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>lightly banter a european
every time
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>lightly banter american
>lightly banter a citizen of the united states of America
>"t. Ahmed"
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>lightly banter american

Are Men in your country loved by Women in neighboring countries? South Korea, definitely. Because of Media.
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I hope you don't imply Russia.
cz and poland probably yes, hungary no, ukraine and austria i dont think so
>Asian country
Russians are not even Asians though.

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are they european? if so, then yes
Here everybody would think they're armenians or other mountain people, so no.

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Brother I would like to partake in some of your oats
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How many moons have they been since i gave you those oats?
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It has been many a moon and I am quite famished. I must acquire some of your o├Ąts brother
where did this originate and why is it so fucking hilarious

Can someone please explain to be why Americans are such motherfucking gay ass niggas?
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Now you're just trying too hard
stop with the american bullying threads already.
Fuck off snail nigger.

I will kill you.

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Between spain and italy which is whiter?
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south spain and south italy are basically gypsyland, its a shamew
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Spain. Italy is unironically part of the maghreb
Italy is the least white country in Europe.

>Israel influencing the US election since forever
>Now it's a bad thing for Russia doing the same thing
Why are Americans so slavophobic?
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because Russia is dangerous and backstabbing unpredictable entity
A better word for Slavophobia: common sense

Slavs aren't like us. They exist to hate and destroy.
>t. hater

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>In response to the change, French Embassy spokeswoman Nathalie Loiseau commented "It's exactly a non-issue ... We focus on the serious issues",[10] and noted that fries originated in Belgium.[11] She then remarked that France's position on the change was that they were "in a very serious moment dealing with very serious issues, and we are not focusing on the name [Americans] give to potatoes".[12]
honestly after this you can't tell me americans arent retarded oversensitive childs hahaha
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France is the most butthurt country on /int/ by a wide margin

What else was the point of this thread
Shhh. America and France have been friends for a long time. We've been there since the creation of their country, and they saved our asses in WW2. Bush tried to sever our ties, but he failed and the American population eventually realized we were right not to follow them, so it's all good.

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Rate my new phone
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Shit camera 2/10 even that iphone would be a better choice
how much did you pay for that?

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We might have sucked at war, but at least we had good propaganda posters. I love how the Japanese guy looks like a confused Mexican more than anything else
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>leaving your alliance with France and your aesthatic Adrian helmets so you can fight with those wannabe-Stalhelms
Don't listen to the bullies Italy, you fought well considering the circumstances.
lol jk you guys sucked
I love you too, Greece

Guess cunt.

Mode: Very easy
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UK? The license plate in the reflection looks yellow and in Holland she would not be cycling on the fucking pavement

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macron looks like a douche I miss Francois
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>"rival" makes a thread about you
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A thread where we can talk about the culture, history, and language of Belgi--BWAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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>an American calls another country out for lack of culture history and language

thats rich coming from a non-country like America
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>the two fake countries of europe rush to the scene

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>Murrifat education
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based school
Nothing wrong with that, white subhuman.

t. not brainlet

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I hate whites AMA
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Why would you think anybody cares?
Why would someone shoot a man before throwing him out of an airplane?
t. wh*te subhuman

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