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Can we do an edc everyday carry thread? I need inspo for a pocket knife/multitool.
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What bottle is that?
Corkcicle. Mighty fine things.
meant for>>12743645

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I just made one and I need some fun people to follow
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whoops nvm didn't realize you said fun
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>be me
>strong features
>beanpole with some muscle
>absolutely zero fashion sense

My boyfriend is constantly giving me advice on what to wear when we go out, but I must be bad at pattern recognition or something because I can't seem to match anything when he's not around?

So I'm wondering if you guys could give me some pointers on what to do when I do my makeup (because whenever I do my makeup, I either look like a whore or a really tall 12 year old) and what to do when I dress.

My three sizes are
42 overbust
34 underbust
27 waist
39 hips

Other measurements:
shoulder to shoulder - 17"
sleeve - 26"
leg inseam - 32"

I just... I don't wanna embarrass him in public so much? But I also don't want to only wear one of two outfits every time we go out.

Pic related is me.

As for my preferred style, I like flowers and band shirts? I've got a lot of baggy, ill fitting (oversize) tee-shirts that I like to wear which advertise everything from MS Office to Oculus Rift.
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You look disgusting. No amount of makeup or styling or fashion can do anything about that ugly fucking panface of yours. Kill yourself
... but how do you really feel?
are you a jungle asian or a bean person

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Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:
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eat like 4 bowls of this a day cuz im too depressed to actually make an effort.
will my body be okay in terms of vitamins n stuff, what should i expect
>what should i expect
fatness if you don't burn it before the day ends
no i think it puts me at like 1500 calories

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what's the most effay car?

I'm looking for something <15k and could easily get repaired.

I'm really liking the new Honda Civic model.
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ewwww wtf it looks like a dodge dart.
get a brz/frs.
>get a brz/frs.
yeah be like every other pencil neck FOB-ass chick out there

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Designing a character for a porn comic I'm gonna draw.
I need some effay and somewhat slutty clothes for a communist girl.
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I hope this helps
where can i find it?

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Comfy Autumn Inspo
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Cute males, femboy fashion, clothing and hairstyles
Anything cute goes
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Post em
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new tattoo thread, old one 300 bang bang glo gang
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looks meh
I want to get the lovers, but there's only like two renditions that look the same, and I'm not a fan of it.
i like it. what does it translate to?

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Is milsurp /fa/ ?
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A single milsurp item and some good taste can produce a nice outfit. However, full milsurp just looks like LARPing.
It is larping
never wear milsurp from your own country

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Previous thread: >>12704787

Does David Lynch have the best haircut ever or does David Lynch have the best haircut ever?
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His hairstyle is pretty good, the colour it has is god-tier also

Which hairstyle suits my long as fuck face better, by the way? pic related
Left, makes you look less... baldy?

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25% off anything from Danner. Up for grabs. I don't want anything from them.

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Thanks I'll cop a pair of socks
go ahead. i dont care what it's used for
wow thanks my dude, i want a pair of overpriced 400 dollar clunky meme hiking boots

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What do you think, /fa/?

I had an argument with my uncle a few moments ago about it. His logic boils down to peacoats being gay because he's seen women wear them more than men. He also mentioned that they were a niche to begin with, and that he hasn't seen to many people out there wearing one anyway.

Anyway, I was planning to buy one for this winter, but now I'm worried he might have a point.
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They were a naval attire for sailors, of fucking course they are gay.
They were originally maritime wear, so yeah they're for people who like to have a merry time :^)
They were for male seafarers, so of course they're for people who want to see fair males.

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>current year
>not owning an iPhone X

If you are missing out on this, you are basically on the same fashion level as fedora-wearing neckbeards
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You don't own it either, so stfu and go back to autism boards.
ughhh I imagine people with these sitting smugly on the subway train with their iphone x either completely in debt or on their way to some soul crushing job in finance or something thinking

"omg he only has the 7 he must be poooor"

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