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Are they worth 100€?
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what would you recommend instead?
Fuck no. I got a pair of these on $15 on eBay because it was misspelled (Dr Martin, heh), still not worth it.
i am basically looking for an everyday shoe, that's not a sneaker and is about in that price range

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Post any picture of shirts in this kind of style
Also have you got any affordable brands to get this kind of style?
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cop or not?
>last one is almost dead
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don't, its outlet tier poorfag adidas
i think pants are outlet too but the fit on them looks really good so who cares tbqh

Can baldness be /fa/ ?
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Anything can be /fa/ if you pull it off tastefully.
not on top of mount manlet
Yes, but like anything to be /fa/, you have to pull it off well.

Like having good facial structure. Jason Statham has that with a decent stubble to go, so it's no surprise that he's handsome even while being bald

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How will adult men be dressing this summer? Specifically on their feet.
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you can't make this shit up
out there looking like a gremlin huh?

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Hey /fa/, do any of you guys have experience with skin lightening products?

Any advice?

I have olive skin and I really would rather not look like a Sopranos extra.
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Fuck those freckles are cute
holy shit it also increases jpeg image quality


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I'm struggling to find a place where I can buy a generic military boot that isn't half-height, and isn't loaded with retarded zips.

My favourite that I found was the Six o Six boot by John Varvatos, however they've since been discontinued. Is anyone familiar with some similar boots and brands?

Again, I don't want to buy military surp if at all possible as I am notoriously bad at getting sizing right with that stuff.

Here are some pictures for reference of what I'm looking for.
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So basically this style of boot. I'm surprised at how difficult it is to come across.
bump for interest

the boots in this pic are especially nice.

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haven't been on this board in 6months+. is nao posting still a thing
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Asians throwing up the peace sign and posing like they're in an animu?
Sadly, yes
what's a nao posting? Haven't been here for years but i feel like /fa/ changed a lot

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are childrens boots /fa/ if you have little gril feet?
plz no bully
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if you have that small of feet, you're probably a manlet and should just off yourself and try again next time
Im 162 cm not a manlet o-ok
if you're a manlet girl nobody is even going to notice except middle-aged and older parents who see someone wearing the same kind of boots their daughter is

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Poor little nike
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What are these called? Been seeing pictures of these pop up everywhere, but not sure. Is it just the Ultra Boost mid or is it a collab?
The one thing that's weird to me is that they don't look like performance shoes like the regular ultra boost or the ultra boost mid atr. I guess it's the suede hits
Still dope
i thought you were meant to take the box packing off the shoe
Its a collab, but the silhouette itself is going to be a general UB release in a while

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Watch, post fits, good or bad, either crowd or performers.



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overalls are DONE.png
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Coachella isn't fa.

Just got a Cav Empt sweatshirt. Love the fit. It's short and wide.

Now im looking for something that fits similar, but in plain black.

Anyone know where I can cop good quality (so no gildan) sweatshirts that short and wide?
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get the thread going by posting CE pieces or something OP
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the boxy fit of CE is native to Japanese streetwear, so start looking for small Japanese brands?
Can anyone name some jap streetwear brands?

Are these the nicest bags ever?

Yesterday's thread died before I could reply to anon.
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Quite shillposting samefag. These bags aren't the best and look medium at best
If I'm a shill everyone on every thread is a shill.

They are the best. Show me something nicer. I already know you're going to post some super stylish luxury imitation bag, which is just tacky and try hard.

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Why are they all fucking black? Niggers are not who Gucci is intended for. Why the fuck do niggers ruin literally everything?

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I suppose because everyone is dressed like Jimi Hendrix. That collection as a whole wouldn't look as good on white people, too many saturated colors, too many patterns.

Not really feeling most of the pieces though, and it's all much to loud to wear regularly. I'm sure there'll be some good, wearable pieces mixed in but Alessandro disappoints this time around.

The last time Gucci was anywhere near good was under Tom Ford, Michele is a fucking sperg
Wow, racist much? Jheez Louise! >>>/pol/ is that way. Keep your hate speech off this board.

Thread for pitures of musicians with good aesthetic

>Mick Karn
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>panda bear

i think he pulls off a nice cozy vibe, plus he's a qt
*enter Shears brothers here*
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