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Chat: tinychat /gaygenrehab

Old Thread: >>5570828
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There are no Canadian tops
I repeat
So what you're saying is that I should go to Canada?
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Have you met Senpai?

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Which part of the LGBT community do you dislike most?

>Transguys are so annoying
>Most of them are egotistical little fucks
>Every conversation I've ever had with one always ends up being about them
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I like how this picture captures the skinnyfat douche ones.

Don't forget the fat dykes with bowties and backwards caps
This guy

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If SJW gays believe that being exclusively attracted to masculine men instead of feminine men is due to "internalized homophobia," then why don't they believe that all gays are "misogynistic" because they are all exclusively attracted to men instead of women?
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when will gays just accept that theyre really just women?
They do. Why do you care what SJWs believe though? It's like wondering what schizophrenics believe.
I just hate all men to keep it simple

18, adult baby, looking for daddy. Wet myself almost nightly and love humiliation. Kik me @vergomike for diaper fun
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I love this stuff, post more
dude, you are grown ass man

dont you think you are a little old for a playground?

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Does transitioning to female really solve this many problems?
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Fuck no. You just end up looking like a delusional insecure male who can't just accept your body the way it is and try to force change on it from what it naturally is.
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>tfw me on the left
>r9k on gender reassignment

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Hi /LGBT/ any famous criminals that you think are attractive?

>Dylan Roof
my /pol/ dream bf
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I think Elliot Roger was cute, but he might have been a tranny, in the end.
Creepy Karpis
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I want to become a trap

Where do I start?
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Take a shit in the laundry basket isle in Walmart. Post pics.
Bonus for webm
step one) Dont
step two) You're done!

It's nice to get someone who knows what they want and aren't afraid to admit it instead of the miserable "Am I a tranny" posts, from time to time. The more androgynous or feminine you already are, the better this should work out for you.

>First, you're going to want to get rid of your body and facial hair. You can use tweezers, wax, or shaving for facial hair. For body hair, you can shave, wax, or epilate.
>You will need an exercise regimen to give yourself a more feminine physique. This would be cardio and exercises that develop your butt and thighs, including squats and lunges.
>You will need to buy, borrow, or be given female clothing. You can from the normal places you shop for clothing, or a thrift shop like Goodwill or the Salvation Army.
>You will probably need hormones. Which you can buy online from inhousepharmacy.vu, alldaychemist.com, unitedpharmacies.com, qhi.co.uk, and some others.

Do you plan to trap as a hobby, or as an every day thing?

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"I had a boyfriend when i meet my wife"

why bisexuals are so fucking unreliable? they always left their same sex "lovers" for het ppl, they are the worst type of faggots, they only want to hurt gay people, they are only straight monkeys who wan to be "cool" and believe jew propagan about "sexual fluidity, gay and lesbians should fight against the degeneracy of bisexuals and trannys.

there's no one english article about is bi faggot, if one know one article on english post them.


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You've got it backwards, bro. My uncle married the ugliest Catholic girl in town, raised 4 children, ran around on her through 50 years of marriage, then set up his fuck boy in an apartment but still took his meals at home and let his wife wash his shit-dick stained underwear.
bisexuals are just degenerates faggots (true faggots, of degenerancy), we cant trust in them, and the fucking "lgbt orgs" are promoting "sexual fludity" and trasnnes, the objitives of the jews are not homosexualizing the straight population, just make all weaker, additects to sex and banal things, transsexualing population and feminizing men, bisexuality is just a thing of our degenerated society.
All you shit stabbers are degenerates, why pick and choose?

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i never understand why my friend like imprisoned me in that suit, he never tell me why
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maybe he want turn you as his obedient latex slave
how do you feel boy? horny and obedient?

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How do YOU cope and fight against oppression, /lgbt/?

Have you ever defended who you are against homophobic/transphobic attacks?

What are your complaints about the lgbtq+ movement? What do you think can be improved?
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with my shank

anti-gay crap like the westboro baptists or fox news right wing jargon used to piss me off when I was younger because I took it as a personal attack.

I thankfully grew out of that though the more I delved into my gayness and gay society. I find it absolutely retarded and hypocritical to bitch about how being gay isn't all about sex and being a trashy fuck. Then our pride parades are trashy fucks with their asses hanging out and glory holes in the bathroom.

many fags will be like "the fact that I like men has NOTHING to do with politics or ME personally blah blah fuckity blah" yet if you're, let's say a christian gay or agree with christian values or the message etc you're essentially a gay heathen.

