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How do I avoid looking like a nu-male?

Pic related
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yo same I've looked the same since 2008 and now everyone looks like a subtle variation of myself. Ditch glasses for contacts and keep the beard sharp, and NEVER TALK ABOUT AN IPA OR BRUNCH SPOT AGAIN
Don't wear gay hats, no tattoos on arms, absolutely no glasses, and don't be a liberal white knight. Also, wear plaid sparingly

Some Brands:
>Rick Owens
>Yohji Yamamoto
>Isaac Sellam
>The virdi-anne

Where to cop:
>PNP Firenze
>Hide Munich

Let's go
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This is not /fa/ circa 2012 anymore.Those posters are gone.
Damir doma
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If you don't like Avant Garde then don't come into this thread mate ?

I've travelled to Firenze from Sunday to Thursday and visited PNP, hands down the best store I ever visited. Way above Antonioli Torino, Atelier New-York...

My next buy is a pair of Guidi Backzips, can't decide between the regular, high heels or tank sole.

pic related is too nice aswell

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Lunarcore thread
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hi /fa/! i recently bought these and i think most of them are mcq, im in love and i want more, any alternatives? price doesnt really matter
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All women are whores
really helped dude!!! thx :)

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>tfw you live in the countryside and everyone dresses like shit 24/7
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i bet they dress workwear, pard, a cut above your GOTHNINJARICKWOENSSTREETWEARFUCKSUPREME lifestyle brand imo desu FAMILY phamily desu senpai MOTHER/father GentleMen

>when autism attacks
Savour it. I live in Paris and whilst there are lots of /fa/ people it's quite a dehumanising existence.

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OK it's a cheap ass gildan sweatpants but whatever. How do you stop it from sheddi

You have to waste energy brushing it with a dog brush? Fuck that shit!
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how the fuck can a sweatshirt shed? It's cotton. If you mean pilling, you can use a razor to shave it off lightly.
Start buying high quality clothing. Also, nice reddit spacing kek
Because the cheapass lining sheds since OP is a poorfag piece of shit buying bottom of the barrel sweatshop basics

Personally I think 4 stripes is the best amount. It levels out and looks better than adidas 3 stripes
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Rate my new coffeemaker
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wewlad I've got the same one
Are these even a thing outside Northern Europe?
The technivorm? It's just a disgusting pseudo-retro verison of my old dripper i got for $6 cad.

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Thoughts on Yeezy Season 5 Contrast Brim Crest Hat? Does anyone has a picture of the cap on their head? I would like to see how it fits.
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I like the way it looks. Probs fits like a camp cap from what I can see (brim)
It looks like every other shitty flat brim cap.
looks like shit, like carhartt designed it or Target

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What is some subtle /tv/ clothing like pic related?
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tfw know people who would completely unironically wear this
>pic related
>taking the bait

This picture is from 1938. Which hair product did he use?
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Pomade or wax. Seems kind of obvious to me. Unless you want a specific brand in which case fuck you.
which is it? wax or pomade?
Not commenter #1 here, but I'm leaning more towards pomade. His hair looks shiny and wax is more of a matte finish.

Looks like someone else was on leddit today

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Fashion for introverts?

For people that don't want to draw attention but still want to look presentable and not resembling someone who just came back from day 35 of survivor.

Bonus points for female picks. Something that says I like taking care of myself but please don't talk to me.
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youre disgusting please die
genuine question. why should i die?
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Best way to be completely forgettable is look like you are a workman on the job.

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Will the 70's ever be fa again?
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Fashion cycles on individual articles in a non parallel rotations.

Also macro trends over centuries have cycles.
it basically already is
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Have you ever thought of working in something related to fashion?
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I work in fashion and it's fucking gay
No, seems like a soul-sucking industry and I'm doing perfectly fine on my own soul-sucking job.
[spoiler]Never thought I'd see a reference to this on /fa/ of all places, good taste anon.[/spoiler]
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[spoiler]she is /fa/ the character so im surprised i dont see it often[/spoiler]

i think trying so hard to be original is what creates those awful messes we sometimes see on modelling

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What do you think of this combination? Literally asking for a friend.
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>My dad is a lawyer
>Golf is hard guys!
>You should come to our Young Republicans meeting tonight
>idk probably finance
seems VERY similar to what a big guy would wear but not quite there yet
yeah, thats him. So he has it pretty spot on. But somehow it looks fucking ridiculous in him, i have told him many times to get a better shirt but he doesnt listen.

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