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Best Cheap aviator sunglasses. Ray-Ban alternatives but no Chinese Garbage
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Where are you from?
Atlantic Canada
And you can't afford to buy a pair of Aviators?

how often do you get a haircut?
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Everyday bro.
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My hair was thinning just enough that anything my stylist could come up with still looked like a combover so now I just go completely shaved, no stubble. Grew a beard like in pic to not look like a cancer patient.
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Forgot to mention frequency. Every third morning I shave my head.

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Black sneakers go
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convince me to not cop these basic pleb shits
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So we're just going to ignore the GOATs?
They look like shit

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Absolutely, especially when they match!
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Watch it, anon...
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Only if you live the lavish life style of Italian white trash in the early 2000s - if not , leave it to them

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jordan brand was a mistake
>black people are just naturally /fa/
t.every cuck on this board
alph. flies over the heads of average 4chan fashion type guys

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Alright /fa/ need some advice, I keep getting acne even tho I'm taking 60 mg of isotretinoin. I use a facial cleanser at night and wear sunscreen during the day. I usually don't eat fatty foods since I'm cutting. What else can I do to stop it from happening? I've been avoiding touching my face as much as possible. I have some some tazorac, should I apply that every once in a while?
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Wash your pillowcase often. You might even want to cover it with a towel and switch that out every two days or so. Make sure to moisturize after using your cleanser. Could it be stress related? Easier said than done, but try relaxing a little if that's the case.

Some people are just more prone to acne than others, you might just have to wait it out. If you're around college age or younger, which it looks like you are, it's not the end of the world.
How old are you? If you're in your early twenties or younger it can be hormonal, which unfortunately is a pain to treat as a male. You won't have it forever but I empathize with you because I recently grew out of mine and it really does cause a lot of suffering
>I usually don't eat fatty foods since I'm cutting

Sleazy stuff here
sleaze life
sleaze movies/film
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Intentionally Bad.png
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I wore this for vacation trying to be intentionally bad.
Anyone know the origins of Hunter's patch jacket?
Are paisley shirts good for 70s sleaze inspo?

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I want to buy a dark blue Levis indigo jacket, but they are too expensive.
There is a cheaper option but still fashionable?
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What size?
Try Cheap Monday, had mine for about 3 years now and it's holding up very well and the fade is nice. It cost 60€ iirc.

If you're going for raw denim like in OP pic, wear it for half a year AT LEAST before washing it for best fading. Longer is better. I would suggest going for prefaded though.

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Looks like it's time to stop wearing Raf.
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We have to burn the raf archives now
when was that?

either way, raf has been cringe since since that nigga latched onto him

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help me effay.png
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dont waste a thread on a simple "where do i cop this", come here instead

also where do i cop these pants
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dickies 573 look pretty close to that colour

Where do I cop madlib's hat in this video? I've never seen it before.
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W2c pants

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Why is balding so much more prevalent with young males these days? Chemtrails, gmos, fluoride in everything? Has anyone here successfully stopped their hair loss? Even reversed it? Are there ancient secret herbs? Can bald be pulled off, should you still peruse vanity if you're bald?
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>Chemtrails, gmos, fluoride in everything?

Do you actually believe this shit?
>Can bald be pulled off
if you're tall, /fit/ and pretty, probably.

Honestly it sounds like a joke, but if you just do 5 minutes of research you'll realize it's all true. Most people are deficient in iodine and vitamin D, while being pumped full of fluoride. Human beings are not living the way God intended, and you can see it whenever you take a stroll around wally world to pick up toilet paper rolls, sickness and disease everywhere

what's the most /fa/ height and weight?
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6'3, 133lbs, pure lean muscle
2ft, 300lbs of power
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top kek

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Is it possible to be effay whilst broke?
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It's a natural talent called being thrifty. If it's not in your natal chart, yur fucked.
If you cant be /fa/ broke you cant be /fa/ rich.
of course. being /fa/ is about taste and mentality

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>/fa/ vs. /fit/
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>we are naked in public
If your not fucking dumb and design a fit to your body type you dont even have to be /fit/.
you dont "have" to be /fit/ period

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Is Cyberpunk effay?
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Very. New Blade Runner is coming out next month, Raf's last show was cyberpunk as fuck, the 80's and 90's in general have been on trend for a while. Now is the time to get cyberpunk, anon.
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w2c sunglasses?

I cannot get over how much i love bladerunner.

A film about the future, made in the 80's, emulating a 30's crime story and nails the dystopian future without being too 80's cheese.

Its perfect.

wtc a decent ryan gosling shearling ala bladerunner 2?

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