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How should these motherfuckers fit? I have a vintage one, but it doesn't lay directly on shoulders, it sags half an inch over. But the waist length is good.

Is this the way they were made in 80s or?
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I'm 6'1 and 150 lbs, usually wear medium and needed size large even though I usually wear medium when I bought my Levi's jacket. Def go a size up
it should end above the waist for the slim-fit greaser/rockstar look and the sleeves should be an inch or two short

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Well lads...is she right?
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Depends on the look you want. You'd be surprised how much fat some people hide under their clothes. I don't think it looks good but with enough money you could look acceptable at almost any size, especially if you're a man.
To some extent, sure.

To a whole extent? No. Obese faggots can't look stylish
I've found that the /fit/ter I've gotten, the less stylish I've become. I don't need to hide behind clothes to make myself attractive. I think fashion is reserved for those with ugly bodies: the skinny and the fat.

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Some interesting fits from Iran.
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what the hell, i love iran now

Is there anyway to work with a hairline like this?
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don JLaw.jpg
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own it.
dont go bald unless you want to look like a walking prick
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effay(le mature edition).jpg
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The skullet is the patrician's choice. Shaved is for cowards.

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zebra fits?
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every fit with zebras is streetwear garbage
fit yourself into an oven

the only good yeezys were the moonrocks and oxfords
something something noose

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Why are there never any RICK threads anymore?
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This is now a /ROG/
Everyone moved to the Rick discord.
because rick is a meme

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Am I too thicc to be effay???
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How did you achieve boot cut thighs?
whoa your legs look odd. did you have surgery or something? post a pic standing up if that's you. your knees jut out in a way that's really weird, i guess it's just the angle
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Lots of front squats my dude
Pic related

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What are your thoughts on Hawaiian shirts with jeans?
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I wear this outfit whenever I go to bars regardless of areas. I wear nice jeans and white sneakers, its great you should try it sometimes. makes you look like a fun guy and easy conversation starter with women
Would it be shitty to wear alot or is it a event or party type outfit?
Doesn't matter, just be in shape and tan. Nothing's worse than a pale fat guy in a Hawaiian shirt.

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I'm going for a bit of an old time manly aesthetic with my fashion and was wondering if I should wear things that show my chest hair like button ups not all the way buttoned up, or if I should just hide it entirely. It's not too wild or clumpy hair, looks nice.
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if you are choosing deliberately to show hair or not, you are not masculine at all.

if you are on a Chinese mustache waxing forum trying to define masculinity to somebody trying to define masculinity to you, then neither of you even fought in nam
>tfw 19
>tfw no visible chest hair, but I have thin hair finally sprouting
I can feel it guys, at 35 I will no longer be a chesthairlet, genetics are on my side

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4chan fa meetup.jpg
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I wanna dress my age (40yo) but not boring, not basic byotch. I wanna look interesting. But not tryhard.
Post inspa.
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I don't wanna dress like a random old normie. No Steve McQueen, it's all fucking boring reddit tier fashion.
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Why are most people on /fa/ ugly skinnyfat framelets with the exception of the 2 percent of people here with male model tier aesthetics
File: gandymode.jpg (78KB, 592x768px)Image search: [Google]
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Denim jackets, some cool jacket, fitted blue or lightwash jeans (whatever fits your legs but not baggy as fuck), red wing boots or some shit , a cool plain shirt, buttonups? im listing random shit.

idk im not an oldcel

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is this /fa/ or cringe-core?
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Im living Anime/10
Dope without the city name bc unusual material (tyvek). Works well in Tech/Luna fits

No I like that, I imagine the new world gov't distributes those at train stations to protect citizen-slaves from smog and carcinogens

after all tyvek is cheap lab coat material

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i'm twisted up inside, rotten to the core
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imagine actually spending real money to own something from r*ck ow**s
Wears expensive clothing but rides the subway.
you know everyone rides the subway you fucktard

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How old were you when you realized that sub-Gandhi = subhuman and that if you're sub-Gandhi there is literally zero (0) point to looksmaxxing or wearing clothes?
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>i can't into photoshop so I will squish all these heads, the post.
File: gandhi.jpg (82KB, 615x936px)Image search: [Google]
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>implying squishing the picture wouldn't improve most of these horsefaced incel potatoes
I think he did a good job.
Every single one of them gets BTFO when put side by side with him.

Who looks more effay?
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the lightest skinned one
Horus was the most common race in Egypt?
Far right is a representation of normal white person or an albino ?

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wait what.png
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is this it? has Raf finally given up?
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lmao, horrible

but Raf has given up 2 years ago when he sold his originality for being a meme-designer for hip-hop culture as he makes much more money from that
is that carpet
raf x adidas has always been creatively bankrup

their target demographic is teenagers working minimum wage who are willing to drop hundreds of dollars on cheap made in asia sneakers "because its raf" even though they would never wear any of raf's actual clothing

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