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why do g*rmans LARP as Nordics?
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Why do you LARP as Europeans?
I for one can not see any fault with nazi germany, they were cool lads
>countries that stayed neutral having an opinion

Finland is the Argentina of Europe

>we both love tango
>we both have been in war with UK
>blue and white flag
>we both have been colonized

Argentina truly is our best ally
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What is Brazil of Europe?

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1.You're a cunt
2.Do you eat pork?
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and nothing else
Of course. My region produces nothing but pork, it's the cheapest meat here, even cheaper than chicken. I haven't had beef in a month because it's overpriced.
1. Polan
2. No, I stopped eating pork two years ago, it's too fat for me and I don't like the taste of it. Muzzies are right.

Why are Americans like this?
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Why are scandis such lonely autists that will never have a wife or a gf or even a friend?
America is what happens when you teach every kid that they're special and the world is full of unicorns.

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I fixed europe
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Good post.
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just portugal.png
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I fixed Europe

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Russian YouTube serves Putin
Part 1

Part 2

Distribute these videos!

Share to the popular media!
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Fuck you and fuck Russia.

Bump for fall of Russian regime.
teeeek bled

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>The South will rise agai-
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>what is population density
Is there any big city in the us that is >80% white? Or is that only possible in small towns?
>Is there any big city in the us that is >80% white?
depends on what you mean by big

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>gen z edition
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Got a great plan to make friends at university.

I made this white square device that, when plugged in, creates a WiFi network around it. Except when you connect to it you cant access the internet, instead you are redirected to a custom website I set up that is a media server filled with normie-friendly films, music and TV shows that you can stream in-browser on your phone or laptop.

Im going to put it up in the Common Room so everybody in my halls can use it whenever they want, and ill put up some explanatory posters of how to use the system too.

I just cannibalised an old router i had lying around and flashed some openwrt firmware on it then wrote the html/css/js for a primitive streaming service. Took me about 4 hours.

This is sure to make a good impression I think!
asking purely for academic reasons, but when people say they cut themselves with razors are they stupid enough to take the blade out? and if they're so stupid, how?
They all said I'd best give it up
What a fool to believe their lies

Is this the most underrated empire in European history?
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So weak they couldn't even take Denmark

Such a failure might as well be best forgotten
If you're talking about meme empires, yes.
It's not particularly impressive if you know the history of this picture. Sure they were the most powerful nordic country, but...

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>mfw Nordfags/Baltfags can't swim in their sea for more than a few seconds because it's too damn cold and there's nothing to hunt.
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Not if you have sauna beforehand
Can't they in the summer?
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images (25).jpg
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Meanwhile in Indiachan

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my recon thread!

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Also Sarmatians
Skythians and Sakas

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rate my map /int/
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wh*Tecentric shit eater subhuman
Ancient Egypt was never wh*Te
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Mine is better

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Have you tasted this traditional Finnish snack?
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It's called pizza, retard
yes, it is very tasty yum
No. It is called juusto and meetvursti.

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if finnish kids want to play war, this is what they are given

>french soldiers
>american soldiers

how would you play with that?
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The French flag is the symbol for surrender
france never was good at war, so I'd probably chose the American soldiers
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>not cobra vs Gi Joe
get some real toys Finn

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>eurolards don't bathe at least twice a day

are you guys saving up on the energy bill or something?
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>europeans don't get electrical superpowers after a bath

almost no brazilians do it too

only once a day

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