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Can masks ever become a fashion IRL? Imagine how cool that would be.
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When having autism becomes cool masks will too
But anon, we already wear masks.
theyll come into fashion with capes


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Post cool caps
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Last thread: >>12356143

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
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does anyone else here plan out meals, at least a few days ahead of time?
i've been writing week-long meal plans for like a month now and its really taken the anxiety out of eating for me. the process of planning and rewriting has also saved me from binging like, countless times now
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That always works really well for me when I do it, but, I rarely do an actual week. Generally just a day.

will the G_D bomber ever be sold again?
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mine came in the mail yesterday
where'd you buy yours from?
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rate eachother, help eachother improve :)
meme model picrel
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cara sure is beautiful think her lower third lets her down a bit
she really has such an incredible face.

too bad she has the body of a skinny teenage boy
She looks much older her real age like 30 or 35.
And then I saw her with no make up I nearly threw up

what is /fa/s favorite brand of jeans? pic related is my favorite, give reason

>look good
if you're going to post levis don't even bother, i don't want to hear about your "cheap" shit jeans
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helmut lang obv
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>high waist
>stiff, durable workwear fabric

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What is the name of the blue jacket and where can I get it?

Also, wouldn't mind knowing where to get the black jacket too.
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Also, if you want a better view of the clothes just go to their instagram page. It's recent and is there.
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Just realised they're the same but different colour. fml. But still help me find source.

hey /fa/,

i've been dealing with pretty bad dark circles lately, and i was wondering if theres a skin care product/routine that would help me get rid of them.

have you any of you guys had success in getting rid of them?
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Dark circles are effay tho.
>Dark circles are effay tho.

There is no cure, OP. Just a part of growing old.
i feel like they make me 10 times uglier without the advantage of looking mysterious

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Has anyone seen ramones with this sole before? From s/s 13 he says.
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I'm the guy selling those, and as I told you, yes they're real faggot.

Honestly, fuck you. I was even trying to cut you a deal but honestly now you can fuck right off. Never dealing with you again.
Hahahahaha what a fucking moron this guy is
Wow, what an asshole. Can you really blame him for checking? I would've found a low price suspicious. Quit being such a huge fucking faggot.

Guys I need to go to a christening and I never wear formal attire (shirts, leather shoes etc). Can I get some ideas for an outfit? Can I get away with wearing a pair of black converse (pic related) or am I going to have to throw away some money for some shoes that I'm gonna wear once?
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Just wear your normal clothes but with a blazer, I mean it's like 2016+1 formal wear is on it's way out
So converse all stars + slimt fit jeans + white/black t-shirt with a blazer would be fine?
Thanks for the idea btw
Maybe wear a button-up shirt and leather shoes/boots if you can imo desu

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What are some redpilled hairstyle choices?
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doesn't really matter, you won't be able to see it under the fedora

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who makes good bomber jackets? Really want a rick one as I have tried a few on and they are amazing but they are so expensive.
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Falcon Garments is pretty similar.

you can get that kind of stuff at wal mart for 1000 times less money
literally nothing like rick

Do you think she threw it away after this?
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I would too if your baker is blind and cant put sprinkles on the other half of the donut.
that frosting probably tastes like plastic so yeah
>he puts sprinkles on anything
>he eats donuts
Stay fat fatboi

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What should I do with my hair?
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So what intiatives does the fashion industry have to make, before men buy more online?
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It is increasing, so men will buy more in the future regardless
That is an assumption, that might be right.
But i want innovative ideas, that might be able to increase it now, rather than waiting.
Using real men as model, instead of these models that account like 3% of the male population.

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