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fashionable artists
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andy warhol found in CK latest collection by raf
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andy warhol and the velvet underground
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Are bombers still in for fall?

Also, should they be loose or fitted?
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bombers haven't been "in" for the past 2 years

but if you like how they look then wear them. chances are you're a 16 year old brown kid who blogs about yeezys and wants a nasa bomber
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Bombers are the least flattering jacket you can buy.

Try something more fitted
>for the past 2 years

You guys always talk about "in" in terms of before it filters down to actually being popular enough to see people actually wearing the thing in a crowd.
There's not really any reason for a normal person to try and be an early adopter, there's no social credit in it for a normal person.
Trend-setting is only valuable if you travel in circles that appreciate that.

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Where can I get a nice wallet for like 20 bucks? Mine's pretty beat up and I want a new one.
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20 bucks? No. You can get a wallet for that price but hardly a nice one.
as long as it's made of leather and won't fall apart in a week, I've been using the same perry ellis wallet for like 3 years
If you're going to keep a wallet for 3 years can't you spend a little more?

In the UK I swear by Aspinal for a medium budget.

how do i style my hair like this? what should i tell the barber
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The real question is how to style hair like that.

The sticky doesn't say anything. It just links to some stores.
You could just ask on his boyfriend's tumblr.
It will never ever even look close to that so why even bother.

>work doesn't have lockers
>have an expensive winter jacket that I don't want stolen

how do I keep it safe?
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Sell it,
Buy a locker.
I can't bring a locker to work? wtf
No one gives a fuck about your shitty Canada Goose parka, asshole

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dude monochrome only
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File: 1503518430546.jpg (157KB, 1000x728px)Image search: [Google]
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Anyone here ever bought a pair of vegan Dr Martens?
I'm looking to cop a pair similar to pic related, but I'm not sure if they'll hold. Are they reliable or should I just grab a leather pair?
Looking to wear them at work.
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just grab the normal leather pair

if you can do the difficult and rewarding moral task of being vegan then do that. don't quit over a shoe.
Never owned a pair but apparently they are very bad quality in terms of the fake leather and general build quality. Regular docs are pretty bad too since they're made in Thailand or China nowadays and don't last anywhere near as long as they used to.

Look for a pair of docs that are made in england as these are more durable and higher quality, or else check out the solovair 1462 model, which is even better (solovair were the original maker of docs up until the 00s). If you don't want to contribute to the leather industry then you can usually find second hand pairs in good condition on eBay (and a lot cheaper than new)

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What hats are the most effay for the classy look without being a meme?
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Clearly the most effay hat is the ghostly gibus.
unless its a beanie or baseball hat, the key is taking it off when your inside. you look like an idiot sitting at a restaurant table with a hat on.

What style is this?
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No clue. All I know is reviewbrah is changing the game big time
Charitable-Yuppie Tier.
It's so avant-garde that there's no term for it yet

Would you describe yourself as cute, sexy or handsome (for men) /pretty (for girls), /fa/? Ignoring the fact that we're all ugly of course. I think like faces, even aesthetics as a whole, can be summed up in this way
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Honestly i wouldnt atm, but im looking better every year as i mature and i do believe i'll be rather handsome in a couple of years.
cute, as I don't have the angles to be sexy or handsome and I'm not tall
cute at most
I have a dece jaw but lots of babyface features and my cheekbones aren't really that defined

File: IMG_5845.jpg (159KB, 720x900px)Image search: [Google]
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I dress almost exactly like this guy, everyday. I have no problems socializing, have had maybe 1-2 months single the last 7 years of my life.

Thoughts, concerns or questions?
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this post is the equivalent of going over to /fit/ and posting
>I have a body almost exactly like this guy. I have no problems socializing, have had maybe 1-2 months single the last 7 years of my life.

people aren't here trying to dress in order to socialize, make friends and get a gf.

so in reality, no once cares.
dont care
no care

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How do i make my fish tank /fa/?
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Bigger tank, better decorations, and go ask /a/
File: IMG_6828.jpg (58KB, 400x400px)Image search: [Google]
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I used to have this fish tank, it looked pretty cool.

File: Picasso.jpg (100KB, 963x703px)Image search: [Google]
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I would like to be more succesful with girls, what about gettin' dressed like Pablo Picasso? I need some help
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Be funny
Be confident
Be clean
Be at least a 6/10

The ladies will come to you
Just be yourself but if you want fashion advice...be simple

striped tees? go for it if you're inspired by Pablo Picasso. In fact, using your imagination is a killer thing to do
File: picasso+montmartre.jpg (64KB, 483x640px)Image search: [Google]
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File: bomber-jacket-how-to.jpg (68KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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Looking for a top tier website that sells good quality, fitted bomber Jackets that ships in the U.S.. Thank's in advance to anyone who can help a homie out.
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Bombers are awful
>slumped shoulders
>undefined waist
I've seen some nice fitted not so white nationalist looking bombers though.
What would you recommend instead for a broad shoulder not super tall medium build male?

File: 2299375-dansevern135x135.jpg (223KB, 1521x1500px)Image search: [Google]
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Only if you look like Tom Selleck
depends on where you're from, almost all the mustached/bearded guys I've seen here in my city are nu-males.
Only if you're latino or older than 40.

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