If a gay is a republican he's shunned beyond belief for being a gay coon. So, all those faggots bitching about how their faggotry "doesn't define them" go and define people based on their faggotry.

>How do YOU cope and fight against oppression
I don't. I live in a country where it's not acceptable. I can't even say the word "gay" without everyone in the room turning their heads to look at me like I'm a freak.

>Have you ever defended who you are against homophobic/transphobic attacks?
I know better than to argue with these close-minded jesus freaks. There is nothing I can say to change anyone's mind, as they've all been indoctrinated into believing that everything that goes against the bible is evil.

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Oh shit, I'm sorry!
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it's okay dad
>cruising 101
Sorry for what?

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Aussie Trans here?
If so, is it true that you require court Authorisation for HRT?
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for children
18 and under yeah?
google brought up some links

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Straight man here to ask is buying a dildo for anal a bad idea. Been looking into getting one for a while, but concerned that it may go to waste.

Fingernails and the shape of fingers get in the way, yet I still get some form of pleasure from the act.
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It's an extremely bad idea. I hear it makes mustard gas.
pls go
>Straight man here to ask is buying a dildo for anal a bad idea
no, why would it be? Just by one that's flared at the bottom, cuz you really don't want to end up at the ER because you have a dildo intended for women stuck up your ass.
Also, you might want to buy a smaller size first though. Like 18cm tops. That's like 7 inches. get some lube while you're at it.

So here's your list:
7 inches long, tops.
Flared at the bottom, so it cannot slide into your anus

That's it, you're golden. For the record, I have never used a dildo before, so I'm just pulling this out of my ass, but I had watched an educational video once on youtube? Somebody with actual experience might want to back me up on this?
7 inches is pretty long
Your prostate is only a few inches in so a dildo that's like 5 to 6 is more than adequate and better suited to beginners.

Also only buy real silicone (lookup if it's been tested because generally when it says it's silicone there's a good chance they're lying), glass (Pyrex ideally), or stainless steel.
Those are the only safe materials. There will be lots of other dildos of course but the majority of dildos are made with unhealthy materials since it's an unregulated market.

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>you will never be pregnant
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>you will never wait the longest 3 minutes for your pregnancy test to tell you you have a family
>you will never hold your child against your chest and feel him suckling for milk
>you will never bring life into this world, building it cell by cell inside of you until it is perfect
This is the only good thing about being trans imo
thank god

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>tfw you always feel completely alienated from the rest of the human race
>tfw time passes slowly and you worry about everything
>tfw you don't know if you can do this for the next 60 years
>tfw you're not even sure you want to
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ok my turn now

>tfw boyfriend left me on st valentines day
>for a 18 yo boy
>be depressed for months
>shit from other aspects of life adds up
>start thinking about ending it
>one night you recive a text from a classmate who is asking for help for the coming test
>agree to help and study with him
>spend a lot of time together for the following two weeks preparing for the test
>you both pass it with good grades
>he tells you he couldn't have done it without you
>tfw feeling like my life is not meaningless for the first time in half a year
>tfw realize that I'm falling for him more and more each day
>tfw try to avoid it but can't
>tfw he's straight
>tfw the only person who showed any interest in you during the whole year is someone you will never have at your side
>someone who's most likely disgusted about the idea of kissing you just because you're both men
>tfw you became friends and he tells you about his personal stuff
>like the girl he likes so much but won't give him the time of the day
>tfw you have to watch him struggle and suffer because of it
>tfw you can't do anything about it more than being his friend
>tfw being around him makes you happy and extremely sad at the same time
>tfw I feel a weird pain in my chest every time I think about him
>tfw simply typing this makes me cry

Also my dog died.
>be me, closeted mtf
>watching that theroux doc on TV
>desperately want to turn it over but parents interested (in a really bad 'look at these freaks hahaha' way) and don't want to raise suspicion
>that hispanic 14 year old on easymode comes up talking about how she realised she was trans while watching a documentary just like this one
>realise she is going to have a happy and normal life in a way that I will never, ever experience
>trying to hold back or at least hide the tears, sink down below blanket on the sofa
>dad notices from across the room
>"what's wrong? are you crying? anon, are you transgender too?"
>"no it's just embarrassing, I'm cringing"
>"yeah, good... fucking liberal perverts"
Death cannot come soon enough.
>tfw dad is dead

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