of height

I dont envy modern men though
nah lesbians are the biggest rapists in the lgbt comm

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What was it like when you guys came out?
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I'm not gonna come out except to my family, I'm just gonna start having sex with other men, I'm probably not gonna tell my friends(one friend now), because I'm afraid that he don't want to hang out with me anymore because of my homosexuality. Also I've hard time getting to know people and making friends because I'm really shy and introverted so I'll probably ain't gonna come out to people I'll know later in life because I'm afraid that they wont respect me and that I can't make male friends anymore.
I came out last Sunday
My dad cried :/
I haven't seen my mom in like a year...

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Half of you think this is acceptable public advertisement, half of you don't.
Who is right and why?
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half of me sages this thread half of me doesn't give two fucks

i am right

well it reminds people how gross-looking fat thighs are, which isn't something you could normally learn just by looking at a fat person (because they'll be wearing clothes)

that might encourage some people to stop throwing their physical health in the garbage for no reason

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Why is femininity so humiliating for a guy to engage in? I've heard people try to rationalize it as just being due to the incongruity of someone of one sex looking like or behaving as the opposite sex, but I don't think that's the real explanation since the phenomenon is a one way street: feminization of males is humiliating while masculinization of females isn't.
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Being a woman is considered worse than being a man.
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The answer is simply that either gender going into the role of the other was a one point considered very humiliating and in bad taste. Women fought for decades to engage in masculine behavior without stigma so that now most women feel no pressure to feminine. Men never fought for the right to be feminine and have simply retained their ancient duty.
Because femininity is viewed as inferior.

Lesbian General: Stereotypical Lesbian Edition

Tell me lesgen, what are some lesbian stereotypes that exist and what sets off your gaydar?

Trends that are Cringey?
Not Cringey?

Old thread
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Trends that are cringey: starting a new thread when the old one is not in page 10

You got a Steam or anything?
I can never tell a girl's a lesbian unless they're super butch, but can figure out a guy is gay even if they act pretty straight. My gaydar is useless. But I'm pretty femme and no one ever seems to realize I'm gay

>tfw don't have a cis body

It's becoming difficult to keep on going... I'll never have female hips, and I'll never look decently proportionate.
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Get started.

Freakin' casual.
>I'll never look decently proportionate

Most girls don't though.
Waist training goes far

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