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Hey /fa/

I have no idea about fashing whatsoever. I'm from /fit/.

Lifting heavy weights so pretty much enough muscles
My face is "manly". Strong jawline.
I kind of look like Tom Hardy without that beard.

So I need your help. I'm starting at a new company with 90% females and I want to have a good first Impression. So far I've only bought stuff that was on sale or that is not colorful as I like it simple.

What would you consider good looking on a man like me? Maybe you have some good examples or something.

Would be really nice. Thank you.
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A tailor. Your welcome
Depends on the company dresscode.
If you're 6'4'' and look like Tom Hardy then it doesn't matter

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What's the most /fa/ type of transport for a Europoor like me?
>already have a bike and fixed gear bikes make you look like a tryhard from 2013
>Vespa Piaggo(fakes) make you look like a muslim

I'm considering the Peugeot Rapido. It has this nice 80s retro look going on. What do other European /fa/ggots drive?
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It sucks that you don't have a big international market for this kind of shit, so we're just stuck with out own crap.
inb4 curiously enraged americans flood the thread
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citta gilera.jpg
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there is only one option anon

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Help me look like this /fa/
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suck a bag of dicks
be thin
black cap of some meme brand
slightly oversized white t shirt of some meme brand
grey bomber jacket
black disstressed tapered jeans

whats so hard anon
Like a faggot? Easy, go to H&M where you have a dedicated fuccboi section. Grab some obnoxious t-shirt with an awful print, disgusting pre-distressed denim and an ill-fitting bomber. Dont forget to buy some fake Yeezys from David and a dadhat from your local Virgil Abloh hack to top of your fit.

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Rather, something more along the lines of "movie aesthetics", inspo as in "aesthetic inspo", since you obviously wouldn't be stupid enough to walk about the streets dressed like someone straight from a period piece or a character in some fantasy flick

Still, you can always gain from sharing and developing some good sense

So post pictures of characters in movies who are /fa/, regardless of you actually getting inspired by them to wal around in breeches or with a viking helmet
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dad sneakers thread. I just ordered these and I'm stoked
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those are tennis shoes
those are just foking great kicks
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>dad sneakers
>are actually sport shoes that 3rd graders wear
tfw these don't fit with anything

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is islamic clothing /jefe/?
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no islamic clothing is the mark of a degenerate fuck

if i saw someone in the street wearing one id spit on them.
no you wouldnt
Disgusting, mark of pedophile worship and terrorist sympathizers. If i saw someone wearing that id spit on them too.

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>hahahah what do you mean youre into fashion anon
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Did she reject you, OP?
yes, she is a model btw
I hear gap teeth birds go off in bed.
I wouldn't know, I'm a virgin.

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I just got this haircut, the fade is a bit too high IMO and I feel like it isn't blended well, thoughts? Also Curly Hair General
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I used to have curly hair, not anymore
Feels good
Keratin or did you get it cut?
I don't know, got it cut I guess

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What is objectively wrong with this fit? Disregarding his face, what is wrong with dressing in a similar manner (bandana included).
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the bandana is the only weird part
nothing is "wrong" with it, some people may see it as a bit try hard though especially if you're not eccentric/do interesting things
What kind of eccentricity would be sufficient to justify wearing something like this? Just curious what wearing something like this would imply to other people.

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What do I ask my barber to get this?
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Just show them the pic bro
>so uh hey John i was watching this hitler jugend documentary the other night while having starbucks
>Say no more
tell them 'give me the fuccboi cut, senpai'.

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hey /fa/gs

Goin to Italy for the summer and I'll be spending a lot of time at the beach or in hot weather

How do I dress /fa/ but not look like a retard to the locals?
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will post some beach inspo in the mean time
Just bring like 2 changes of basics and buy clothes to wear there.

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Yo, can I get a fit check?
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there's the WAYWT thread for this, newfag
Just to let you know, that'll shrink almost a whole size when you first wash them.
boring but passable
at least it isn't monochrome

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To fight acne scars or balding.
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No. I have both though, does this shit work?
>No. I have both though, does this shit work?
Probably not, viral marketing is a thing.
Acne.org, for example, has been taken over by a dermaroller company called owndoc. They try really hard to push their newest "innovation".
>Probably not

did you check the studies on the subject?

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Just bought my first YSL item (pik related). How did I do?
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File: hedi in 2007 - dior show.jpg (39KB, 320x480px)Image search: [Google]
hedi in 2007 - dior show.jpg
39KB, 320x480px
u bought that?
I would assume that girls would be impressed with a keychain like that since it's designer.
if it makes you happy or temporarily fills a hole you had in your consciousness, you did fine, but the key fob is only a band aid, you will continue bleeding.

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is it okay to get a cross tattoo without being christian/religious?

I really like the symbol of the cross, and christianity was such a huge part of my childhood that i have very strong ties and feelings for the christian,protestant culture.

But, do you think people of the christian faith will be offended? And/or that i have to explain the reasons for the tattoo everywhere i go? I don't mind mentioning it fast "i really like the symbol and the cultural values of christianity, but no i myself am not a believer" , but i don't wanna get stuck in these long ass relgious debates all the time.

Pic related, that's the design and places i'm considering
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Yes, it is okay. You have this anons approval. Go forth and get tatted
that's not the same at all though is it? I was literally a christian for like 18 years.

Also you can appreciate the aesthetics of the cross and it's history. People get fucking buddhist tattoos, samurai signs and shit and what not, without having any, zero, ties to that cultur.

your analogy dosn't really make sense, in my opinion.
>is it okay to get a cross tattoo without being christian/religious?
It's okay only if you are not religious. Nobody who is actually religious gets religious tattoos.

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