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What are some redpilled choices for outerwear?
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so youve finally admitted that shia is redpilled. congrats, thats the first step.
You're pretty desperate, m8. The jacket our lot would know him best in isn't even sherpa.

I do kind of dig that jacket, though. Not too big of a fan of pockets like that however.
there's that fucking word again

back to /pol/ with you frog

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>need a haircut
>ring up a random hairdresser to make a appointment
>booked in for 12pm tomorrow
>ask her if she's been there a while
>she's like uuuuuuhh
>say ok I just don't want to walk in and have an apprentice cut my hair
>she replys yep
>say I would like someone that's been there a while and knows what she's doing
>she instantly just starts saying yep yep yep
>tells me mens haircuts are $38.50
>just wants top get me off the phone

How do you deal with dumb bitches when trying to find a good place for a haircut, /fa/?
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hell nigga, if you talk as much as you fucking type I understand the "yep yep yep"

You sound really annoying. Go to a fucking barber you creep.
Do you not understand that green texting is just super condensed to what actually happened?

Anyone know where I can find this dress?
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please help
the whale store
Well said

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What kind of clothes should I pick up to the sneakers from the picture?
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Middle class suburban black man core
Fashionable guys, help me pls :(
Don't wear these

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I'm going to be traveling around europe this summer. I am trying to keep things slim so I only really need one pair of shoes. That being said what should I cop that is effay and comfortable for lots of walking.
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What look at you going for?
alpha bounce
I imagine i mostly will be wearing jeans, a button up or a tshirt and a jacket. I want to look good but Im not trying to make a high fashion statement while staying in a hostel.

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What are some redpilled footwear choices?
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there is no such thing as "redpill" fashion
if you mean dress like the majority of people who call themselves "redpilled" wear fedoras and cheap shitty pea coats you retard
there is no such thing as redpill footwear choices because there is no such thing as redpill fashion
Plain everything
no "self expression"

Tomboy, short-haired girls thread, angrogyny welcome.
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File: 1-short-and-funky-style.jpg (32KB, 500x375px)Image search: [Google]
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Pic related. The seams align perfectly where my shoulder ends but the torso area looks baggy and sleeves are too long

If I buy them a size smaller the shoulders seams are too tight and close to my neck while the rest fits okay

what do?
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another pic
It's fine
get some muscle

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spring is here already and I have no good spring jacket and no idea what to look for

all the jackets I have seen in shop were boring and uninteresting

please help me
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I own a black bomber and a few lightweight parkas that I wear year-round
Winter I'll layer them with a sweater underneath, and spring I'll just wear a t-shirt underneath.

I would definitely recommend thrifting to find basic jackets, 3/4 of the jackets I wear regularly I found thrifting. Shopping online for jackets can be tough because I never really know what to look for, but thrifting you get a lot of options, at least the stores I go to always have tons of jackets.

If you want to buy jackets I would recommend denim jackets like the picture, black/tan bombers (don't fall for the olive bomber meme, I'll make fun of you in public), lightweight parkas and windbreakers of any color, and those polo jackets that have collars (idk what they're called)
you can probably find a lot of basic stuff like this at uniqlo or other "fast fashion" sites

pic semi-related
would you cop this filson wool mackinaw cruiser or do you think it looks shitty?
the only thing I'm not sold on is the color, I could see myself wearing this if it was more gray or more brown, I don't really like the vomit color

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The fucking faggots ruined the Disruptor 2s for me goddamnit I planned all my summer fits and these pieces of shit caught on. Fuck dad shoes fuck vetememes fuck social media fuck white sneaks fuck summer fuck that dude on Instagram fuck fuck wtf
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Part 2. Why the fuck do I even bother with my own style when these assholes do it before I do fuck I was gonna have my own unique thing but these fuccbois ruined it
Fuck fuck fuck I'm just gonna buy some brown penny loafers. I'm still copping the socks from taobao though
i don't see normies wearing that, even most dads would have the sense to avoid them. very autistic / artistic shoe, you're safe.

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Post what you have covering ur feet

Pic related muh clown shoes
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Got me gats
File: 1490480064903-895998641.jpg (1MB, 2620x4656px)Image search: [Google]
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Sufficiently beat for my feet
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/pol/ here, I've been thinking about incorporating elements of Military Gothic or something similarly fashy-looking to my everyday attire like pic related.

I am not a NEET fedora or sporting a fetish, I just like this clean-cut, fashy-looking industrial/gothic fashion and I work as a graphic designer so it would be a great bonus if I were to incorporate interesting stuff to an interesting everyday wear.

Please give me advice on how is this military gothic style or something similarly fashy-looking called on Tumblr, also general advice about how to dress fashy, Hitler Youth-ish?
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/fa/ pls no bully ;_;
Noone cares what board you come from

i'll start: Helmut Lang ss98
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File: entnyyetnyn.jpg (85KB, 700x1052px)Image search: [Google]
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This? This what you're looking at here is the closest to a perfect sneaker, Nike or anyone else has gotten

>light but still feels sturdy
>not a flat foot white boy shoe
>walking in it kind of feels floaty
>no air max after it has been worth shit
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I love my little kid sneaker shoes and my job at target :-)
In Australia these things became associated with some real asshole. Those blokes, fucking dickheads, bikers

stay away from anyone who wears these
i had pair as a kid the blue ones one of my favorite pair of sneakers ever

wont wear them now because they dont fit with my style

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What is a good SLP-esque jacket? A leather double rider is expensive and pretty edgy for a university student. Souvenir bombers like pic related seem played out by now, and field jackets are boring. What are my alternatives, /fa/?
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not op, but how do I go about finding denim jackets that don't have lots of pockets and a serious workwear vibe?
This is my concern with denim too, it just doesn't seem SLP.

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