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>at least you don't live in poland
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Feels great not living in such a shithole
at least you're not black
>tfw you never invested in eastern Poland and now it's too late

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>tfw you wasted thousands of hours on 4chan instead of doing something productive
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At least you've practiced a second language OOPS

I don't want to do anything productive. It's about entertainment.
Yes but I wish I did something productive. This place isn't even entertaining for me, it's the same threads everyday.

How come they're so good at basketball?
Slovenia just won the Eurobasket in the final match against Serbia...

And there's so many of them in NBA too.
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More tallfags per capita compared to neighboring countries is my guess. Also
>good at basketball
What a surprise. We're basically "white" niggers.
commie legacy
that makes no sense

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How do Poles feel about a reorganisation of land that was essentially forced upon them?

Do they long to get the old land back? Do they like the new land that was formerly German?
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They want both. They want dumb Ukraine and Lithuania and Belarus to give clay but they want to keep all the clay they took from Germoney because muh piast kings from 1000yrs ago NATURAL BORDERS

Also reform the Commonwealth pipe dreams. Pole nationalists are about as aut as every other.
lviv and vilnus are polish
The old land was never ethnically polish in the first place

This part of Turkey has 21.89 million people.

All of Greece has 10.75 million people...

Poor Greek chan (ヽ´ω`)
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wait untill next big earthquake...
dude, I spent 9 months of my life on that spot guarding that spot. It's fucll of fucking shitskins. Like if you want to drop a nuke that's the sport where to drop it.

Must be so odd for Turks, so close to Europe and being white but yet so far.

Also Turks there as dark as fuck man, I'm talking about full brown shit. Kudos.
>Also Turks there as dark as fuck man, I'm talking about full brown shit
Turks are not brown, we are BLACK you subhuman.

Did you know that the women of Turkey won the right to vote before most Europan countries?
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Atatürk is Wh*te

That was a mistake

Woman shodn't be allowed to vote
What has Atatürk to do with modern Turkey, it is worse than ISIS. The army tried to throw it over, because they understood it was some mudslim shit.

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How do you go from this...
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...to THIS
Genocide and assimilation into lower layers of an alien culture.

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Do you like the Muslim successor to Rome?
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italy flag.png
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>Successor to Rome
>Not Italy
Japan is the true successor to rome

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Thousands of years of waiting, all the way back to my Ancient Ancestors (the Medes) and it has finally come.

Soon, all of Arabia shall be ours.

Good night, Turk-Shite.
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Didn't you already try this after WW1?
>that flag
>this post
Unfortunately, thanks to the (((Eternal Anglo))) we could not achieve this.

That flag (the sun) is an Ancient symbol much like the Ancient Japanese who like ourselves represent the purest of the races.

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Why don't Black men like Black women? Black women tend to prefer their own kind. Black guys prefer non-blacks.
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Because men are generally smarter than women.
because black people hate themselves even though they pretend they dont, thats why they all keep talking about how mullatos are so pretty but actually look for a white woman
inferiority complexes

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Its fucking nothing you stupid fuck. Delete this thread or I cringe.
is /x/ leaking

>tfw no hawaiian gf
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Aren't Hawaiians basically Asians who hate whites?
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No, they're not Canadian.
What are you on lad, the Native Hawaiians are not related in any way to Asia. Something like 40 or 50% of the population is of Japanese decent nowadays though, by far the majority

Why don't you have a degree?
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republicans too busy spending 654 billion dollars on bombing children instead of making their populace educated
I do. And I haven't had a single job in that field.
I moved out when I was 18 so my parents didn't have to send me to adult daycare

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/int/ has only improved my view of other countries. i just think it's really cool how i can chat and get (You)s from people all around the world.

yea, there are a lot of shitposters, but that's to be expected from an anonymous board on the internet. i honestly don't see any country as being more prone to shitposting as another, except maybe japan but that's probably because of proxies. i'd imagine they are a popular country to pretend to be because of weeaboos and stuff
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this is a stealth japan hate thread
this board made me hate angl*s when at the beginning i wasn't thinking about them at all
they made my life WORSE
fuck anglos
praise nappy
/int/ has made me hate murrica more than before.. And I'm not even a shitskin

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Has any country created a better song than this?


Is Norway really the greatest people?
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> that fucking fake ass photo of B*rgen

There is no blu sky in B*rgen
das right we are great https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1cnzaTQUqI
Ey from which country are you?

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