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>AGP questions and answers
>Thoughts and feelings / emotions
>Help, advice, guidance
>Be cozy and chill out

>What is AGP?
Autogynephilia, from Greek αὐτό- ("self"), γυνή ("woman") and φιλία ("love")
Broadly, sexual or nonsexual arousal to the thought of oneself being a woman

Last thread
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cool to see it's back. reposting this from last time bc no response

I'm in this weird period right now..
The AGP really isn't that extreme and now I'm wondering if it ever was strong at all or if it was just some kind of weird made up thought. I ended up caving in to hormones a few months ago and I just...don't feel like a freak when I'm living and stuff even though I obviously am. I don't jerk off that often any more nor get the urge to wear women's clothes like I did. I've started wanting a gf a lot more and this is really the time I feel (well...think kind of, idk) like a freak in that I'm not worthy of getting any gf because I'm some weird fucking dude.
But idk I'm just kind of in a "meh" stage where I'm not really feeling like getting off the hormones but at the same time I just think "what is my end game here?" you know, like at some point I'm going to have to stop or go full tranny and I just don't see that getting any easier. Each way there are things critically against what I am, I think. To tranny is to go against being a laid-back low maintenance type and to change personality, and against the desire to have a normal relationship. To go off is to go against the desire not to age more like a caveman and look gross and then get hit again with the compulsive fapping and recurrent fetishizing of going back on...

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Mtf here, just got abused a bunch by people who I thought were my friends.

Does anyone have any tips for working out how to tell the good ones from the bad ones?

Or just some comfort honestly, I'm pretty shattered emotionally right now.
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Abused as in "haha ur a tranny"
or abused as in getting beat up because haha ur a tranny?
Or did they just #TRIGGER you?
They said hurtful and problematic things and said they were going to vote for Trump

Guess was just triggered or w/e

"kill yourself fucking degenerate tranny"

I usually can take it when people say this but these people were my friends.

I used to get beaten but now shut in NEET.

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I was just playing Catherine with a guy I started dating recently. It's our first time playing, although I know the plot from being an Atlusfag without a PS3.

I was thinking about Erica, who I know you eventually learn is an MtF trans. What do other MtFs who've played this before think of her as a character, both in a Vacuum and as a transwoman? I'm gay so I don't really have much personal thoughts on her representation, but its rare to see a trans character not treated as an obvious punchline, or at all, in a game.

Any other trans game characters that are liked, or especially hated?
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>I was thinking about Erica, who I know you eventually learn is an MtF trans.
Why is Japan so degenerate?
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I haven't played the game, but from what I have read and watched, it looks like it was handled really well. Plus she is mega QT unf unf.
Naoto from Persona 4 was handled very, very badly.

Serious question.... Is there any way to stop crossdressing? Has anyone actually managed to do it? Any advice? Experiences?

For me it's a strictly sexual thing. I love "sissyfication" and things like that. I've never actually been with a guy, but I love dressing up and using my dildos, taking pics, cams...

But I'm neither very fem looking nor am I planning to be a girl, and I don't think I'll ever actually do something with a guy. So this whole thing is becoming a really big distraction and it feels like an addiction, really. Also, it's really humiliating. Which is a turn on, but if someone found out, it would be pretty devastating.

So, how do I stop?
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OP, if it makes you happy, then is it really worth stopping? Think about this carefully.

We only have one shitty life on this world, might as well have fun.

...but it's not really making me happy.

I mean, it's making me happy when I'm doing it, but after everything I feel like shit
Do you really feel the need to post this shit on multiple boards?

You clearly have a fetish, if the shame of having said fetish is too great, or the risk of being discovered, then stop participating. Giving up anything you like can be a challenge, but ask any recovered alcoholic and they'll tell you that sometimes it's worth the sacrifice.

Personally, I don't see the harm in playing dress up but that's for you to decide.

Now fuck off.

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what da fugggg????? :--DDDDDD

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Are TERFs still a thing?
whatchu doin for bicycle day
How are you feeling today yume? You seem to be on a bit of a... spree today. Everything ok?

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hello everyone. Here is a story of why I'm garbage and how gay men are garbage too. This is how I became more and more degenerate because I hate myself.

>be little kid
>mom dies early
>only dad is there for me
>he sometimes molests me
>i would always feel like shit and knew something was wrong but i was too young to understand why
>was always bullied at school and made no friends
>when i went home, my dad would touch me and then hit me, and threatened that if i told anyone i would be dead
>grow older and go to highschool
>girls don't like me, boys seem to want to hurt me so i am very shy and quiet
>was raped in the locker rooms by two guys
>they called me a faggot while taking turns on me
>go home with a bloody ass
>try to avoid dad all day, lucky for me he was either working overnight or getting shitfaced
>i try to deny i am gay but realize it's the truth. I could only get off to gay porn
>get older, finally was able to sprout hair and look more manly, i take after my father
>after that my dad stopped touching me
>he kicked me out because he didn't find me attractive anymore
>living on the streets as a homeless faggot
>beg on the streets, look into trash cans for something to eat
>go to local gay bar
>one man is interested in me
>i realize that i don't have to be homeless, i can just get guys to take me to their house in one night stands
>do this with the man who is interested in me
>it's scary at first but it works and I have a place to shower and got him to buy a burger for me at mcdonalds
>do this over and over at the gay bar
>hookup and have a place to stay and eat for a night
>meet this one man who is more into me seriously than any other of my hookups
>he takes me to his rich high rise apartment and cooks me a really good meal
>we have sex and he asks if i want to meet up again tomorrow
>ask him if i can stay for the night
>he says sure
>i try to hide the fact that im homeless
>me and him hang out so often that i stop using the gay bar
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I'm really sorry this has happened to you man.
>come out at 14 without any identity issues
>friends accept this without any qualms
>parents support me and continue to be amazing (mum's a judge, and dad's an academic with multiple degrees)
>date and sleep around a little in high school because I was a hormonal teen
>get to a good uni and study aero e
>meet boy of my dreams in the maths department in my sophomore year
>we've been together for almost four years now
>I'm working as a draughtsman and he's in grad school
>have enough money now to pay 35% down on a starter house near where my parents live in my home city
>talking about marriage
>parents love my SO

