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in this thread we type in the coolest looking and sounding random letter combination!
rules:there is only one rule, the combination must start with lgbt, then you type whatever you want!


I start!
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l g q t
m o i s t

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Well... It finally hit me tonight that I want to be a girl. After months of gender dysphoria, I never considered it was genuinely something I wanted.

But while reading an article about reassignment surgery, I decided to try saying out loud "I want to be a girl." Suddenly, a wave of closure overwhelmed me and now looking back at my life (only 20 by the way), my mannerisms and such, it was so obvious.

Does anyone else care to share their stories of realization?
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Glad you're being honest with yourself and know who you are. I said it to myself in the mirror a bunch and then cried for hours when i first cane to terms with it. Same on "looking back" esepcially since i sang with a girl voice. What next for you OP?
I'm still overwhelmed by it and only really have two choices.

Embrace and start identifying as trans, join the struggle and attempt to reach a look and feel I'm comfy with.

Or suppress, suppress and suppress some more because as unsatisfied as I am being a guy, sometimes you have to deal with the hand you're dealt.

TL;DR: I'll talk to a therapist or something.
I understand that its a lot to process and diving right in is harrrrd. I actually figured out at 20 too, but i didnt come to terms til 23. I halfway came out then went back to being masculine after parents were dicks. It took me 3 years to work out exactly what i want. You dont have to act right away and doing so doesnt mean youre doomed to a life you dont want.

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>poeple still do this
>people still think this is something necessary

Also he's deffo not bi. he's just a regular old gayfag
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>being male
>coming out as bi
He must be really young, and unable to realize it now. But soon he will learn it was a mistake.
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>falling for the coming out meme

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I'm a homosexual with a straight fetish
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we should hook up!
I'm probably not your taste of gay man

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At what point does gay porn viewing determines sexuality?

And possibly, the other way around.
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I know a girl that only watches gay porn and quite often, she's not trans and I don't think she's gay either.
I fap to gay porn 90% of the time and I've never liked a dude before. I'm only here because fapping to gay porn so much has naturally made me insecure about my sexuality, nice place to vent. Then I cringe when I go outside, see a cute girl and realize I was overthinking it, but since I'm a isolated NEET, the cycle just repeats.

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I'm non-op (but want an orchi) mtf and sometimes being an outcast within outcasts bothers me so the feelings of not being "legitimate" enough. Sure, 4chan has a somewhat positive stance towards non-ops but society is far from understanding and yeah not going under the knife increases the risk of me getting killed. How do other non-ops deal with everyday living?
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go to femgen, feel good
Take Lupron. Jerk it nightly. Never have cum to clean up. Be happy, chica <3
There are perfectly logical reasons for not wanting to have the downstairs surgery, if you can handle the disphoria caused by still having your penis then not having it is okay. One of the best reasons I've heard is "I don't want to have a butcher hack away at my crotch only to have a better procedure with more realistic results show up in a few years time."

Do what's right for you anon, you don't have to prove shit to other trans people or anyone else for that matter.

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how often do you hook up with other guys from the gym?

I started going to the gym with the hope that id one day hook up with hot muscular guys. but ive been hooking up about once a month there now.

today some really hot guy just started playing with his ass in the shower stall across from mine, so he came over to my place after and sat on my face while sucking me off.
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doesn't happen, kissless virgin
about once a week, sometimes twice

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ne one in az???
520 'ere

;-; i want to draw and make cool things with people. but ya know..yea. ya know how it goes.
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So I have a question:

I'm a bottom virgin, and I've only topped once for like 20 minutes. (Long story short, I've normally only been with girls, and within the past two years I've been seriously questioning my sexuality, to like yesterday when I decided that I want to date men from now on)

In gay porn, when the bottom's riding, his dick is always soft, why is that? I'm sure if I were bottoming I'd be precumming and hard as a rock

>tfw no loving bf to softly take my bottom virginity

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some guys get hard when being fucked, some guys don't, some guys so but only if the circumstances are right

basically it just depends on the guy
If I'm not actively touching my dick I can only really stay hard if he's sort of cuddling me and we have more body contact and such.
Ohhh... I thought I heard it was because they inject shit into the actors

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Hey. I'm bored and looking to catfish some mormons on Mormon Singles. Unforunatly I'm currently broke. Any chance any of you would be willing to pay these fucks the 10$ I need to be able to message and IM on there site? Within five minutes I was getting requests to chat, if you do end up helping me get in I'd be happy to give you a cut of any money I do manage to rip off.
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Username is [email protected] and password is Catfish4chan not sure how their subscription service works but if you could go in there and pay the fee, I'd appreciate it.
hello i am nigerian prince i have 150 000 in gold bars i would be send to you if you just give me your social and bank number
If I was going to steal from anyone it wouldn't be you guys. It's 10$ and it's going straight to the dating website. Now, if I do manage to actually catfish someone I'm going to try and get them on the line and milk them for money. so there's that

Who fucked up this time?
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why do people dislike him so much? he's a little annoying sometimes but he hasn't really hurt anybody as far as i'm aware
>a little annoying
Have you seen any of his videos? He's more obnoxious than Shane. And that's saying a lot.

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>Gay General
Go out and try new things!
You can do it!

>last: >>5907617
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You'd be surprised. I asked a guy I barely knew if he wanted to visit Oxford with me, and he was agog, and really eager.

in fact, I enjoyed it so much i asked another guy today if he wanted to visit Oxford as well, and we are making another trip next week.

You are assuming people will reject you without actually letting them decide for themselves - rather presumptuous, dont you think?
Remove Kebab
>All goals are effectively the want to do great things

Have you ever heard of a Motte and Bailey doctrine? That's what you're doing right now.

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[Spoiler]it`s not sex, it is sodomy[/spoiler]

>fyi desu senpai
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Pls respond

I want to order some panties. I'm like 6'2 170 pounds. Anyone know what type to look for?
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have a feeling this is a man and not woman writing this. sage for disgusting pervert
Assuming you're not on hormones and have average size dick and balls, most fits will be restricting at best - the more revealing the cut, the less room you'll have. Unisex briefs are the least trouble because there's the most surface area to work with. Measure your waist/hips to make sure, but you'll probably need a large or extra large.
Boyshorts work well for me (taille large), I'm a similar height and weight (I'm taller and heavier though). My hips/butt are 42"~43" depending on the time of year.

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Why are there so many guys that like dick but aren't attracted to men, but pretty much no one likes vagina if they aren't already attracted to woman?
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I'd rather not talk about cunt boys.

We're all just cucu for feminine penis.
Because the penis is an aesthetic shape. A vagina just looks like flaps of roast beef or a slit.
Not too phased by penis or vagina, its the rear I hold dear

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