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Grey suits in any fabric +tie/shirt/shoe combos etc.
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What makes the suit look good is the one who wears it
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Where can I find jeans with a similar wash to these Helmut Lang jeans
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just soak your lightwash jeans in piss
rick does similar wash
or used to at least
quite rare wash i guess, you'd better do it yourself

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w2c this sweater or something very similar

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pls respond to my thread
thats a ralph sweater

I copped a very similar sweater a thrift store under a no name brand

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AD long sleeve.jpg
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/edgy/ thread.

i just ordered this. how dumb am i?
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it wouldn't even be that bad if didn't have the design on the sleeves too.
The quality looks like shit too
the sleeve prints is the main reason why i got it. it's so much more metal that way
you do you dawg.
digging the front design image

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http://imgur.com/a/lPjsX please help me legit check this vlone x offwhite shirt please would really appreciate it
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thanks for helping me out
so fake kek?

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Clothes to be raped ?
File: 20170320_222132.jpg (3MB, 4128x2322px)Image search: [Google]
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don't like the pink top

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What are some redpilled choices for footwear?
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thong sandals and white hanes socks
File: Foot Shape Change - sm.jpg (26KB, 448x263px)Image search: [Google]
Foot Shape Change - sm.jpg
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The redpill is that you wear shoes that fit the antomy of the foot. Most shoes constrict your toes in an unnatural way, or have an elevated heel. How do people not get this.
That's the purple pill. Shoes that fit the anatomy of the foot are generally new and unsupported with evidence.
The red-pill is you shouldn't wear shoes.

Is it just me or are these actually kinda cool?
Could these work in a niche setting?
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How do I get smooth, sexy legs like hers?
I wore those all the time in the 4th grade
i guess its okay for work but no they are not cool desu

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hot off google image search.jpg
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Are overalls /fa/? Slinging pocket item weight over one's shoulders and not really needing to use a belt seems infinitely more comfortable than pants/jeans. Anyone have any suggestions?
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They're becoming a thing in streetwear but I doubt it'll last that long.
I think its harder for guys to pull off overalls than chicks. i guess it depends on the fit and build you have
They were a thing in streetwear but that was last year.

Don't use this bullshit comfort excuse. If you wanted to be comfortable, you'd just wear joggers. You're trying to stick out, and you will look like you're trying to stick out. The fact that you're here asking if they're effay is how I can tell you can't pull them off.

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Your best bet is to learn how to knit or sew
Nothing that has any value will ever be cheap, don't be stupid.
There are a few secrets, but I'm not spoon feeding you
Lmao, sewing and knitting is super expensive and it takes too much time to make something decent. It's better to just buy clothes. It's just not worth it if your only goal is "saving".

1. Don't shop online. If you want to save money you have to make sure clothes actually fit you and you actually like them.

2. Buy clothes that match any other clothes in your wardrobe. Get only clothes you really like.

3. Buy good quality clothes.

4. Buy repairable shoes.

It may not be the cheapest at first but it pays off.

What are the best jeans for under $100? I've tried cheap Monday, Levi's, uniqlo, and urban outfitters and they all kind of suck. I don't really want to spend $300 on meme jeans that will just wear out anyway either

pic unrelated
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won hundred
for real though, go raid your local thrift stores, find denim that feels stronk (really fucking touch it and get in there, pull it, rub it etc. get a feel to it) and fits you perfectly on waist and then just tailor them
with 100 bucks you will get 3 pairs of perfect jeans this way
I live in the middle of nowhere so all of the thrift stores are full of garbage, I'd be happy to shell out a hundred bucks for a good pair of jeans that'll last me a year or so
I'd still suggest trying the thrifts, good pair of denim is surprisingly easy to find.

File: IMG_2309.jpg (591KB, 2048x2048px)Image search: [Google]
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basically bored of my long hair + its kinda unhealthy atm, thinking about shaving it completely, maybe leave a centimeter or teo
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2 or 3 looks lit, keep it imo
Your hairline is kinda far back and shaving it super short would accentuate a large forehead, it wouldn't look terrible but I feel like 3 looks best for shorter
3 and 4 dont look bad but i think you could pull off shaved

File: impossibledecision.png (4MB, 1878x1503px)Image search: [Google]
4MB, 1878x1503px
Hesitating between those two pairs of sneakers. I'm returning one of them, just unsure which.

Which one should I keep?
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return both and buy something normal
looks like six pictures of the same shoes
Get some non-meme shoes instead.

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kek made me smile
Jesus fucking Christ.
They are absolutely vile.

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I'm in the market for a new wallet, what does /fa/ think I should get?
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File: s-l1600.jpg (147KB, 1100x733px)Image search: [Google]
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dude buy it, this is a steal

That's actually cool as fuck
literally couldnt have executed this any better
im impressed

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