Am I seriously in the minority here? My homosexuality has literally never played a negative role in my emotional development.
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>we get closer and closer
>he keeps asking me about my life
>i finally spill the beans about my abuse and rape and overall shitty life
>he tells me that i don't have to worry anymore and that he can take care of me
>live with him now
>im so happy because this is what life is supposed to be all along and i have a kind and wonderful bf to love me
>we live together for three months
>things start to fall apart
>he gets overprotective of me and gets very angry anytime i look at anyone, even girls
>there's a power imbalance, he's rich and i'm a neet
>because i'm lower class and have no power and live in his place and eat his food, he treats me as his dog and puts a lot of restrictions on me
>forces sex on me when i didn't want to
>we go to an all gay male sex party together
>i feel sick but had no choice but to go
>he goes all out on the other men and im alone in this weird place
>other men seem interested in me so i talk to them
>my bf sees this and is so angry that he pulls me out of the party and drives us home
>im terrified he's going to beat the shit out of me so the minute he parks, i open the car door and run away as far as i can
>homeless again
>can't go to local gay bar since he goes there sometimes
>hunt around the city for anything i can use
>there's another gay bar, it's bigger and more of a dance club
>go inside so i can get a hookup for a place to stay
>am able to do this for awhile
>met my 2nd bf there
>we hooked up and i stayed at his apartment
>i hookup with him frequently
>he asks if i want to be his bf
>i say yes i do
>he's not rich but he does well and we both get along and i am happy
>he gets me to work at minimum wage job so now i can make my own money
>we're happy together for many months
>i work overtime a lot
>come back home very late
>one night i come back home at the latest i've ever been held back
>my bf is having sex with another man
>the pain inside me is so bad, it hurt so much
>i leave the apartment
>bf yells at me to come back

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Is this outcome common? If so, whats the point of doing this to yourself?
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it saddens me that there are people who cut off their dicks to get something like this
mentally ill people don't exactly make sane decisions News at 10

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Hey /legasses/

Ask a hon faggot MtF pre HRT manuipulative fuckhead who's addicted to dextromethorphan anything....on the come up rn. i hardly feel anything anymore.
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At lest do a respectable drug and go hard faggot.
Cough syrup is for middle school niggers.
you've never done enough cough syrup then/

well i can get just about anything with my copnect.. still onna lookout for dpt.


fuck it.

really been craving opiates tho
I hope you're extracting it. All the other ingredients there are going to wreak havoc on your bowels.

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Gay Christian thread?

Gay Christian thread.
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are there any cute mormon boys here?
File: Brock-O-Hurn.jpg (36KB, 654x348px)Image search: [Google]
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>tfw no jesus look a like bf
Mormons are scary

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I have only one
>be me
>move to UK from east europe
>meet that manly looking "girl" whom I was certain was a barely passing tranny
>somewhat cracky voice, fairly tall, large hands, most importantly, square, horse face
>date her, make out, cuddle
>after few months of this shit finally agree to have sex
>turns out shes cis, not even post op trans, 100% cis vagina
>get angry and tell her to fuck off
>drama ensues

Why are british women so ugly?
you people should give some warning signs to the foreigners or something
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And the worst thing is, I dont identify as heterosexual
I only liked kissing and cuddling because I thought im doing it with a former guy who probably still has a penis
I enjoyed listening to her talk about her female interests cuz I thought it's a former guy trying too hard

this really made me feel awful, shattered my self confidence, im considering therapy
sorry to hear about that m8. Women like that should just transition and become men. They'd be better off that way.

My turn

>date qt transgirl
>sex is fucking great
>we do basically everything together
>after a couple months doing her and her doing me, I start to feel funny
>get sick, really sick
>get checked by the doctors
>congrats anon, you are HIV+


Dickgirl Academy Edtion

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ty for using the new and improved op
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wow. that picture made me sad

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I've heard a lot about gay men being pawns of women.

Anti-nation, anti-western, anti-...etc.

Why? How many of you are nationalists and right wing?
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do you really need to ask when there are like 10 anti muslims thread being bumped constantly right now?
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>How many of you are nationalists and right wing?

Practically every gay man here.
This is great. Is there more?

Who here /crossdresser/?
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Well I'm trans but I always get sir'd in women's clothing so I guess society has deemed me to be a crossdresser.
I'm a trans but I become a crossdresser whenever I cam because of how poorly I pass. I want to buy make up but too scared to buy it in person, might be cheaper on Amazon anyways.

I just need some lip gloss/stick/matte and mascara.
I crossdress from the waist down cause I have fantastic legs but an average butt and a guy waist with broad shoulders
I'm gonna be doing a lot of squats over spring break though, gotta get that booty, yknow?

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Hey guys, how does it feel to not be oppressed enough to be part of the cool kids club?
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>lgbt student activist group
Just say cishet white people because they run all these groups.

Oh wait you thought minority groups were actually led by said minority?
what are you on about post source I see nothing on reason.com
You know, I think they have a point. There is a gay couple on Modern Family, so we pretty much have to agree that we have reached the end of what we set out to do after stonewall.
Its time to step back and watch the movement cru.... I mean grow into what it deserves to.

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smug anime girl (2).png
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post you're a smug's

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first for farts
were all the other links dead or what?

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