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Yo! 4chan, am I cool?
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Someone reply?
Obviously. What a stupid question. Glad you choose to wear socks. Only person it is acceptable on.
are you saying noone else should wear socks?

Is he effay?
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Are niggers cattle?
there will be blood was a great movie desu

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New watch thread. Post watch and others will rate/leave their opinion.
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10/10 beautiful watch.
Guess this is the watch thread
Done purchasing through Amazon
>Bought weekender
>Can literally watch it lose a second or more every hour
Amazon is very cheap, but all I get is lemons from their service. Any price worthy places to purchase a Seiko product?
uh, that's not amazon's fault.
it just seems like Timex has a lot of flaws
what difference would it make buying a Seiko product from Amazon or from a local watch retailer? there is none.

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You should be able to solve this
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Full bottle of hairspray.

Also low key girls in the 80s were way hotter with poofy hair than they are now with the straighter-than-my-chad-boyfriends-sexuality meme hair.
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Yeah those girls have some hot hairstyles

brb asking my gf to do her hair like this for a day

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Lookbook : http://www.supremenewyork.com/lvlookbook

Preview : http://www.supremenewyork.com/collections/louisvuitton

Thoughts on this collection /fa/ ? Dropping tomorrow
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A literally nothing shirt on one of the most hilarious looking models I've ever seen
We talked about this months ago when it first dropped and was actually, momentarily, relevant. If I recall correctly the general consensus was that it's hype bullshit to the max and was going to sell out in seconds. I was going to get the board but whatever
For the priece that this shit is going for, you can get real grail pieces, instead of meme logos collab.

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There needs to be more formal in the world. Casually worn formal. All the time, Everywhere. It's literally the hottest and most aesthetic thing a guy can wear.
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it's not a thing because it's inconvenient.
there are days where you wanna dress up and some days you just wanna wear your favorite t-shirt and be as casual as you can be.
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I knew two dudes in highschool (small highschool, about 200 kids) who dressed up every day and they were just delights to see, and very nice, clean, practical people. They were very popular with the ladies too, I just think it'd be an easier life for guys if they dressed neatly all the time.
nigga are you serious?

you sound like the type of dude who would wear a suit and breifcase to highschool and then fap to anime and post on /r9k/ when he gets home.

you're not dr who

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Facial aesthetics thread part 3 /fa/ggots.
Upload your handsome faces right here! Ask questions, rate, give advice or compliment others.

My question: Should I get my ears corrected?
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Your ears are good anon
I wouldn't say that you're classically handsome but you're very striking, you have an interesting face with strong features and lovely eyes.
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How can I improve?

Post sneakers, roast, discuss, be autistic.

Anyone got recommendations on unique looking sneakers e.g. Insta pumps,those other reebok monstrosities, nikelab shit etc.
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go for ozweego my dude
They don't fit me sadly man. Feet too big :(


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Post em
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Shitposts and my ever changing style
File: 2017-06-17_23.54.07.jpg (129KB, 1080x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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luv u so much

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any stacks inspo? i don't cuff
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cuff you mong
Surely there's a middle way?
cuff only your right leg

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should I take fin, or is it beyound fucked. Fuck what do I do Im 18

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What is wrong with summerfags coming here and showing thier full head of hair saying its balding.

I-Is this some kind of mockery?
hi logan
>full set of hair.

Im like norwood 3, I have no temples and clear recession. Could I keep what I have for 5 years on fin then buy a hair transplant? I feel sick. I cant sleep and I dont get my haircut because it disgusts me.

I need a haircut but what can I get that looks good, everyone on the hair fashion magazines have temples. Please what do I do to make my hair look nice, my face it so ugly for this.

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>tfw rounded forehead

is this an aesthetics death wish
if I step up my style from the eyebrows down can I counter this or should I just focus on getting fit or wealthy instead
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death sentence* whoops hehe

Post face?

If you have a good eyes, nice eyebrows, good jaw, and a somewhat wide face, theres nothing to worry about
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go er.gif
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I have over 5000 confirmed posts spread across sluthate and lookism, a rounded forehead is EXTREMELY neotenous and is an ABSOLUTE SEXUAL DEATH SENTENCE for any male.

It's already over for you, time to go ER buddy boyo

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Hello /fa/. I never show my face in public. I normally just wear a hat, sunglasses and a bandana around my face. I've been trying to find a fashionable item that is comfortable and completely conseals my face. I have been looking into Goggle Jackets such as the picture. Does anyone have any experience with them? Are there any other sort of fashionable clothing I could wear to cover my face?
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Here is what I have been wearing normally for the past 2 years.
File: nikelab-acg-3-in-1-cap.jpg (28KB, 460x460px)Image search: [Google]
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Get the ACGxISIS hat
you only wear goggle jackets if ur going to the football lad

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I know they're going to look pretty bad no matter what, but which ones look less bad? Bern helmets seem to be my best bet.
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i think giro has some of the nicest helmet designs

Yeah, some of those are pretty sweet
How's my heltmet?

I'm looking for a pair of bulky sneakers like pic related or FILA disruptor but without all the hype. Any suggestions?
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Ecko unltd
anyone know how these cunts fit?
i'm a uk8 in stans (only adidas I own) and uk7 in docs 1461 so would a 7 1/2 be golden or should I go down to a full 7?

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