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ITT: you can only post when your cunt commited at least one major genocide
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america did a genocide right
fuck yeah :3

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>there are people here that unironically think whites are the master race
>the current dominant power in the world is nonwhite
>the runner up is also nonwhite
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Totally because of non-whites dude
Yeah , I worked at a defense contractor. Whole light of non-whites getting those high-end clearances and directing all the programs....

What an absolute retarded faggot.
>Whole light of non-whites getting those high-end clearances
Between the reddit spacing and weird syntax I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to say. But assuming you're referring to the fact that most generals(?) are white:
Our last commander in chief was Black, and more are on the way. Besides, it's nonwhite tax dollars and citizens that funds this.

>mfw someone says that Italians are white
It's mostly third generations amerimutts, but it's still pretty embarassing
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The funniest thing is when they start insult actual italians for not caring about their race autism
Yeah, they'll accuse you of being an immigrant, as if those apes would ever go on 4chan of all places
>Americans think Italians are White
What planet do you live on, Moorio?

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Guess the country name without google help. What is this?
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afghanistan in the 1960
A -stan country
Or Iran

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Nordic Countries...
Why are you so great?

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I'm gay
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Me too fuck straight people
Gays smell good, dress nice, are smart and are funny. Straight men fart all day.
all men smell bad

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What the difference between these two countries?
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aussies killed and marginalized the natives and niu zilund fucked them and got their asses kicked by them
We are cuter
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Accents and the one in the right has nite natural beauty and less shit natives.

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Why do americans eat ananas pizza all the time?
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Why are Germans so trashy
Why does so much American food look like plastic?
It's actually MC Ennedy

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3D painos

Animehomot ilmoitetaan talkkarille
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oispa loli

eka Raipelle
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Oispa 3D pönttö

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"97% of all generally agreed major historical accomplishments in the arts and sciences since the 14th century have been made by males born in a small areas of Northern Europe." (Charles Murray, 2003)
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So no Russian literature? No Swedish scientific discoveries? Lol
What you're looking for is this map, it's better.
>the most populated area of the best continent makes the most discoveries
who could have known???

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I have to say that I'm tired of people considering Scandinavians northerners

Northerners are supposed to be depressed and angry all the time because of the harsh winters, not gaybois like sweden.

This is the real map of the north, scandinavians are just germans that wandered off to the north and they aren't real northerners, they are western europeans
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Lewd 2.jpg
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I want a real hard, strong man like you real northemers
I'm depressed and angry all the time so I'm a northerner too
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Don't know about Sweden, but Northern Norway (pic related, from the line and up) is just like you describe it. Summer is 10 degrees max, and it rains all the time. People drink and do drugs to get away from it all. Population centers have a few hundred inhabitants at the most. No way it's fucking easier than fucking Lithuania. Lithuania is comfy as fuck. Also, Belarusians and Kaliningradians only have a hard life because the place itself sucks and the leaders are shit, not because the climate or terrain is so fucking difficult.

Map related is the real deal

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Could I pass as a local in your cunt?
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As a student

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Do you have this type of housing in your country, /int/? In the US, these are called "mobile homes," also known as "trailers." They are often located in "trailer parks." About 6% of Americans live in mobile homes.
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Buildings looking somewhat like that are called бытoвки (bytovki) and are used during construction for builders to live somewhere
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no, our poor people live in picrels.
are trailer parks just a southern thing? they look like you'd freeze in one in the winter in colder climate
some athletic clubs like to use american style mobile houses for their activities, but no one actually lives in them.

some eastern euro gypsies here live in RVs, though.

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hanging place.png
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post google street view of you favorite place to hang
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A lake near I live. Usually go there for evening jog.
Do you will suicide?

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Post music that reflects your culture











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Pure Estonian culture

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