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Are rolled up sleeves effay?

Shirt is Izod.
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You look like you're straight out of The Big Bang Theory.
This is not a compliment.

Fix your, lose the shirt and the tie, get better glasses, get looser pants until you lose enough weight.

Pic related, a successful black man.
my guy, you have to let the hair go

buzz or go chrome dome

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Summer is coming and we'll all be wearing tees soon. Please post any and all nice graphic tees and if possible brand, w2c info, etc. Thank you!
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P-please respond.
>graphic tees
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Will crops on men be in this year?
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not enough people are willing to sacrifice looking like a homo for this to be a trend
I think part of that stigma comes from mostly women wearing them, not the shirts themselves. Most men are just afraid to go first, but will do it when they see enough other guys doing it.
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get simple slim clothes.
go skelly mode
dont sleep
do you know any brands, shops with clothes like his?
Why? Thrift.

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How do I become Chad?
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Why do you want to be Chad. Chad is dumb. You can get girls without being Chad.
>be attractive
>be 6'4+
That's it.
Just b urself brah ;)

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old one approaching 300
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Sometimes I think this board might have good advice
Then I read these threads and realize no one here knows how to dress themselves at all.
99/100 people just make me say
>these are the people critiquing your fashion
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i'm the sad sunflower, also the mouthless emoji from the previous thread.
i only come for inspo; i get critiques elsewhere

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What's the deal with /r/femalefashionadvice? MFA is shit but at least represents a step up from total fashion ignorance, while FFA's fits are all clearly much worse than what normal women wear everyday
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fashionable women aren't typically ones to post on on reddit lol
she dresses older than her age.
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1st time visiting that shit. oh my....

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When I wear jeans other than slim, I feel like a disgusting slob. Not sexy at all. Do you know this feel? Must wear slim jeans.
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Loose jeans look cool on photographs, but in real life they feel like shit. like a fucking bum
god they all probably regret this so much
I kinda get this but I think a gradual taper and a cuff/crop can offset any sloppiness you might feel.
I rarely wear slim jeans now so it feels bizarre when I do. gotta get used to 'em you know.

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>post black girls

>post hair and skincare advice etc

if you're here to say shit like 'they all look white' or complain about their white features/origins, please go back to /pol/.
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the only niggers looking close to decent are the ones with caucasian features, african features does never look good. prove me wrong knee grows

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/fa/ musicians?
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The one tru GOD JAWN MAYER
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GG Allin was the most effay man to ever live, prove me wrong faggots
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How true is this /fa/? Notice how he dresses like us too.
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Describes me pretty well desu, but I'm not a virgin, just a bit of an autiste

don't take memes too seriously bro
>hair seems to overreact to wind
this got to me.
speak for yourself

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how they look?
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their side profile looks pretty good
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rare pic of new boost drop from adidas? i like the silhouette

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>tfw you realise no actual cool people wear 'fashion' clothes and the only way to look good and stand the test of time is to develop a unique sense of style using inexpensive pieces from different styles and times and that the meme of wearing clothes that fit properly is a total scam and that personal style is infinitely more important than fashion
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fashion is a meme to make you buy new clothes every year when you could buy second-hand and wear them for at least five years.

Also, who invented this shit where spring and fall call for different outfits? It's the same fucking season.

Noone will see you as a 'cool guy' just because you try way too hard to look like them.
however, taking inspiration from outside sources you like is the best way to find your own sense of style, just don't fall for the shitty memes
That's usually the point where people stop posting on /fa/, which is why the board is the way it is

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Do you know any brands that make clothes like pic related? Something that might even trigger leftists but isn't too controverse
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>You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are under the age of 18.
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I have this hoodie, on the back it's a big VegvĂ­sir
>my entire identity is my race and I have to express it with my clothing because I don't have a personality


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Hi /fa/ I used to wear total black skate shoes but I lost them cause I was high af. Now I wear these, which I use with jeans/shorts and a t-shirt, if cold I use a dark red hoodie. Would like to know what kind of shirts, pants/shorts,hoodies/jacked to use them and what color. Thanks.
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Better view (not my pants).
that are two different colorways
you can wear those with literally anything

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