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What is the male equivalent of dressing like this?
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Post more fits "like this" so we can see what you're talking about
u just want to look at the girls i know what ur getting at
looks like thotcore

so probably streetwear

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Reminder: if you are freakishly tall and skinny, and you take advice from /fa/, you look like this
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That dudes halfway between Gru from Despicable Me and Spike from Cowboy Bebop
reminder that that fit is full CCP
shoes clownishly big but he doesnt look bad i think its mostly just the angle most people look shitty from that angle lmao

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what does /fa/ think of these pants? bought them recently and i can't decide if i should keep them. i don't usually wear skinny's because i have wide hips and look like a bowling pin in them. exclude the shoes, i don't like high tops so not keeping them
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return them. Biker jeans alone are awful and the pants don't suit your frame either. Skinny jeans don't look to good on you, try straight fit that would be more flattering.
thanks m8, thats also what i was thinking. the picture is kinda bad, my knees aren't usually so far inward but i agree
looks aight imo

What are the most effay phones?

There's an ongoing tech thread already, although it's mixing a lot of devices together so I wanted to make one specifically for phones.
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iPhone SE is pretty effay imo
as much as i like cool android or windows phones, you pretty much have to have an apple phone now a days to be social. girls dont like non apple phones for some reason so if you send them a message and they see a green text they will not want to respond to you. maybe i could be wrong who the fuck knows its just my experience but every little bit helps.

Switched from being an XDA all-Nexus pro-Android kid to an iPhone SE because girls hate green messages and shitty SC quality. It's also less stressful (no dealing with bootloops or random resets when i open my camera)

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>live in hipster shit central because it's close to work
>need a haircut
>literally just want a buzz cut
>every barber have to book a week in advance
>costs $30 + tip
>gay beard trimming decor everywhere
This is all because of you fags, thanks a lot
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you don't need to go to a barber to shave your hair, bud.
>aways ask for buzz on the sides and scizor on the top of my head
>aways looks good

>ask for the same thing
>everyone leaves twice the hair lenght on the top of my head even if I ask them to cut it short

>literally just want a buzz cut

Just go to Great Clips or any of those cheap places. Its a buzz cut. Pretty damn hard to fuck it it.

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Like when i decide not to take my board with me and I have mine on, it feels awkward and I get weird looks from other skaters
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i'm under the impression that everyone who skateboards is under 18 so i wouldn't worry about weird looks from them
It depends on what you look like and how you carry yourself as do every other brands. All you faggots who needs to ask these type of questions should jump off the highest floor of the mall where you all do your gay shit at.

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I have a long neck. Would chokers look good on me?
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Post pic of your neck and lower face
Similar to second right pic (but without the veins)

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can we have a thread of inspos that obey the rules of clothes ? like

>regular fit everything
>tucking in shirts that are meant to be tucked in
>wearing stuffs that suits the functionality
>wearing the right size
>the right length of everything
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File: 1487571312825.jpg (167KB, 720x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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like, traditional and fundamental rules of wearing clothes. looking good shouldn't be breaking rules and free spirited and indiscipline and degenerate, right ?
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When did these type of vans become so popular? Literally every 3rd person at my school got them
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versatile and recommended by everyone on streetwear as a basic beginner shoe.
File: vans.jpg (65KB, 920x920px)Image search: [Google]
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if only the line was black these would look alright
style 112 btw
Blame tyler the creator

File: bob.0.0[1].jpg (99KB, 1600x900px)Image search: [Google]
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>try to buy shoes online
>sizes only go up to 10

Fucking footlets
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if your feet are bigger than 10 you're a fucking giant and it's not attractive at all it's fucking freaky
File: 1477372011904.jpg (106KB, 640x360px)Image search: [Google]
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What size are you, OP? I know that feel. Size 16 US.

Only size 12 but it's still obnoxious. I'm not even tall.

Are Sambas still /fa/ ?
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wtf Kanye wore them? I gotta buyem now
yeezy about to have the whole world dressing like mexicans now

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Can anyone give me some hair advice, like what haircut to get and how to style it?
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youre an actual manchild if you watch loltyler1 and enjoy it
Greek is so fucking cringy and Tyler is an autist

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How can I approach every situation with the confidence of these guys who were riding around Walmart on scooters today.
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Stop caring about what people think.
Nothing screams "loser" more than people in their 20s who do this
don'd pay attention to what people like this guy >>12362629 think, just be yourself and learn to be content with who you are. No matter what you do there are inevitably going to be losers who have nothing better to do but criticize you so changing yourself wont help. just be who you are and learn to love it

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american spirit.jpg
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Don't smoke them (I smoke them).
File: 11118908239823982.jpg (504KB, 684x800px)Image search: [Google]
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in commemoration of my final two packs of luckies menthol tobacco ever purchased. menthol cigs are gross, but the menthol in this is extremely subtle. going to miss it.

government thought it would be necessary to forbid the sale of menthol cigs (and flavoured, like these vanilla and chocolate ones), as people might think it would be less detrimental to their health.

does anyone actually think that? menthol cig or not, part of us smokers will die a slow, painful death if the ugly skin won't kill you first anyway.
dunno about your country but they just recently banned smaller baccy puches, 10 packs and menthol cigs. reasoning behind it is so that kids dont buy em (they'll have less money at their disposal for the smaller pack/pouch and new smokers are more likely to buy flavoured cigs to get used to the taste)

File: nb 574 blue.jpg (42KB, 880x495px)Image search: [Google]
nb 574 blue.jpg
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Hi /fa/, I need your wisdom.

I'm a fairly short guy. And I like to be a bit taller, so I can approach to be average. To do this, I use a combination of thick sole sneakers + a couple of cheap insoles. If sneakers use to give 1'', but they give me 1.5'' and other inch from the insoles thats 1.5'' I "grow".

Been using pic until now (NB-574), but I want to improve it, and maybe make it look less bulky. They have to be "low top", cant wear high sneakers.


Thanks. A lot, really.
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Why would you even consider doing that. How tall are you?
5' 5'' (167 centimeters)
No help? please guys...
Already considered nike af1, but they are too bulky

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