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>don't know the difference between there, their and they're
>don't know the difference between your and you're
>don't know the difference between its and it's
>don't know the difference between were and we're
>don't know the difference between who, whom, whose and who's
>don't know the difference between then and than
>don't know the difference between to and too
>don't know the difference between of and off
>don't know the difference between lose and loose
>don't know the difference between effect and affect
>don't know the difference between simple past and past perfect
>don't know the difference between adjectives and adverbs
>don't know the difference between genitive and plural
>don't know how to spell common words
>don't know where to set commas or any other punctuation rules
>unironically say "should of" and "could of"
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Why is it that you mostly see Murricans making these mistakes? Do they not go to school?
there to dumb xD
>unironically say "should of" and "could of"

You idiot.

Does it snow in your country?
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Not right now
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>tfw days of shoveling metre-high snow out of the driveway
fuck me

Why are T*rks always so buttblasted?
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Because they have to live around Germans.
warrior genes wasted on service based economics
Turks are buttblasted because they're a developing nation comparing themselves to developed ones.
Americans are chill because they're a "developed" nation comparing themselves to developing ones.

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>tfw wasn't born a qt girl
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>tfw you'll never be a an artsy lesbian or an activist slightly androgynous transbian
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But that's great! You can be a qt boi instead!
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>wanting to be a girl
I'm glad I was born a guy.

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Why do German """men""" sit when they piss?
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Cuz they're cucked af
Cuz they're cucked af
Cuz they're cucked af

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Would I fit in as a local in your country?
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Only in Gayland
as a local pseudogypsy retard that dyes his hair and looks ridiculously queer
Nigga, you look like some cheap rip-off of a British New Wave singer

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>no swede to sleep with
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Why are there so many threads about us now? Have we really made such an impression?
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No idea. I'm just waiting for January to come so that I can meet up with that Swede.

tight boicunny is hard to come by these days

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Africa roads.jpg
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China is building strong new roads across Africa to help the African people. Europe roads fail in Africa. They are no good. Why is China such a nice and moral country compare with Europe?
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Well colonialism works different now
Thanks China for cleaning Yurops mess
>le chinese colonialism meme

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american cuisine.png
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Things Europeans will never understand
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France just keeps blowing Murrylards the fuck out today

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Invited: /afr/, /balk/, /tr/, /mena/, /sverigetråden/, /deutsch/, /asean/, /cum/ non-white 1/2/3rd gen immigrants in other not-mentioned generals

Not-invited: whites of any kind
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>whites keep asking me if I feel anything about them marrying our women
jej, the only thing they're doing is breeding themselves out.
This. Wh*Tes are so stupid

Why do so many Brazilians drive motorbikes? It seems like in half the pictures of Brazil that show roads have a lot of people driving them.
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they're cheaper, can cut through traffic and brazilians aren't usually concerned about safety until the damage is done
You created the same thread yesterday.

They're cheaper.
Cheap as fuck, the test to get license is very easy and Brazilian girls dig the motorbike.

>Europeans claim they're better than us because of their "strict" food safety standards
>export grapes laden with deadly spiders

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>literally written "product of the US"
Is this bait ?

>Produit des E-U
>Produit des Etats-Unis
Made is the United States

Are all whites racists pieces of shit or is mostly anglos who are racists pieces of shit?
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racism doesnt exist, browns and blacks just need to blame someone for their failures
>self-hating nonwhite (slovak)
you see somthing new everyday I guess.

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Spanish police raid printers and TV, threats to arrest 700 mayors and seize €, order posties not to handle poll info – Catalonia under siege
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What is life like in DR Congo?
Do you have separatist movements?

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Did your view on certain countries changed after you spend some time on /int/?
like did you started to love certain countries/and their people more or the opposite etc.
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started disliking everyone a bit more
I fucking hate Brazil now
Not loving but hating more. Especially Germany and Sweden, although I have a slight better opinion about the bongs.

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