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what's your least favorite most infuriating thing on this board
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People getting excited over nig x nog clothing releases. Oh wow desquarius jucksun just collaborated with Reebok and now they want $600 for a $75 shoe? Please take my shekels Reebok because I'm so fashionable and more money means its better.
the size down meme
You forgot your name, Sieg

what nikes are these
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80's ladies core
Do people really wear this whack ass shit lmao

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Ask a guy who got his pedicure done anything
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another one
Another what
What elements do I need to do it myself?

Is this the best off white sneaker?
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probably third IMO
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Is cosplay effay?
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Yes if you're good-looking
No if you're ugly
no it's fun in the bedroom
This /thread

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Going to Japan in a few days, what should I cop?
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Get a kimono
whatever you want man
Get a black thunder from the convenience store. Its like a candy cookie bar thing that tastes really good mmmmmm

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I'm going to france pretty soon and i was wondering how appropriate your clothes had to be, like how much skin can i show. I planned on wearing basics. trying not to stick out so much
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too much is haram
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some more examples
French people aren't going to lynch you just because you dress like a cheap slut, you know. They aren't even going to notice that you dress badly. We're civilized enough to have terrible fashion taste just like every other nation of the Western world.

inb4 muslims

those don't care about women who aren't theirs

Hair General

Everything regarding hair goes in this thread

>Is my hair effay?
>Rate my haircut
>How is this haircut called?
>How do I make my hair look like pic
>What products should I use
>I'm I going bald?/Is my hairline fucked?
>What haircut fits my faceshape?

And other stupid questions that doesn't deserve their own thread.
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fell for the bleach meme how's it look
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Hey friends, what kind of haircut do you think would look good on me?
Pretty good man
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Heres a correctly rotated version

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What is your favorite Michelle Carter look? This is mine because she looks other worldly, Like an elf from LOTR.
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whatever this is called
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Such a cute pout
shes balding and looks like gollum

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Do it yourself/ re-purposing general

We hit 300 and kept the thread alive for a month!

Anything about making your own clothes, customizing and/or tailoring goes here. Talk about your projects. Ask Questions. Share information. Help each other out.

(if you think the pastebin lacks any information, just ask)
Japanese magazines, just in case you need them

last thread >>12463753
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best effay youtube alterations
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My cat is effay as fuck, chewing on my tailoring measure tape
just got 3 yards of maroon corduroy fabric. I didn't realize how much 3 yards was.

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I recently bought this jacket (almost exact one, the only difference is that mine has pockets) however I don't know what to wear with it (unzipped, of course) right now I can only think of some white shirts, beige chinos and Stan Smiths, what do you wear with this jacket?
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buy matching track suit pants, only answer
I-I don't like sporty clothing, I just bought it because I had seen some people wearing it and it looked cool when I tried it on.
>i-i dont like sporting clothing
y-y-you fuckin mouthbreather

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>being a Streetwear queer
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>Implying streetwear could ever be as advanced as /prepcore/

is a DIY midori notebook for edc effay?
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mom tier, go with a simple moleskine or even a field notes
wear a suit (or at least a sportcoat), buy a watch, carry around a small notebook and pen, and throw away your phone (or at least replace with grocery store burner). if you get lost (lol), go into a gas station/convenience store and buy map

congrats, you're no longer a pussy

>if i replace all my convenient things with less convenient things for no reason other than to be different, i am no longer a pussy!

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This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a fine watch, clock, or other timepiece.

Old thread: >>12545843
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Meme watch/2
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Just bought this, waiting for it to come in the mail

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Are my lashes too long for a male?
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Yeah, they're pretty long. You never cut them before?

Fucking mong, no one cares about eyelash length. Hell, no one except someone kissing you gets that close. But going off your painfully receding hairline, that's not going to happen soon.
Nah, my hair are fine.
The lashes though, they are bigger than my eyeballs themselves.
Who the fuck looks at other mens eyelashes?

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