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bully OK
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to my knowledge, any sane male disproves of this

Lookin' like a neapolitan basic bitch.

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Any good brands or clothing with nice russian text like this?

Thanks /fa/
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As a Russian I cringe every time I see a chinese guy wearing gosha / sputnik / w/e, it's like tattooing moon runes on you, cringe af stop doing that
What if it's a Mongolian guy who uses Cyrillics
OP here,
I'm half russian half chinese, so its excusable for me. Pretty lucky.

Start wearing CDB's
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old guy with dainty ladylegs
Wow, is /fa/ old enough that it's going to start reviving its own trends?

Raw jawnz, cdbs and a pea coat.
Leather or suede?

anons, today i accidentally insulted some fancy people.

i was on a train back from a stag do in brick lane when two guys in full suits and another guy in a lovely shell-blue t shirt, light tan trousers and dark green suede shoes got on the train.

after a few stops i asked these anons where they got their suits, and they flipped out. they said charity shops, and then they started advising that i should buy clothes with my grandchildren in mind, and that the beer and headphones on my head were disposable, and then they asked where my clothes were from - a question i couldn't answer.

is it insulting to ask where your clothes are from if you clearly haven't bought them yourself?

to what extent should we interpret class from others' clothing?
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They just sound like pricks.

It's hard to determine class now that middle and upper-middle class people like to dress like they're from housing estates.
>housing estates
are you poor or something?
Those dudes sound like cunts desu

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thoughts on this fit?
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Extremely dated.
Extremely innovative.
The sneakers kill the whole fit desu

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Do you buy used clothes?
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yes. buying used clothes is the most redpilled way to shop.
Yes because I'm poor and my family is poor.
At the thrift stores only because I am borderline homeless

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Should I get Vans or Shoes Like Pottery? I can't decide!
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Shoes like Pottery if you have the money for it. Otherwise, Vans.

This is not a difficult question.
Are Shoes Like Pottery higher quality? Y/N

Are they more durable? Y/N

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I bought this birkenstock one month ago. It's not regular Birkenstock. They made from some kind of speacial plastic and they still fuck my feet. Should i wear more i just throw away them?
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regular birkenstocks take weeks to break in and be comfortable. have no idea about those plastic ones.

they're ugly tho

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this guy walks up to you at the club and slaps your ass

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slap his and give him a kiss

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Is Julian Casablancas effay?
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imo all of the strokes are/were effay af
the only contribution the strokes made to fashion was the skinny jeans revival. Other than that they dressed like lazy rich kids
Strokes inspo thread. Go

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questioning catgirl.jpg
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Who makes the best quality to price basics? things like Tees, sweatshirts, hoodies etc
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rick owens
Make up your mind, anon

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Recommend me something that's not trainers or running shoes but doesn't look too young
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Hell yeah Tekken

are you thinking of something that doesn't have a clearly defined function or something like a boat shoe?

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I would like to thank everyone on /fa/.
I came on here about a year ago, insecure about what I looked like saying I was a 6/10; however a lot of people said around 8/10. I would like to say thank you to everyone in that thread and made me feel happy about myself.
Thank you :)
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This wasnt one I showed before btw :)
File: BRAAAAAAPPPP_to_her.gif (480KB, 504x284px)Image search: [Google]
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fucking boots.jpg
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>being a man
>wearing anything but work boots casually

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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what is the patrician haircut (for someone with curly hair)?
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File: 1498104714577-fit.jpg (42KB, 544x499px)Image search: [Google]
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How curly are we talking here?
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like this

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