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Apparently so my mother i 100% ethnic German from Rhineland and father is half Jew half Polish.
WTF am I /int/?
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cut, probably

Rape baby?

1 you're a country
2 does ananas belong to pizza?

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Yes, ananas belongs on pizza, but only if it's a simple pizza with ham slices and ananas.
Fuck off faggot, ananas belongs to trash
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1. You're a stinky cunt
2. Does this thread belong on this board


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Remember this map?

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Can't say I do

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>be european colony
>get independent as a result of european dickfights
>live few hundred years in peace and prosperity since you're irrelevant to europeans
>meanwhile europe is constantly at war
>this results in thousands of european immigrants running from war
>after the biggest two wars, europe is so savaged, it leaves you as economically strongest in the world
>"yay usa best nation in the world"

How can Americans take pride in this? Their only accomplishment is literally doing nothing and being irrelevant.
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You forgot about slaughtering defenseless natives
being proud of cunt is the most idotic thing ever
no matter what your cunt is
meh, look at Brazil.
They had the same starting conditions as America, yet they ended up as a third world shithole

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>فرهنگ مرکزلریندن.لندن
شهری ایکی مین ایللیک گئچمیشی وار
I'm pretty sure that's Mumbai in 2030

>So many White servants!
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>You wake up in London 2050

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images (50).jpg
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>your cunt

>How often do you wear traditional clothes?

I wear them roughly 3 times a year. Especially at summer festivals.

Women wear them more often though
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never wore it, probably never will
On Birthdays, Festivals and Marriages

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How does this song makes you feel?
it's subtitled so watch it
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It lifted my spirit, thank you anon
This makes me feel better to be honest

my pleasure really

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A plane full of Indians will land in Denmark every single day.

What do we need to prepare for our future neighbors?
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How long till they realize that we shit in water cleaner than what they drink in India?

But that will only make them stay permanently and steal our women.

We should pretend that we also drink poo water while they stay here.
Good they can help get the danes get their birthrates up


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Are the Japanese immigrants of your country successful? We have a million and half of japs in Brazil and most part of them are rich or at least middle-classed, there's literally no poor nip here
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We barely have Japanese people.
All the ones I know are students
I know a lot of poor Japs. Try harder, weaboo.

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Your country
McDonald's or Burger King?

Burger King
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Burger King, they have better fries
>fuck McDonland's and Burger King
hungry jacks

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Just had a phone call with turkish Qt muslim girl.

She definitely have crush on me, and i have crush on her too. the voice of her sounds really deep and obscene but she is just reluctive to show off since she's a muslim.

and she says that I need to get married with her to have usual couple things.

how will my life be, /int/? will I turn into muslim? because of a girl?
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Muslim men can marry non muslim women but muslim women cannot marry non muslim men. They thought of everything
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Dunno but what if she said you can't marry her unless you convert to Islam, will you convert?
>you can't marry her unless you convert to Islam, will you convert?


but I'm afraid of islam really. I can't understand why it has so very strick law and refuse secular deem so much. but jesus fuck she is so pretty.

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kirino huutis.gif
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HOW TO FIND AMERICAN????????????????????????

GO TO MCDONALDS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i found no americans last time i went to
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HOW TO FIND SWEDE???????????????????????

GO TO GAYBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

What happens/happened here? I want to impress my ethnically Indonesian girlfriend's parents.

I know we colonized the shit out of it and kept the original feudal systems in place and it's one of the most ethnically diverse places on Earth and we bastardized their food.

I'm mostly interested in javanese culture
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>I want to impress my ethnically Indonesian girlfriend's parents
just show them you have car and house.
also why dont you get dutch gf?
nigininogs will actually replace your people if the men stay sacred of competition with the BBC
I'll tell you if you tell me something interesting
we could be white if gooks never stepped foot on this land desu

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Good, I have the right to be forgotten
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No other life forms know they are alive, and neither do they know they will die. This is our curse alone. Without this hex upon our heads, we would never have withdrawn as far as we have from the natural—so far and for such a time that it is a relief to say what we have been trying with our all not to say: We have long since been denizens of the natural world. Everywhere around us are natural habitats, but within us is the shiver of startling and dreadful things. Simply put: We are not from here. If we vanished tomorrow, no organism on this planet would miss us. Nothing in nature needs us.
Literal vampire potbellied goblins hobblin round afer us, aka tl:dr satanist cuck
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ecclesiastes wrote it more pretty :3

> The wind blows to the south and turns to the north; round and round it goes, ever returning on its course.
> No one remembers the former generations, and even those yet to come will not be remembered by those who follow them.
> I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind.


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How do people in your non-Greek country deal with the fact that they are not Greek?
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Some larp as Greek, most just hate on Greeks
Stop reminding me ;_;
inferiority complex and jealousy

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