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Is Reviewbrah effay?
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If you heard that and you're wondering what it was, it was just a loud car going by
he is above fashion
he's transcendent

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if i go to a posh hair salon and ask for tessa violet hair, will the result look anything like as good as the picture? kind of bored of my shaggy james may hair i have atm.

also how much maintenance do you think her hairstyle takes?
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expect it to look more like this
hey thats pretty cool too though
Sure if that's what you want then go for it but don't go under the impression that it's going to look as perfect as in the first pic. Styling it like that is going to take time and if you don't know how to do it, it's also gonna take a visit to the salon so it's more like for special occasions

What do you call this hairstyle?
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It looks to be a short variation of a curly or very wavy shag hairstyle. I like it, but I think she should let the sides and back of her hair grow a little longer again, between her shoulders to her elbows. I find Taylor consistently looks good with a fringe, though, and I prefer those styles for most women.
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Darwin Deez did it first
The def leppard

Hello /fa/ I never come on here but I need your expertise. I'm in basically a grunge band (no plaid plz) and I desperately need some new cheap clothes but I don't know where to buy clothes. What are your suggestions for what website offers cheap and basic/quirky shit like a 90's band would wear? Thank you
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Thrift everything
i can't stand Kurt Cobain in interviews. his personality is so cringy infantile disingenuous cutesy obnoxious

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Is Mac /fa/?
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Fat Mac is /fa/. Regular Mac is /fit/.
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I kinda like Charlie's slacker fit desu

Are they /fa/?
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if you have to get these meme shoes get the mono black ones
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these senpai?
Not really. They're cheap so lots of birdies buy them and think they are good. The sole is uncomfortable and the leather isn't all that good of quality. Imho I hate the silhouette but that's beyond the point. There's many better derbies to get of you need them in a service fit that doesn't include ugly yellow lace

Thoughts on John Lobb shoes and boots?
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Bump, nobody really?
Never heard of them but the two images you posted look very tacky

Not sure who they're marketed towards, as you certainly couldn't wear them in a professional environment


JL is as classic as it gets.

Who wears these shoes?

Putin, British Lords, Billionaires, CEOs

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cause 34 inseam is pretty long and most stores don't have a lot of outliner sizes
related, my brother is a 31 x 36 and there's fuck all for half sizes here in canada
Because 2 in 3 American adults are obese so you have a lot of competition
holy shit are you me!? I know that pain

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Is there a way to pull off a black dress shirt without looking like a waiter?
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combat boots
yeah, don't wear it with black pants for starters. also, roll the sleeves up in your pic and you have a bartender

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Sure, here too I guess
Filthy prebaker
drop trip

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Why is this a question? Attempt to cop every yeezy drop. Even if you end up realizing you would never fucking wear you still make money off selling it anyway.
yes absolutely cop if you can. they won't be as valuable for re-sale after this second drop but you should still be able to sell them for at least $350+

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She looks like a 7.5/10 as a blonde but when she goes brunette she's like a 5/10. Why would she do this? Why not just look like she does on GOT the time?
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Because she cares about her hair ?
Because it's a wig
She bulking bro?

Is he effay?
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>notable facial hair
>chest hair
>being not rail thin
sleezecore requires one of the three, preferably all of them imo
He needs a soul patch and window's peak though
Here's another one.

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How do I obtain this style?
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be skinny
Be faggot
If you mean her, be woman faggot
Actually, she might make a good model because she looks like a literal clothes hanger

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these are mallcore nigger tier
nice thread, here's a (You) for your effort
these look like crocs evolved into dinosaurs
Huarache are better in every possible way to all the other sneakers in the market with better materials, craftmanship and a overall fit and confortable to wear for long periods of time. The Huarache Revolution is here.

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