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Who is this man?!
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Ive never ordered from this website before , Im in the US, am I good to go ahead amd order this shit?

http://shop.s-marble net/ca1/143/p-r1-s/
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looks like they're on amazon jp which ships to the US.

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Any recommendations for a good pair of hiking boots?
Preferably something functional
>As in it doesnt have a fucking mesh that will immediately get soaked apon contact with a light drizzle
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do ask >>>/out/ instead
they have entire threads for this
>Preferably something functional
>>As in it doesnt have a fucking mesh that will immediately get soaked apon contact with a light drizzle
Waterproof is a feature, not a function. Like breathability. Try hiking in Phoenix in the summer with no-mesh hiking boots moron.
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Merril Moab mids. I've got a pair and they're great.

They're basically perfect, and they're the preferred choice of special forces soldiers operating inna Trashcanistan and Syria so that should tell you something.

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Are Aldo shoes any good? And by good I mean are they comfortable and lasting. Pic related are the ones I'm thinking of buying.
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aldo is shit. those cemented soles are never long lasting like proper goodyear, also that leather is probably corrected grain

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>ye boi, just hide the playboy font with a sligthly altered Bulma, no one will notice

why is this allowed?
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Is there anything more unoriginal than clothes who use or modify the playboy bunny (or in this case the logo)

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IMG_8792 (1).jpg
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i bought this LUM shirt from grailed yesterday and i was wondering if yall could help me know whether its genuine or not
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second pic
File: IMG_8793.jpg (216KB, 1321x880px)Image search: [Google]
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4th pls help

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I'm looking for jackets which have badges similar to stone island, MKI, Ma. Strum etc. Can anyone else recommend anything?
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you just reccomended youself a shit ton of brands

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Are they creating scarcity? Are they discontinued? Why? w2c mens size 9.5
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Should I buy the chink fakes, then keep the shoes and have my money refunded?

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about to pull the trigger. convince me otherwise

i couldn't find these anywhere is 9.5 and suddenly they are right under my nose and so "cheap"
get made in japan cons from ebay/grailed/rak instead they are better

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I'm kinda unconfortable to make this question cause i don't think that i look like anyone that i'm gonna talk about but i need an opinion.
It happened this year 4 times that a person told me that i look like someone..and every time i was very unconfotable cause i find those girls really pretty and i can not accept that I'm like one of them
Anyway they told me first that i look like Audrey Hepburn, then like emily ratajkowski, then alessandra mastronardi and at least micha burton
but i can not understand how they are saying something like this cause i find them very different
so do you guys think that those 4 girls have something in common? and what?
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The four have vagania
Idk but post a pic of you and I can tell you if you look like Emi

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Start wearing Old Skools
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Got a patch I don't want and will mail it to whoever wants it free of charge. Once I get a confirmation, I'll include a proxy email
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Lose weight.
i want!
I like it

Do any of you guys own actual clothing businesses?
Wondering how you guys get your wholesale hoodies, embroidery done, tags made, prints made etc. Really interested xoxo
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I too am interested in this
I show a tailor a sketch or photo of something I'd like made and they show me a rough estimate of what it would look like, then tell me a price, and then I pay them.

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Alright /fa/ggots, I dress like shit and I know it. I'm going to replace my wardrobe and I want a specific look. I want to dress either like a: Preppy
or a Gopnik
I'm a poorfag. can anyone give any pointers on what clothes should I buy/where to buy them?
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read the sticky
Just get a nice pair of Sperrys. Nice shoes will make any fit look better.

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I am looking for a picture that got posted here a few months ago.

The guy posting had 3-4 pictures put in one picture, one where he had a buzz and a short hy on the other one.

He posted the picture because he buzzed it. I really liked his style and cant seem to have saved his picture

DOES anyone here have it or can the guy who posted it post it again. ty
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Great math rock album, OP
yeah I agree

wish someone had the picture/collage thing
the guy had a cool style. seemed kind of nongay punkish

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>tfw after 5 years of looking I finally got a raw denim pair which feels right
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Hell yeah, Congratulations Anon! : )
sick momos m8 good work.
and the trend is over since 2012

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