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How do I ask my barber for this cut?
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Why is he so /fa/?
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Hello my fellows,
How would one go about dressing like a knight in modern times and casually without being cringey.
I am thinking leather jackets and steel toe boots. What would you suggest?
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the way I see it technical clothing is the modern 'armor', not only because it's easy to find military influence but because it protects you from the elements in urban environment and it doesn't obstruct your movement.
Some brands also have huge football casual influence, and those are people who actually get in to fights. Lot of full technical clothing fits have the kinda 'shell of armor' quality to them, they entirely cover the wearer which gives it uncanny quality of just being empty inside in a way, as there is no face to recognize.
Didn't think of it. I had raid police and motorcyclists on mind. But thats fair enough as well.
it's really about what's your take on it
dressing in surplus and military influenced clothing could describe what you are searching
going full operator could as well
but that's how I would go about it personally, figure out what's the approach that feels natural to you

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Why isn't /fa/ into them? Are all of you fat and decide to wear low/mid rise bottoms like a prostitute?
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jesus christ there's already a thread about this exact topic fuck off and check the catalog.
That thread died out, you fat fuck.
This board needs more high/long rise awareness.
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Op here, fatties.
If you uneducated fags don't know the correct measurements of a high, mid, or low rise don't bother to reply to this tread.

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what is this style called /fa/?

i kinda fuck with it
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gym teacher
>"i low key high key fucks with it dog hit up my sound clound fuck with my vision haha girl call me daddy"

off yourself
kys yourself core

5'2" here and I'm sick of not being able to find nice clothes

please help
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google up short girl outfit
Not op but she meant effay clothes. Google doesn't give you that
Just try for high waist and no long skirt/dresses.
Honestly anything else should look good regardless for height.

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Start using pomade.
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Clay is better
I tried american crew one but its quite stiff and not very shiny. Unless I'm using it wrong.
this whole week i've been 100% convinced i have leukemia and i keep seeing dylan everywhere and references to leukemia and then charlie murphy died. i don't have leukemia but it's just bizarre how things just happen like that.

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w2c sweatshirt? is it effay?
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please go to the questions thread you retard
only if you can get an order of fries at the bowling alley
Basically any place Marines are stationed, or any surplus stores near by them. Just fyi the sweater is pretty thin and is pretty shitty overall.

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So, is there a go-to plain t shirt that is high quality and fits well?

I really love my John Elliott Co+ and T by Alexander Wang tees, but they're on the longer side (27-29" length), so they come off as very casual and I am mostly forced to wear with sneakers.

Anyone got any recommendations? APC? Acne? Not sure where to look

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t-shirts are casual by definition what do you mean with that remark?
wear a smaller size?
Reigning Champ, Wings+Horns, Outlier, Acne, APC, Norse Projects, Our Legacy

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what are some effay dress shoes?
how much should one spend on a pair?
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$500 retail will get the job done. Much more than that and you're just buying a designer name. Much less and you're buying a shoe that won't last and won't be comfortable.
Google it. Do your research. #AE
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Aim for calfskin or cordovan shell and for a Goodyear welt.
Aim for about 450$+ for calfskin and 650$+ for cordovan shell shoes.
With proper care they will last you 10-15+ years.

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How much should I spend on a nice watch I can hand down to my son
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That watch is ugly as fuck. Stay away from gold unless you're a nigger.
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even pocket watches?
Whatever you can afford. You want an automatic or a manual wind, no quartz bullshit. A simpler movement (no complications like a day, date, chrono, etc) is probably wise. Decide what type of watch you want-a formal dress watch that needs a suit to pull off? Or a more casual look? The dress watch is timeless and will be less likely to get damaged due to the way it's used, but your son will have fewer occasions to wear it when he's young.

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Is this hat for Nazis, Pornstars, or Autists?
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autistic neo-nazi gay pornstars
for george rr martin

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>Not accepting Bones as your lord and savior.
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>being a fuccboi
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>whoo goes there
I thought this was okay until I looked at the shoes. Then I looked at the jeans which are also cheap horrible shit skinnies. The hoodie is okay, I guess. His hair is nice.

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I'm 19 and you can see my scalp when my hair is wet. I'm definitely receding and probably going to be bald on top before I'm even 30.

Fellow balding people, how do I attempt to deal with this? I'm getting on fin but I don't think it'll be enough. How do you try to look good while being prematurely bald?
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if this is you at 19, you'll be fully bald by 25. Buzzcut it already, my man.

t. bald at 19
It's not noticeable when my hair's dry yet. Gonna try to get a few more years out of it with drugs. Thanks though. How do you deal with just looking so much older than everyone else?
I had the same when i was 17. I still havent gone bold now that im 23 or lost any hair at all. I doesn´t really say much.

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>alpha m
>real men real style
>teaching men's fashion

these lads are shit, can you recommend some decent male fashion youtubers?
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If you are going to youtube or /fa/ or any place specifically for fashion advice you are doing it wrong. People who use these places are entry level normies who know nothing about fashion. Be unique and find your own style. Only come to /fa/ to find little inspro stuff that you can somehow combine into your own ascetics. Now fuck off.
insecure manlet. that weird shit in his eye is disgusting, awful voice. can't bear to watch
telling people not to worry if people think you're a faggot is easy to say when you're a faggot.

unless someone thinks alpha m isn't gay

So, Which white kicks are gonna be your cops?
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These or the vintage reebok ones
File: IMG_1579.jpg (203KB, 1250x599px)Image search: [Google]
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r8 my collection of white kicks
>superstar boosts, sk8 hi, Y-3 warrior
Love the y3 ones. How much did you pay for these?

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